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Avatar f tn Values close to 1 can indicate infection or more likely a false positive. The bottom line take home message is that if you have HIV anti-bodies in your blood, you will see signal-to-cut off ratio values greater than 1. Values less than 1 indicate HIV antibodies are not present. (It doesn't matter how much less than one 1. A ratio of .22 is not "more negative" than a ratio of .45.
Avatar m tn hi guys ok I was with this woman she turned out to be hiv positive I did not know at the time all I did was touch her vagina with my hand maybe her clit had a abrasion on my palm it was not bleeding and a day or more old i' have already been told that catching hiv is very low but for other stdsis the problem iswhen I got home I washed my hand with laundry detergent soap vigorously suddenly my finger starts itching becomes alittle sensitive until the next morning it stopped and never itc
Avatar m tn My friends did not diagnose me, but the lymph nodes are real. The more i think about the lenght of lymph nodes, the more i worry. I have read a source and they give definition of lymph nodes of HIV. They gave definition that "HIV lymph nodes are defined as having two or more enlarged lymph nodes that are not next to each other and are not in the inguinal region (groin)". Thus, does it mean that having lymph nodes that locate next to each other isn't the symptom of HIV?
Avatar f tn Certainly its not going to be hiv, since you had NO RISK. You are not going to produce antibodies for hiv, not because of your medication but because you were not exposed to hiv. Please continue to work with your doctors. Be well.
Avatar m tn Anyways last week I get a call from the girl and said she tested positive for HIV and at first I took as she was trying to state I gave it to her but in the end I understand that the way she found out was someone contacted her and then she tested and so on. So I immediately ran to the drug store and bought a oral home swab test and tested which came back negative and this was at week guessing so 18-20?
Avatar n tn You don't contract HIV by kissing. HIV is transmitted by the following. Unprotected anal and vaginal sex Sharing works with other IV drug abusers Mother to infant.
Avatar m tn Hi dear doctors, first of all I want to thank you all for your patience and helping us with your professionalism. I am 21 man from Montreal, Canada On the 20th of october I had unprotected vaginal sex with two womens the same age as me who I don't know their hiv status, they were not prostitute but i dont know how many guys they had etc..
Avatar f tn what if i m accidently pricked by another syringe that is used to draw blood from another patient and he or she could be hiv positive. is it possible having pricked without feeling any pain .i also think that there should be some mark also but i didnot notice anyone may i missed it.there was only a little drop of blood on my india most of labs use dispo syringes instead of vacutainers. i m a little worried and ur kind advice can calm my anxiety.
Avatar f tn When I consider your test results as a whole 9as opposed to any one test result or another), I suspect that you do not have HIV and that is something about you and your makeup that leads to false positive test results in the Clearview and Oraquick tests (what that might be is impossible to say). Your negative western blot and PCR tests, as well as the other tests you mention far out way the results on the rapid tests you have.
Avatar m tn I had sex with someone other than my wife three weeks ago. As soon as I realized what I did I started freaking out. No long after I started getting tingles everywhere on my legs and penis. A couple of weeks after I called the girl and asked if she had knowledge of any std. She also freaked out and got tested. All her tests came negative. Also about a week ago a very small pimple showed up. I immediately went to a Dr and she said that is was not herpes.
Avatar n tn NOTHING that you have described put you at risk for contracting hiv. testing is not warranted.
Avatar m tn So I thought what if he or that other person had some little blood and what if it was left on his wrist as well, what if he was hiv positive etc. If those were the cases would that be a risk? From what I understand I think there is no risk at all but I'm worried about it so I just wanted to confirm with you. The scratch was small and I don't think it was bleeding but nonetheless the skin had an abrasion. Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn I am a gay male who had an exposure with an HIV positive person.I performed and was performed oral sex.No semen involved.No visible cuts or anything.Then he slipped the head of his penis in for like 3 seconds,just the head,no full penetration and then he pulled out.I guess its cause he knew he was positive.I was so stupid because he told me after everything happened.My doctor said no to be stressed that it was low risk.
Avatar m tn he actually just got his results today from a blood test for both HSV1 and HSV2 were negative. I will definitely go in 3 months again to get retested just to make sure. Thank you so much for your insight, I'm just so confused as what this could be at this point, I am in a committed relationship now but don't want to have sex with him unless i know for a fact that I'm herpes free or not.
Avatar m tn Okay. I got hiv positive blood on my hand.. Not alot just a smudge like half the size of a penny. My friends partner (he is hiv positive) cut his hand on a glass it was bleeding kinda bad my friend used paper towel and got it all up so I thought. Well I was leaning on th eocunter and later on about a half hour I noticed a little smudge of blood on my hand.. It had to come from him but it was already dried on my hand.