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277836 tn?1359669774 did anyone here about the person who died and was an organ donor and they tested for hiv and it didnt show up as positive now 4 people who got the organs have hiv so tell me how sensitive the test really are from what i have read on this he was past the 6 week testing point
475300 tn?1312426726 You should remain an organ donor because you never know. HCV is not a disqualification. Many HCV positive organs have been transplanted into HCV positive recipients and perhaps HCV negative recipients as well. From: "...Some people think that having hepatitis means that they can't be an organ donor. This is a myth. People can still be an organ donor and have acute or even chronic hepatitis.
29837 tn?1414538248 I’m finally realizing I’m living because I have someone else’s organ in my body. I was so emotional last night, I teared up thinking of the gift a stranger gave to me so I may live a second life. How can one repay someone for that? I tried to contact his family just before being released from the hospital trough the hospital’s social worker, but was told I couldn’t. That was a painful episode. Not being able to thank a family for their son’s or husband’s gift of life to me.
398059 tn?1447949233 There are only two conditions where organ donation is ruled out completely. A person cannot become an organ or tissue donor if they have been diagnosed with HIV or have, or are suspected of having, CJD." You really need to talk to someone with expertise in this area, though.
Avatar f tn In either of these cases one can no longer donate blood, however one can still be an organ donor to other Hepatitis C patients, and this can be a real lifesaver for someone with HCV. There is also one last possibility to consider: every now and then the blood labs do make a mistake. If you think this may be the case you should ask for additional testing. Best wishes!
1024580 tn?1331577721 They certainly do not want a moment of madness on their part to result in their loved ones becoming HIV positive too. So, what is the best HIV test? - Testing for HIV 7 days after exposure Preliminary diagnosis of very early HIV and Hepatitis C disease is now possible at 7 days post possible exposure. This time frame was previously unavailable but utilisation of standard routine technology in a novel diagnostic style will facilitate very early diagnosis.
Avatar n tn htm The RealTime test is intended for use in conjunction with clinical presentation and other laboratory markers as an indicator of disease prognosis and for use as an aid in assessing viral response to antiretroviral treatment as measured by changes in plasma HIV-1 RNA levels. The assay is not intended to be used as a donor-screening test for HIV-1 or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV-1 infection.
Avatar m tn No that medicine will not cause a delay. And if smoking and stress caused a delay then no one would have a window period of 3 months.
Avatar m tn This finding is important, as a similar result has not been found in HIV-negative people who receive an organ from HCV-positive people. Early referral for evaluation for transplantation and using living donors are likely to shorten the time spent on a transplant waiting list. Reduced wait times will likely result in better chances of survival after transplantation. Relatively high rates of acute rejection occurred among co-infected participants.
Avatar m tn maybe these people without the organs would probably they have the organs..and even zo they are hiv positive they are still alive...and if proper follow up is done..they can live a long life...i guess their close relatives would better have them next to them than dead...but its about donors sud be given fully b4 any transplant...
Avatar n tn Yes, all organ donors are routinely screened for blood borne diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. Even if they were positive the risk of transmission would be very small. There is "healing" of the graft to the body eventually and the sutures are no longer needed after some time. The valve wears out due to mechanical strain and leaflet degeneration.
Avatar n tn You simply must let your family know that your wishes are to become a donor. Sign an organ donor card and the Indiana Organ and Tissue Donor Registry, and let your family see that you support organ donation. This way, there will be no confusion regarding your wishes to donate. Find info on your state's process to learn more about donating organs and/or tissues. Best of luck!!!
Avatar f tn any current cancer other than a primary brain tumor, and being HIV positive. As with any prospective donor, there would need to be a more thorough evaluation at the time of death. At this time, there are more than 74,000 Americans awaiting organ transplantation, 1,500 of them in Wisconsin. Solid organs currently being transplanted include the heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidney and small intestine.
Avatar m tn I have seen this test is used in the UK by the blood transfusion and organ donor services checking for HIV as well.
Avatar m tn • Current or former injection drug users, including those who injected only once many years ago • Recipients of clotting factor concentrates made before 1987, when more advanced methods for manufacturing those products were developed • Recipients of blood transfusions or solid organ transplants before July 1992, when better testing of blood donors became available • Chronic hemodialysis patients • Persons with known exposures to HCV, such as • health care workers after needlesticks invo
Avatar m tn Some people think that having hepatitis means that they can't be an organ donor. This is a myth. People can still be an organ donor and have acute or even chronic hepatitis. Organ donation is a tremendous act of kindness, and there is a great need for organ donors of all ages. In fact, there is no age limit. Even if your liver isn't in good enough shape for donation, perhaps other organs and tissues could be used by someone else.
Avatar f tn Yes, you can be an organ donor. Most people who have been organ donors have never been genetically tested. My mother died of ovarian cancer and they were able to use her corneas and some skin for a burn victim. They say you can't have active cancer now, but even that is not an absolute. If you have brain cancer and it has not spread to other organs you can donate.
1244143 tn?1268501224 Hepatitis C antibody-positive donors have traditionally been considered a dilemma, because of the high risk of transmission of HCV through transplantation of any organ. A positive donor HCV-RNA, indicative of active viral replication, has been associated with a higher risk of transmission, but often this information is not available in the time frame required to utilize a deceased donor.
419309 tn?1326506891 If you are already signed up to be an organ donor, I applaud you -- join me and tell people how easy it is to sign up. If you are not, I encourage you to consider doing so. It takes almost no effort on your part (no pun intended), and it can save a life... or two... or three... or more. In many states you can simply indicate you'd like to be one when you renew your driver's license.
Avatar f tn donor, because the underlying metabolic processes of the organ recipient are different than the donor, and the immune system of organ recipients is intentionally suppressed to prevent rejection.
Avatar m tn Apparently your predicament is a common restriction. Sec. 2. When artificial insemination by a donor is to be performed and the donor and recipient are not in a mutually monogamous relationship, the practitioner must ensure that the following are done: (1) Each semen donor must initially undergo an appropriate medical history and physical examination.
Avatar f tn Other differences also apply. For example some centers will perform living organ donor transplants, others don't. Some will transplant HIV positive patience others won't. I hope this answers your question.
Avatar m tn So this is good news!!! Thanks for explaiing it to me. Since I cant be a donor I assume it means my blood could still pass it to someone else.
Avatar f tn OH did have her old liver entirely removed, and she received 65% of her daughter's liver, so she had a live donor liver transplant. Some transplant centers do live donor liver transplants, and some do not. I think the confusion is just with the word "partial". OH's daughter donated "part" of her liver to OH, so OH received "part" of a liver. She went out of the country to have her live donor transplant, but some centers in the US do this type of transplant.
Avatar m tn he died in a car accident man and he was an organ donor not sure why they do
Avatar n tn Alot of transplant centers are using hbv and hcv positive donor organs now. (esp in the past 2 years, more and more centers are using them) location doesnt really matter tho, because if one center doesnt accept the organ, it gets offered to other centers (you might know what I'm talking about- the offer goes local, then region, then national) So they do get used.
Avatar m tn Don't know where you are getting your information but one who has had or has HCV CAN be a organ donor. Someone who had cancer can be an organ donor of viable organs. NUOS, the CDC and many other sites have information regarding this. I know before when I was told this on this forum I was flabbergasted and did a volume of research. You individually may have medical issues that would prevent you from being a live donor but when we are dead we are dead. Do some research.
2059648 tn?1439770265 • Prior recipients of transfusions or organ transplants, including – persons who were notified that they received blood from a donor who later tested positive for HCV infection; – persons who received a transfusion of blood or blood components before July 1992; and – persons who received an organ transplant before July 1992.
1420486 tn?1384796753 I would think that they could also choose to receive a Live donor liver transplantation (LDLT) from a donor with HCV also. There is no negative impact because the donor has hepatitis C as the donated liver piece will be infected by hepatitis C when it transplanted into the recipient.
Avatar m tn By the way, HIV testing is all over the news today. An organ donor in Chicago infected 4 organ recipients. Unbelievable...