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Avatar n tn ) At room temperature, or 20 degrees C, the last day that syringes with infected blood were positive was Day 21. Viable HIV-1 was recovered from 8 percent of these syringes. (what happen to the other 92%?) Above room temperature, or 27, 32 and 37 degrees C, less than one percent of syringes contained viable HIV-1 after one week.
Avatar n tn if you're really that worried about it, go give blood! They test every donation for Aids/HIV, and if it's positive they will call you and tell you not to donate again" It was a winning idea but I have extremely low blood pressure and my body can't handle losing that much blood at one time, so I bit the bullet and paid for an AIDS test through my Gyn. It was negative of course, and I immediately moved on to worrying about another disease/disorder without looking back.
Avatar m tn is there anything I can do I love my family I can't believe I did this and let them down this was my first time how do rappers and althletes have so much sex and nothing like this happens I wish I was better I don't want this
Avatar n tn Knowing I am eating healthy and keeping fit gives me a better way to focus my mind and keeps me positive. I know not everyone has the luxury of full mobility, but for those that do...make it work for you. All I am trying to bring here is a real positive note, that you just have to win this short fight by deciding to beat this daft little pill. The side effects are uncomfortable, but for me it's not a horror story.