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Avatar m tn Hi.I have a relative who is hiv positive. She is not aware that I know she is hiv positive. The other day she asked me to scratch her back, which i did. Then she requested for me to slide my hand underneath her t-shirt and scratch harder. She had pimples on her back and insisted that I scratch her back hard. what if i had a small cut on my fingers from cutting my nails etc. would I be exposed if i scratched the pimple open by accident.
936016 tn?1332769204 Diagnosis may be difficult and uncomfortable but in Western Industrialised countires knowing your HIV status - positive or negative is ALWAYS a good thing. Knowing you are HIV positive and engaging in medical care will preserve your life to a normal lifespan. It sounds obvious, but in order to acquire HIV there has to be a significant exposure. A significant sexual exposure means unprotected vaginal and or anal (or both) penetrative sex with a person who already has HIV infection.
Avatar m tn i went to prostitute again but again i did not remove my clothes but moving on her naked and nude body and i was moving on her nude body and i touch her boobs and we kissed eachother and i was moving on her nude back from behind but no sexual intercourse and sexual penetration no penis penetration inside vagina or anus she did not remove her jeans just her shirt and her bra and we were rubbing against each other but her neck lymphnode were swollen i am worried i dont know if she is hiv positive
Avatar n tn I have had hiv phobia since 10 years ago one day i think maybe I have got it from being stuck with a pin in men's shirt while buying a shirt for my husband, one day I think I have got hiv while drawing blood in blood lab, and now I think I have got it while pulling out a pair of boots for my son when I cut my hand by the sharp edge of the shelf... My family doctor assured me that I don't need to test and I can never get hiv from environmental contact even by being cut but I can't believe him.
Avatar n tn Whilst having a nude massage the girl wiped my penis opening top twice with a small towel she had used to seperate her genitals from my bare skin during the massage. What are the chaces of hiv infection . I seem to have all the flu symptons for the last 4 weeks from day 1 after this event and am very tired.
Avatar m tn i stop taking it for 3 days.. I went to labcorp to test for hiv. I had a 4th generation hiv combo p24antigen/antibody test done on sept 28. 28 days after my exposures . The result was negative. Then after 6 weeks oct 11 2013. I took another test .it was 4th generation combo test. The result was also negative. Does the test conclusive after 6 weeks? I still have the rashes till now. I been stressed out since sept 25 whren I took the antibiotic. i also spoke to teak on the forum.
Avatar m tn ist hr is it due to hiv acute infection after 3 weeks of exposure esr is always high in hiv positive people 2 weeks before my esr was 8mm/ist hr why there is increase in my esr rate this is 100% due to recent hiv acute infection please tell me what to do and do i need to post my complete bloo count result
Avatar m tn If whatever you're feeling was HIV, you'd test positive. It's that simple. And white tongue is something almost everyone has. Your "symptoms" in no way indicate infection.
Avatar f tn I am just so paranoid now about the risk of infection assuming she is hiv positive. After sex an hour or so I uncounciously itched some scalp bumps which I have on the back of my head which happened to bleed out and I cleaned it with the inner back of my shirt. All this must have been 30mins to an hour after intercourse. Am just worried that I might had some of her vaginal fluids in my nails, though my hands were washed very properly (just paraniod).
Avatar m tn After 2 Yeas March 2016 HIV - Non Reactive This is a screening test. A single positive laboratory assay is not sufficient to arrive at the diagnosis of HIV infection. Supplementary assay such as Westorn Blot/DNA PCR indicated for confirmation. Method: CMIA Questions: 1. Are there any special tests for HIV for human bit? 2. Do I need any additional tests? 3. My fever and burning feeling on penis related to HIV? 4. In second test, there is additional description.
Avatar f tn Hello, I had unprotected sex with a man that I believe to be HIV positive. Happened on may 11th 2011. I took a oral rapid test about 4 weeks later as I developed a very sore throat red and confirmed oral thrush. I also have had severe migraines (never had) skin rashes and strange indentations from just touching things or even the fabric on my shirt. I don't believe this is edema but I don't know. "just very sensative" I decided to go over to his house and ask him...
Avatar n tn ( pls understand my paranoia ) but if she rubbed HIV+ blood on me from a bottle into my pimples on purpose will i get HIV? 3.She also fingered my *** and the entrance but not deep in, is that a cause of HIV? 4.She also played with my penis and used her palm to massage the penis head touching the urtherea with her palms. Pls tell me if there is any chance of me getting HIV? There was no intercourse. I am very paranoid as u can probably see from my questions. Pls advice.
Avatar m tn If sniffing semen was your only potential exposure to HIV, you are not at risk, do not need testing, and should not be worried. HIV doesn't travel through the air. Now I have read the question itself. My reply is unchanged. (I'm interested that you have "read all the forums about smelling semen". I don't remember ever seeing a question about it -- yours is the first!) There is also no risk if semen came in contact with your nose.
Avatar m tn you can get tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, ngu and trich after 1 week post encounter. syphilis after 6 weeks. herpes, hiv and hepatitis after 3 months. should you develop any obvious symptoms before then, be seen promptly for proper testing. the odds of contracting herpes from a one time encounter is very low. have you ever been tested for herpes before this?
Avatar m tn He was very shabby doctor wearing a unclean old shirt and pant. He filled the form hastily and was in a hurry to finish. A needle attached to the vacutainer holder was already in old plastic bag with a cotton ball in it. He took blood from the needle and put my blood tainted cotton ball back into in old plastic bag it aftering putting on my arm. He came at 8 am on sunday so may be I am the first patient he saw.
Avatar m tn From what I understand it can sometimes take up to a year for seroconversion to occur in which case the HIV virus would not be detected positive for up to a year. Would that mean that the best way to be sure about whether you are positive or not is to wait one year? Another thing is that after that first year is over, the HIV virus can remain dormant for 8-10 years. So would the medical testing detect HIV virus even though itr is dormant?
Avatar m tn Also I wanted to ask you ,my hand accidently touched the liquid from inside her vagina and then touched on my penis ,I am sure my hand was wet with her vaginal fluid. So will that pose a threat considering she was HIV Positive. Thanks for keeping the good work up.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor I had unprotected sex with my ex girlfriend a couple of days ago and am worried about exposure to HIV. I normally shouldnt be worried, she doesnt have sex with a bunch of people she just had a boyfriend for 6 months. However what worries me is after we had sex It came out that she tried meth for her first time a few weeks ago and she woke up the next morning not wearing her shirt and her pants were unzipped.
Avatar m tn Since this encounter I have been extremely anxious that I have caught HIV. A few weeks later, I got a blotchy red rash (alittle itchy) that showed up on my shoulder for a few hrs then went away. Aweek later I had a similar one on the other shoulder and went away after a few hrs or so. i had one night where, before bed I was sweating so bad, I needed to change my tee-shirt. I've also had dry throat but no fever to speak of. Now 6 weeks later that same ptach is back, again, it comes and goes.
Avatar m tn Found out today that i tested positive for chlamydia. And dr took blood to test me for hiv its been five weeks and 2 days. Had cold like symptoms on dec 22 for like 5 days no fever. Have to wait till monday for results. Sore throat isgone. Am really nervous. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn They said they test 2 types, for anti-bodies (which might not be there till 3 months and I have been told I should re-do the test to be 100% sure) and then they look for another thing in the HIV test, which could show positive at this stage as well. Until I get the test results back I guess there is no certainty to speak about but I was just hoping you could put my mind to ease with telling me whether my symptoms could be related to acute HIV. Once again thanks for your time and effort.
Avatar m tn as this fear of hiv is ruining my life. i know it is unlikely that the guy who cut himself before me would be hiv positive but if he is is it still a risk?
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor on November 27th because of my anal abcess but I did get all these test.
Avatar n tn when vaginal fluid from an HIV+ woman touches an open cut on a penis unprotected by a condom?
Avatar m tn This is not to say that you should not use condoms for all types of sexual relations with a person of positive or unknown status, including oral (even though oral is not a risk for HIV, it is for other STIs) but it is not as easy to catch it as a lot of people think...
Avatar m tn So I find drinking water to clean my finger within 5 minutes. I'm not sure if he's hiv positive, but my friend tells me I can be infected because blood contact. With the information on the internet, I'm so confused. Today I come here to ask you these questions for help. The questions are that 1.My finger touches the blood on coin, and there's a cut(stop bleeding), crack skin, and scrape; can I be infected from hiv blood? 2.
Avatar n tn Recently i have been haveing chronic mild night sweats my shirt is only mildly damp like between my shoulder blades. and i wake up feeling cold. some times i have hot flashes and i sweat under my arms even when iam resting.I am scared. Ialso have developed some short term memory loss and for some strange reason i think about kissing people while their talking to me like some sort of dementia.
Avatar m tn Nonetheless, I would like to take an antibody test, just to get some peace of mind. I know I won´t be able to get it until I see a conclusive negative HIV test result. Thus, I have one little question: Would having breakfast before taking the test alter the results? Some blood test must be taken before breakfast, so I was just wondering if that´s the case with HIV tests.
Avatar n tn When I rubbed off the area with my shirt, there was a dark brown thing on my shirt. I am almost positive it was a booger, since I rubbed the area under my nose, and when I got home I scratched it off and it was a yellowish/brownish color, however, I can't shake that it might have been blood. What if it got in my eye? I have this sort of HIV anxiety, where I am afraid of blood. I had a zit on my face right where he touched, and I am just freaking out about the whole occurrence.
Avatar m tn Wouldn't matter if it was hiv positive blood...