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Avatar n tn I think I have been infected with HIV. My symptoms include headaches, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal problems, leg pain, fatigue, heart problems (palpatations, pain, shortness of breath), and little brown specs on my tongue. This has been going on for about 2.5 years but I havent had the thrush, or the swollen lymph nodes, which I have read is real common in infected individuals. I also know that I have a leaky heart valve which makes my [self] diagnosis even harder.
Avatar n tn After things were over with ( I masturbated him to orgasm with his ejaculate all over my hand ), He informed me he needed to come clean with me and stated he was in fact HIV positive. I had wiped my hands with a towel ( scared I could have rubbed it into the wound) and followed that by washing my hands. I had my gym bag with me and had some alcohol based hand liquid in it. When I applied that to my hands the “skin tear” on my thumb burnt. Last week I flu like symptoms for about 2 days.
Avatar f tn Now, the luxury or no luxury of getting your partner tested or not tested is purely immaterial as even if he was HIV positive and you were protected, you wouldn't acquire the virus. That's the bottom line.
Avatar m tn By law, if the person has hiv, he/she must tell their partners. If she has hiv and continue to have sex with people without telling them, then it is a crime.
Avatar f tn You should be tested for HCV infection. But the result, whether positive or negative, is irrelevant to your HIV test results.
Avatar n tn 5% of the population), yet 1/3 of the people who are HIV-positive don't know of their positive HIV status. **** (no pun intended).
Avatar n tn i'm keen to know if i've HIV. I just don't have the courage to do an HIV test. The thought of being positive will kill me. The last time i had sex was 2 years ago but with condom. Before then, almost 5 years ago, again with condom. Prior to that time, i've had sex couple of times, always with condom maybe one or two occassions condom bursted. My first symtom is lost of weight. I'm a slim person anyway.
1301089 tn?1290670171 (AP) — An airman in Kansas has been charged with assault and related crimes for having unprotected sex without telling his partners he was HIV positive, the Air Force said Tuesday. Tech. Sgt. David Gutierrez, 43, is accused of violating military law by having unprotected sex with at least 11 different people, including some he met at so-called swinger parties. Gutierrez is stationed with the 22nd Maintenance Operations Squadron at McConnell Air Force Base in central Kansas.
Avatar m tn Jesus, the HIV educator where I work has been HIV positive for almost 20 years, and routinely gives out completely wrong information. And having a disease certainly skews your perspective on prevalence, risks, treatment, etc. There's no way you could possibly be objective when it touches your life personally. Great comment.
Avatar m tn You can share a room and a toilet and eating and drinking utensils with an HIV positive person and none of those will lead to infection. You're completely fine and have nothing at all to worry about.
Avatar m tn Thanks though I am really interested in HIV now, not getting it but like how it works. I want to support HIV positive people you know. I might stick around these forums, and also through my wait till the 3 month mark aha.
Avatar m tn How does one prevent HIV by preventing the rights of HIV-infected individuals to shift base of their nationality? This is absolutely illogical. HIV is not something that is spread in air. People just need more education and knowledge, and be aware of individual's sexual lifestyle. This has nothing to do with controling HIV numbers to minimum in every country in the world. I'm surprised by such policies.
Avatar n tn DEAR SIR MY THE LEVEL OF VIRUS IS 2582 HBV DNA Copies / ml . BELOW MY TEST REPORT 1. Test - HBsAg , Method - ELISAElisa Elisa/western blot tests for hiv Lyme disease antibody , CutCuts and puncture wounds off value - 0.09 , Test OD - >3.00 , Result - Positive. 2.Test - HBeAg , Method - ELISAElisa Elisa/western blot tests for hiv Lyme disease antibody , CutCuts and puncture wounds off value - 0.16 , Test OD - 0.06 ,Result - Negative . 3.
Avatar m tn also you should remember, lots of HIV positive people also providing advice and watch this forum, so you cannot have any rights use term like "suicide" here. people like you, are mental and need professional mental counselling. from the last comment from you, if that was true then you don't have any risk and not required any testing in the first place. I don't have time or energy to answer further for the freak people like you.
Avatar n tn Is he For sure Gay...
Avatar f tn no marriage rights, no employment rights, and no human rights for LGBT people; re-criminalization of sex between consenting adults; and the outlawing of the mere mention of LGBT people in public schools. The sentiment belongs to Nobel winning writer Sinclair Lewis, and the author is unknown, but the point is clear: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” http://www.policymic.
Avatar n tn I believed that it was better to have half of my life and live with some delusion than finding out about being possibly HIV positive. As a result of that I have lost the quality of my living. Pretending I was O.K. and suppressing it, I could never completely free myself from those obsessive, recurring thoughts about it. What I lost because of it??
455167 tn?1259261471 Using language that would be censored, among other places, this website. Appointing advisors who are trying to erode our rights. Being a liar. Hiding your past. Showing lack of respect for our veterans. Suggesting reform, only once the states make an effort to enforce federal laws that are already on the books. Leaving us with a. Legacy of distrust, damage, and debt. Thank you so much.
Avatar m tn She will not go to the doctor because she never worries about anything and has not tested for hiv in over a year. She does not know of my infidelity and I don't want to ever tell her if at all possible. Believe me I learned my lesson and will never do it again. Do you guys think that my tests were accurate? Does anyone feel that more testing is in order? Wife has never had a sickness like this before. It is freaking me out. Thanks, FFP.
1470597 tn?1286872687 If he has a detectable viral load, there is no question about the fact that he is HIV positive, regardless of his underlying medical history. Viral loads can fluctuate due to many different factors and it is possible that his immune system is responsible for that viral load drop, even after having stopped the anti-retroviral medication. it is important that he continues monitoring this, as well as his CD4/CD8 count on a regular basis.
Avatar m tn It sounds as though you may have contracted something during your trip to Mexico but it does not sound like HIV and your recent negative test proved that the symptoms that started before you had your HIV test were not due to HIV. When symptoms are due to HIV, tests are typically positive no more than a few days after the symptoms begin because the symptoms of recently acquired HIV are due to the interaction of the virus with the same sorts of antibodies that are tested for.
Avatar m tn I am 30 years old,male my results were Hbsag positive Hbc img negative Hbc igg positive Hbeag negative Hbeab positive And hbvdna 140iu ml Fibroscan 5.o kpa I just dont have a clue where i got this from im 99.
Avatar n tn 25% of my patients at the hospital in our IM ward are HIV positive and I can tell you with certainty that people here just don't talk about HIV. They don't talk about risks, physicians ask about it only cryptically, patients refuse to answer questions - it is like "black magic." And so the possibility that she was exposed in the last 8 or so weeks - couple with the very high rates of infidelity - is I agree incredibly small but I am not convinced it is 0.
480448 tn?1426952138 READ THEM CAREFULLY. If you continue to post excessively after being warned you WILL be reported to MH and action will be taken.
Avatar n tn I was married and found out my husband was cheating. He left for the other woman. I was devastated. I knew a guy at work for about a year. We began talking and started dating immediately. I was just at a vulnerable point in my life. I had always know he had 2 kids from 2 previous marriages. He was a cop. I was a paramedic. We started dating in July 2005. In September 2005, I found out I was pregnant. We married in October 2005.
8550901 tn?1400744290 If you test positive they will continue to test you. If you have ever tested positive you will be tested at time of delivery and a positive result will result in CPS being contacted. In Texas you can face jail time and loss of parental rights before even leaving the hospital.
228686 tn?1211558307 This, of course, lays to rest the old argument of whether legalizing drugs would have a positive impact on crime. It's hard to argue with a 60% decrease in crimes committed by users in the program over three years. They've also discovered that of those involved in the treatment program, 1/3 of them went on to join abstinence programs after two years, while another 1/3 went on to join methadone maintenance programs (it is, after all, cheaper).
Avatar m tn I read here on the fourum that you work with hiv so i wanted to ask your opinion regarding my exposure RJ. Please tell me what you have noticed in regards to exposure/window period envolving possible co-infections-hep c in paticular if you could i'd greatly appreciate this. Exposure-needle stick (by iv drug user-likley positive w/hiv & hep-c,ect) -Tested hiv neg @ 30 day and again neg @ 12 weeks.
Avatar f tn If you don't want to wait for that then you could take one now just to ease your mind. However, it may be to soon to show a positive if you are pregnant! I hope it works out for you! Keep us posted!