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Avatar m tn i have been having unprotected sex with one girl only for 3yrs now i am hiv positive she is negative how
Avatar m tn I tell you my story. Five years ago I had high-risk relationships with a prostitute and because I was so drunk I used the condom for a few seconds ... the problem is that I had been infected with an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) a month and a half ago. the 4th generation test for HIV and I went negative after three months I repeated it and it came back negative.
Avatar n tn I'm pretty sure she does not use. They both stayed with me until the romance started. My disapproval is why he took her to his home. That started his relalpse - access to money and alone with his vehicle and things to sell for drugs. He does not need anyone to drug with him - he always goes off on a binge to a drug house. I'm afraid he owed the dealer a lot of money so we won't see the car again. He lost his vehicle to drug dealer this last week-end.
Avatar n tn Are condoms really that effective, even if the partner is hiv positive and we have had sex quite a number of times? Any need for concern? I believe that foreplays are not a risk for hiv. Teak just cleared my doubts on this.
Avatar m tn But if I had purple spots all over it might be. This is all I was asking. If my symptoms are common with others who are HIV positive.
Avatar f tn Statistically, the odds of you being HIV positive and having three negative tests at the times that you took them are close to zero. At 8 weeks or later anyone who is HIV positive will have a positive test. You can be certain that you don't have HIV. Feel free to go ahead with your plans for a 12 week test but expect it to be negative.
Avatar n tn I have only had sex/sexual relations in the context of a committed relationship (I have been in three such relationships = have had intercourse/sexual relations with three men; all three are heterosexual, white, from the US). In my last relationship I took a routine STD screening as part of a yearly physical. I have never had any STDs/abnormal paps in the past. To my shock, my ELISA was positive. Luckily my Western blot was negative. This was on May 11. My physician was not concerned.
Avatar m tn The women went to get std test before we made relations more intimate. She tested positive for HIV and had a very very high viral load in the millions. I worry now because after we started to kiss heavily she had poor teeth too. 2 weeks after we start kissing I get really bad headaches, swollen red throat, rash across my chest and burning sensations in my ears. Also, I get really bad pains in legs. I did research and now am aware that I have experienced ARS symptoms.
Avatar n tn How much risk is a man who had more than one visit to a CSW - each and every time protected oral and vag, and two uprotected relationships with two older (40s - 50s) women, w/ oral and one short anal penetration. This happened about a year and a half ago. Would there be any signs of hiv?
Avatar m tn If you believe you have been exposed to HIV and want help to judge your risk, would like advice about HIV testing, or have questions about the effectiveness of condoms or risks associated with specific sexual practices, this is the site for you.
Avatar m tn Hello, False negative results may be there when the person gets himself tested before the window period(an interval of three weeks to six months between the time of HIV infection and the production of measurable antibodies to HIV seroconversion).Usually people may show positive results after 30 days but sometimes they may take a bit longer also.Also, ELISA testing alone cannot be used to diagnose HIV, even if the test suggests a high probability that antibody to HIV-1 is present.
Avatar n tn I spoke to him on the chat and it turns out since i saw him last he has four different children with three different mothers all from long term relationships. He lives in a country where hiv testing is routinely done on all pregnant women, and the mothers and the children all seem perfectly fine and he looks very well and has a new girlfriend.
Avatar m tn The results of a study due to appear shortly in AIDS seem to show that HIV negative gay males in sero-discordant ( a relationship where one of the partners is HIV positive and the other HIV negative) relationships have saliva which has an HIV neutralising capacity.
Avatar m tn Meeting up and she bombed me with sad news that she is HIV positive. She was infected by her ex bf who cheated on her. Atleast she was bold telling me the truth. I still want to continue relationship with her after seeing the boldness of her telling me the truth and honesty.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a question about possible HIV exposure risk. During September, October and November I had a relationship with a girl whose HIV status is unknown. During this relationship most if the sexual contact was safe (I used a condom), but it happened about five times that I didn't have a condom and we engaged in coitus anyway (vaginal, no anal). Sadly the relationship is over now and I don't have any contact with the girl at this moment.
Avatar m tn Hi if the swab come positive for chlamydia that would not be a false positive and only a lab mix up would have occured and if you contracted chlamydia back in 2009 your body would have cured you in a few months later also you tested negative so you did not have. From what your describing you did not give your partner chlamydia. If you want to confirm this then have another test for chlaymndia but if you come back postive then she gave it to you.
Avatar f tn I wouldn't worry about it until you find out you have it. I found in my past relationships it didn't make any difference anyway - I was fortunate and the men I dated were educated and didn't think it was an STD or anything so they were not concerned about being infected themselves.
Avatar f tn Indeterminent does not mean positive or negative. He needs to have a confirmative test before he is diagnosed as HIV positive. With the information that you've provided he has never had a risk of contracting HIV. Sounds as though his symptoms are related to his HAV.
Avatar m tn What does Pro and Cons have to do with him loving someone that is HIV positive? Your comments where your opinions and not actual facts. There are ways to prevent HIV transmission in seronegative relationships.
Avatar m tn In the 40 years that HIV has been studied, they have repeatedly found that in relationships where one partner is positive and one is negative, and they only engaged in oral sex, no one ever caught HIV that way. This is due to the fact that human saliva considered a hostile environment in which the virus cannot survive, much less replicate. Therefore, if all you ever do is oral sex then it's highly unlikely that you'll ever catch HIV.
Avatar f tn t want to sit through it I understand. Okay... 3 years ago i had a false positive hiv test (it was really really scary) since then I have seen two hiv specialists and been tested about 20 times.. I had such a bad fear that the one test was right I went to every single clinic where I lived and tested negative over and over.. The doctors all told me to move on I was ok. So.. I needed a change of pace and I moved out of town to a new city and got a new job.
Avatar n tn m not a risky person but I probably choose relationships in college that were not the best relationships to be in. I have had an HIV test (years ago) that was negative. My hematologist is wanting to do a Bone Marrow Biopsy to rule out leukmia. My question is my doctor would have asked by now if they thought that I had HIV, right?