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Avatar f tn Jon Stewart defended his Comedy Central colleagues, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of "South Park," in a 10-minute segment on Thursday night bashing a radical Muslim group for issuing a death threat against the rude-humor duo. You can watch the segment here (warning: some PG-13 language).
Avatar f tn Why does it give you pain the drugs? Why no walk in the park unless the other doctor lied to me! It's all up to the man upstairs! With him everything is possible.
Avatar n tn Given the above data, especially the Visa part, does her South African origin affect the her chance of being HIV positive? Could she even be allowed in the US on her husband's Visa if she(they?) were HIV positive? How do statistics play into my risk? I've read that anyone from South Africa is considerably high risk. Many thanks from an guy whose anxiety is through the roof.
Avatar m tn PCR-DNA monitoring tests for people that are HIV positive to monitor their HIV progression. There are no 9 month tests for HIV. An antibody test at 3 months is conclusive.
5038240 tn?1370648512 I live in huron township and my mom and mil live in south rockwood!
Avatar f tn The prevalence of HSV-2 antibodies in South Africa was further assessed in 106 HIV-1-infected and 106 HIV-1-negative donors matched for sex, race, and donation history, as well as 200 random HIV-1-negative donors. RESULTS: A total of 52.2 percent of US and 69.3 percent of South African HIV-1-infected donations were HSV-2-seropositive.
Avatar n tn She did however point blank refuse to carry on with no condom, which makes me think she was HIV positive and didnt want to give it to me. I then put another condom on and finished off with intercourse. The next morning i woke up sober and in a complete panic! I checked the second condom i used and it did not break. However it was very close to its 'used by' date so am worried some of her infected fluid may have seeped through. I also couldnt check the 1st condom as id thrown it.
1015873 tn?1261271548 "24" used to be one of my favorite shows. Of really lost its ground after season 6. Then it ended this year, I thought it was time. "House" is one of my faves as well, but it can be problematic sometimes as a viewer who suffers from hypochondria. I have a really hard time deciding which series I like more: "Family Guy" or "South Park". I love "South Park" because it points out how stupid things are, especially in politics.
Avatar m tn There is some definable risk to the expsoure you describe. The prevalence of HIV among Zambian women is about 20% and higher among those who are commercial sex workers. If she was infected (possible), your risk from protected vaginal sex is about zero as long as the condom was on throughout. The risk from oral sex is quite low, even though it was unprotected - less than 1 in 10,000 if she was infected, perhaps lower. The fingerplay -no risk.
Avatar n tn I checked out the validity of this claim and found out that, according to a preeminent blood donating service, individuals whose blood is shown to be HIV positive are not informed about the result (contra the popular belief). Also, and I do not in anyway mean to be prejudicial, she has been involved with persons of color, and it is a known fact that HIV in SA is most prevalent among people of color (esp. blacks). Should I be concerned? Does this place her at risk?
1485826 tn?1309926347 I was especially worried about HIV and this lead me to get tested 10 weeks after having sex with the call girl. This was done in a large town hospital, just south of Daegu, in the south central Central South Korea. The results of my test came back negative and I was okay for a while. But then, one month later, I decided to check to see what "my" call girl was up to, just for the fun of it on her agency's website, but found out she was no longer there.
Avatar m tn Not an HIV concern.
Avatar f tn Those that specialize in HIV are normally Infectious Disease physicians. Those that only specialize in HIV are HIV specialists and their titles vary widely.
Avatar m tn She tested again at the dr and was confirmed to be positive for Hiv 1._ i had unprotected sex with he a few times before getting ill but what is surprising is that im testing negative...I am very worried becose i still think the test is not you know if South Africa uses 4th generation extremely worried..about my situation..cant function...
Avatar f tn Hi, Karla. I've been to Stony Point when I went to visit my aunt. If I am not mistaken, my aunt visits a good dentist somewhere South Liberty Drive. It's Roy H Park DDS.
Avatar m tn hey, it's me again, I just had a new concern in association with this one. The guy fingered me on a park bench and we had just left a club. He could have possibly touched all sorts of germs, including semen and blood, in the club or even on the park bench. Could I be infected this way??
Avatar m tn I don't care where she's from. You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV from getting a blowjob.
Avatar n tn hi doc I am writing this from south Africa , 5 weeks ago I had sex with a lady , who two days later I found out she was HIV positive . I had sex with her with a condom but at some point I remember taking the condom out ,for about ten seconds , I was with out a condom in her. only to make matters worse the condom I was wearing came with blood around it . I have been having this burning sensations on my penis head . her viral load is below 50 .