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475300 tn?1312423126 You should remain an organ donor because you never know. HCV is not a disqualification. Many HCV positive organs have been transplanted into HCV positive recipients and perhaps HCV negative recipients as well. From: "...Some people think that having hepatitis means that they can't be an organ donor. This is a myth. People can still be an organ donor and have acute or even chronic hepatitis.
Avatar f tn any current cancer other than a primary brain tumor, and being HIV positive. As with any prospective donor, there would need to be a more thorough evaluation at the time of death. At this time, there are more than 74,000 Americans awaiting organ transplantation, 1,500 of them in Wisconsin. Solid organs currently being transplanted include the heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidney and small intestine.
Avatar n tn You simply must let your family know that your wishes are to become a donor. Sign an organ donor card and the Indiana Organ and Tissue Donor Registry, and let your family see that you support organ donation. This way, there will be no confusion regarding your wishes to donate. Find info on your state's process to learn more about donating organs and/or tissues. Best of luck!!!
Avatar m tn This topic has come up from time to time, yet still the confusion exists. As an important topic that could potentially save lives, I hought maybe the correct answer deserved it's own thread title as sometimes the correct answer gets buried within a thread that not everyone takes the time to read. So again, anyone with Hepatitis C -- acute or chronic -- can be an organ donor. What we cannot do is to donate blood. An entirely different topic.
Avatar f tn HCV-positive organ recipients lived an average of 8.28 years after receiving a liver from an HCV-positive donor, Patrick G. Northrup, M.D., of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, reported here at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. After adjustment for known mortality risks associated with HCV, the survival did not differ from the 10-year mean among HCV-positive patients who received livers from HCV-negative donors.
1244143 tn?1268497624 gary95: 'Remission' is a misleading word... could mean a number of things, which makes your question ambiguous and difficult to answer. Bottom line, though: If you do not have active virus, you would not be contagious. Trish77: My understanding of the blood donor screening process as it relates to hcv is simply based on 'efficiency' -- it is both costly and timely to screen blood for the presence of active virus (PCRs are pricey, whatever the method).
398059 tn?1447945633 A person cannot become an organ or tissue donor if they have been diagnosed with HIV or have, or are suspected of having, CJD." You really need to talk to someone with expertise in this area, though.
Avatar f tn Since this is a fairly new, discovered Virus and they have a long way to go in understanding it, I do not think I would be an Organ or Blood Donor, regardless of the legalities. I consider Organ or Blood Donors very noble but why take the risk of infecting someone that is obviously trying to live. One day they may find a 100% Cure. Until that day comes, I couldn’t entertain the thought of doing it.
Avatar f tn You can't donate blood or bone marrow but you can register to be an organ donor. Like chuckles333 said you can donate organs to someone already infected with HCV. Here is one link on the subject. Please register to be an organ donor. Go to http://www.************.com/boards/liver-pancreas-disorders/67929-people-hepatitis-c-can-organ-donors.
Avatar n tn If I have sarcoidosis, can I still be an organ donor? To date, the only organ affected by the sarcoid has been my lungs.
Avatar m tn maybe these people without the organs would probably they have the organs..and even zo they are hiv positive they are still alive...and if proper follow up is done..they can live a long life...i guess their close relatives would better have them next to them than dead...but its about donors sud be given fully b4 any transplant...
419309 tn?1326503291 I thought I had to take my name off the list until somebody put it up on this forum that that is not the case. I am still an organ donor and still hcv positive. Good thread.
Avatar f tn In either of these cases one can no longer donate blood, however one can still be an organ donor to other Hepatitis C patients, and this can be a real lifesaver for someone with HCV. There is also one last possibility to consider: every now and then the blood labs do make a mistake. If you think this may be the case you should ask for additional testing. Best wishes!
446474 tn?1446347682 and if they choose to be a donor, to register on their state organ donor registry. To learn more about organ and tissue donation and how to enroll in a donor registry, visit: Even as millions of Americans choose to donate life, our Nation continues to face a shortage of donors that impacts patients and families across our country.
53186 tn?1225749549 HCV+ livers (active virus) are sometimes transplanted into HCV+ recipients and the short term results compare well with HCV - donors to HCV+ recipients. You don't need to be SVR to be a liver organ donor. The decision to use the organ is made by the transplant team/surgeon.
Avatar f tn I don't dispute the fact that HCV positive patient can get a HCV positive kidney. What I didn't believe was true is that the donor HAD to be HCV positive. Perhaps that is the protocol now but I know patients transplanted for HCV who later received kidneys from a HCV negative donor. Is it the rule today - that an HCV positive patient can ONLY receive an HCV positive organ?
Avatar m tn 50 PM Organ Donor drive. File photo dated 11/04/10 of a general view of a person signing up for an NHS Donor card. Anyone applying online for a driving licence will be required to answer a question regarding organ donation from today. Issue date: Monday August 1, 2011.
Avatar m tn he died in a car accident man and he was an organ donor not sure why they do
1326947 tn?1277294765 I think you are probably making refernece to a previous thread some days ago where mikesimon said you could be an organ donor if you had hep C. I believe this is correct. I think the philosophy is that saving a life is worth it even if the down side is the recipient will end up with hep C. However, I don't think that means that every organ can be donated to anybody.
Avatar m tn The study team suggested that newer drugs, such as the HIV integrase inhibitor raltegravir (Isentress), may be useful in HIV-positive patients undergoing organ transplantation in the future, as this drug is not likely to interact with immune-suppressing medicines (and vice versa). The results of the present study provide a useful experience that organ transplant centres can use when managing the medical needs of HIV-HCV co-infected patients in the future." http://www.catie.
Avatar f tn Does this mean I can still donate blood or be an organ donor? Also do I have to tell doctors, dentist or other health care professions anything other than that I am healthy since I did not have a past infection just a false positive? And finally what does this mean for future sexual relationships? When I discuss sexual history and health with a future partner do I have to tell them anything about this since I had no past infection?
446474 tn?1446347682 Facebook encouraging organ donations By Steve Almasy, CNN updated 4:48 PM EDT, Tue May 1, 2012 CNN) -- On average, 18 people in the United States die each day waiting for an organ transplant. Billionaire Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to change that.
1068953 tn?1255177334 In 1999, I had a liver work up done which showed core positive - surface negative. I have numerous cysts on my liver. I received 1 HBV vaccine and formed surface antibodies but still showed core positive. In 2005, I had blood work done which showed high levels of HBV antibodies and core negative. Is that an indicator that I could be an organ or blood donor? Gastro said there was no indication of ever having HBV, so I asked her if I could donate and she said she did not know.
Avatar f tn I have inactive Hepatitis B antibodies. I'm registered as an organ donor should anything happen. Do I have to be taken off the list?