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443006 tn?1229201842 What are our rights as far as privacy in the work place? When I found out I had Hep C I told the three people in my immediate office and two people in administration. I have since found out that one person in my office has shared my situation with another person. I have made it clear to everyone in my office that I do not want others to know about my situation. What are my rights as far as privacy goes?
Avatar n tn PLEASE HELP ME! I'm so worried about two major symtoms that i have. i'm keen to know if i've HIV. I just don't have the courage to do an HIV test. The thought of being positive will kill me. The last time i had sex was 2 years ago but with condom. Before then, almost 5 years ago, again with condom. Prior to that time, i've had sex couple of times, always with condom maybe one or two occassions condom bursted. My first symtom is lost of weight.
Avatar n tn do we have ANY rights here? DO people ON Methadone Maintenance of Suboxone HAVE any rights with regards to how we are treated and if we have put together all these years of compliance with not just urine screens but groups, counseling attendance (ALL SPOTLESS!) and behavioral issues, etc why can't we get ONE benefit of the doubt?
4658567 tn?1364142123 s who want to be there.. This question is bout father signing over rights... I have heard that the mother has to agree to the father signing over rights.. Is this true??? Unless he is found unfit.. Have also read that a father can not sign rights over unless there is a father figure willing and wanting to adopt baby..
5615074 tn?1378316840 So I was wondering, can a mother take the father to court and have it court ordered that he sign his rights over? I am giving him probably until the new baby is around 3 months to step up to the plate and be a dad.
Avatar f tn m pregnant and she has been pregnant herself yet she is still treating with no respect all of a sudden. Do we as people have rights when it comes to illness from the baby ??
Avatar f tn Yes I agree with the other lady have them do an in home inspection and let the courts know your totally OK with her seeing him but not taking him into that inviorment. And grandparent rights are usually not granted unless there has be several attempts to contact the child and you have completely refused to let her see him.
Avatar m tn By law, if the person has hiv, he/she must tell their partners. If she has hiv and continue to have sex with people without telling them, then it is a crime.
Avatar f tn You literally sign over your rights to them and they can look at ANYTHING they want to test!!!! If they take blood and want to test for Herpes or HIV, when you sign the papter for the physical you literally sign over your rights to the company to look at you.. Other than that, they won't know anything!!!
Avatar f tn no marriage rights, no employment rights, and no human rights for LGBT people; re-criminalization of sex between consenting adults; and the outlawing of the mere mention of LGBT people in public schools. The sentiment belongs to Nobel winning writer Sinclair Lewis, and the author is unknown, but the point is clear: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” http://www.policymic.
2006603 tn?1331329327 My sister in law does not plan on letting my mom babysit or ever keep the baby by herself. My mom thinks she has legal rights to her grandchildren, she thinks she can get visitation rights to see her grandchild, is this true? My sister in law just dont like my mom and does not have a reason really.
1470597 tn?1286869087 If he has a detectable viral load, there is no question about the fact that he is HIV positive, regardless of his underlying medical history. Viral loads can fluctuate due to many different factors and it is possible that his immune system is responsible for that viral load drop, even after having stopped the anti-retroviral medication. it is important that he continues monitoring this, as well as his CD4/CD8 count on a regular basis.
Avatar m tn My question is whether there is any risk of HIV transmission through the foreplay activity known as frottage between two men who are wearing underpants ,in which the two penises are rubbed against each other prior to any ejaculation. I'm one in the activity above but there's a thing like acre on the pennis and I can see the interstitial fluid in it. So my question is: 1. I believe there is no risk because the prostatic fluid is not likely to penetrate the underpants. So am I rights? 2.
Avatar n tn Should the rights of a patient in a psych ward be any different to those on say an orthopedic ward? Sorry, you hit a nerve. All psych patients should receive information about their rights when they are admitted. You should be able to access both State and hospital policies on the net. I agree that many people put blind faith in the medical profession (and judicial system) and in my experience that trust is often unwarranted and often abused.
Avatar f tn He was born on crack and his mom test positive for several hard drugs she will take or do anything it seems by past test results.
Avatar f tn Not sure what you're asking. Once a person is HIV+, they will always be positive. A positive person who has unprotected intercourse with ANYONE, pregnant or not...can infect that person. Having unprotected sex with a positive person is always a risk, but will not DEFINITELY result in that person getting infected. Does that help?
Avatar m tn sir i am worried if i tested positive then sir tell me hiv pcr test after 7 days of exposure is reliable and accurate sir i was not wearing condom and i was completely naked and nude but no sexual intercourse she gave me handjob and rub my penis with her hands tell me hiv risk she pution massage lotion also on my penis sir i rub my penis on her naked body but no penetration and no blowjob sir u think i am infected with hiv virus sir i tested for hiv pcr test rna after 7 days and came back posit
Avatar n tn I believed that it was better to have half of my life and live with some delusion than finding out about being possibly HIV positive. As a result of that I have lost the quality of my living. Pretending I was O.K. and suppressing it, I could never completely free myself from those obsessive, recurring thoughts about it. What I lost because of it??
Avatar f tn The father plays a role in the babys life even tho she wont be born till December and I know he will be a good father but who has more rights when it comes to the child? I want the baby to have MY last name since she will be living with me but he wants her to have his last name. He also tries to threaten me for no reason that he will take full custody but he cant even finacially support himself...
Avatar f tn I suggested Hair follicle testing to my attorney/court in a long and brutal custody battle and it came back positive for meth when I didn’t ever use?? This will probably cost me my rights to my children... Help???
Avatar f tn At a year, a false positive, you wouldn't get a false negative this late.
Avatar n tn I feel pretty versed in HIV, and have concluded that I had a false positive but I am still terrified. Anxiety is def. wrecking me - my dr said to retest in 3 months. 40 YO female- HSV2+ Exposures: 11.17 condom broke during a one night stand that I DEEPLY regret- he claims he is STD/ Drug free - I do not know anything about him. 11.30 protected vaginal sex-and oral with ejaculation in mouth- no sores or cuts in my mouth 12.6 protected sex and oral for quick second- no ejac.
Avatar f tn In the state of WV if you sign rights over do u still have to pay child support? Me n my hubby separate for a while. Which he had an old lady she is now knocked up. But for one we do not think it is his dates don't add up but if it is he want to sign rights over. Me n my hubby already have a daughter n just don't need the drama this would cause plus was just a major mistake.
750180 tn?1233265538 ve heard there is usually a charge for such documents. I wondering what my rights are as far as obtaining such copies of my lab test results (example, can they refuse my request). Maybe you can share an experience in which you requested medical files and how that went for you. Maybe you know of a website or book or other that can explain a bit of what my rights area as a patient to these files.