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Avatar m tn Hi.I have a relative who is hiv positive. She is not aware that I know she is hiv positive. The other day she asked me to scratch her back, which i did. Then she requested for me to slide my hand underneath her t-shirt and scratch harder. She had pimples on her back and insisted that I scratch her back hard. what if i had a small cut on my fingers from cutting my nails etc. would I be exposed if i scratched the pimple open by accident.
Avatar m tn You had no HIV risk from this incident that you described. Besides, you were wearing a t shirt and jacket and she didn't even draw any blood so there's no risk of anything at all from that. Because you had no risk of HIV than obviously none of your symptoms have anything to do with HIV. Also, since you had no risk then there is no reason to test for HIV because there was no exposure to HIV.
Avatar f tn 1) having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or 2) sharing intravenous needles. If you do not do either of those, you will never have to worry about HIV.
Avatar m tn ist hr is it due to hiv acute infection after 3 weeks of exposure esr is always high in hiv positive people 2 weeks before my esr was 8mm/ist hr why there is increase in my esr rate this is 100% due to recent hiv acute infection please tell me what to do and do i need to post my complete bloo count result
Avatar n tn After your last reply to Peter467 I began to relax less anxziety as no intercourse took place. However last night I had night sweats my t shirt neck was wet..this is additional to the sweats above my mouth under my nose that have been there for several weeks I am at 3 and a half weeks since the incident and thinking positive but the sweats will not go away and my body feels hot all the time.
Avatar m tn Of course i had a t-shirt on and in the next morning there was just a slight mark of her teeth, almost unnoticable, cause the bite was not too hard and through my t-shirt. -Does it posses any risk of HIV or other infection ? After 4 weeks , I got a HIV COMBO AG/AB test after 4 weeks and it cameback negative , How percentage does it changes at 12 weeks?.Is my test conclusive. Please help me!
Avatar n tn When I got to the message room, I took my clothes off, except underwear. I placed my white t shirt in the bed so my underwear would not touch the towel that was laying in the mat. She went to the next room and brought a bottle of oil. She brought the bottle of oil with her hand, forgot which. She poured oil in her hands and rubbed her hands together. She then placed her hands on my mid back and proceeded upward where my wound was located in my upper back.
Avatar n tn My friend bit me on the back very hard i was not wearing a t shirt am i at risk of hiv i am worried cause he has sex with a lot of women
Avatar m tn and certainly the use of a towel or t-shirt could cause an abrasion. Of course if you remain concerned, see a health care provider about it.
750651 tn?1233896227 Yes, if you want to play the numbers game the above are thrown out there. But remember that these same odds are given considering that you are having oral sex with a partner that is "CONFIRMED" to be HIV positive. If you don't know your partners status then the odds would increase in your favor I would suppose. Let's say they double in your favor.....that's 1:40000, that's like receiving a ** "everyday" over the next 109.5 yrs.........
Avatar m tn And thu werefully covered from thr bottom, and from my side ... I was wearing long pants and underwear and T-shirt , and the situation was like that only at all time. With the first 2 girls I've touched thier body and butt ...and they put my face between thier breasts ...
Avatar m tn It is a very bothering sore throat that causes me to cough repeatedly because of the tickle in my throat. for one night I woke up and my shirt was soaking wet with my sweat so I got up and changed it, then I wake up and my shirt is soaked again! i felt uneasy about this but thought the fact i drank a lot of water before bed might of been the reason. that has stopped but still I have a sore throat and it hurts.
Avatar f tn Is there a risk of HIV transmission from fresh blood stain on a shirt to a fresh wound/cut ? I helped out a fellow that was bleeding from an accident,his shirt was soaked in blood,I forgot that I had a a fresh cut on my hand earlier in the day. There was definitely blood contact from his soaked shirt and my cut. I need your professional comments on this matter, as it's making me worried.
Avatar m tn I was also wearing my t-shirt. I saw her fingers and there was no cut. I am little scared about HIV. i saw a small scare in my nipple tip but not blood. I reconfirm that we both were in dress when this happened. She just pinched by nipple (when my t shirt was on my body). Please clarify.
Avatar n tn Annoying though it is and it probably ruins his clothes after a while, it is a harmless habit which soothes him just like sucking his thumb or carrying round a security blanket would. My son used to do this too. The collars of his t-shirts were always damp, his cuffs stretched and chewed....and there was the corner of his duvet cover which was always scrunched, twisted and damp!! Obviously helped him relax to sleep to be sucking on it! I just ignored it.
Avatar m tn If the blood that somehow got on me was HIV positive, could I be infected?? I wanted to get on the anti HIV medication, but I think it is too late now. Please help, I don't know what to do!
147426 tn?1317265632 m getting out my fabric paint and a blank T shirt - as soon as I find the energy, lol. I would love to have SOOOOOO many of these to wear!
Avatar f tn Even in the unlikely circumstance that he had HIV, getting blood on your shirt would not put you at risk for HIV. While the moisture of the blood might pass through the material of your shirt, this virus would likely bind to the material. Further the virus dies very quickly on exposure to the environment outside of the body. Surface contamination with HIV infected blood has close to no risk for infection.
Avatar f tn Any risk of (Hiv+std+ sti) 2) she was sucking my nipple on t-shirt on. If she has any open sore or tiny cut on mouth r lips (herpes)its safe or any risk.while bathing she was naked touched boobs and sucked nipple.
1583226 tn?1297766675 Hi guys I know this is a stupid question but please help. Here's the situation, I was a protest today and I was walking and I accidentally scraped my shoulder on a big bold on a gate. It ripped my t shirt and there's a scrape on my shoulder. I saw a little blood on my t shirt where the rip was, assuming its mine. My question is what happened to me impossible to get HIV from it like Zero. I just want to know if its Zero. I know that HIV dies instantly on direct to AIR etc.