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Avatar m tn I signed an HIV consent form, which said I may be tested for HIV. The insurance company's guidelines specifically call for HIV testing in GA, which is listed as a high-risk HIV state, so, I'm pretty sure that I was tested, although I received no notification of the results. I was denied coverage because my psa test was out of the normal range. Recently, my significant other was diagnosed with congested heart failure. I read on WebMd that HIV infection could be a cause of CHF!
Avatar m tn As part of the life insurance policy, I had to take a physical and blood test which tested for among other things, HIV. I never got the results of the testing. However, I did get approved for the policy (although at a higher than normal rate...probably due to my high blood pressure - not sure). I'm assuming that if I was infected with HIV, the lab would be obligated to contact me and let me know and wouldn't simply raise my rate...and my application would be rejected.
Avatar m tn The reason they would do this is to collect premiums for two years than rescind the policy on some technicalitie. Would they knowingly insure an HIV positive person only to take his premiums for two years than rescind?
Avatar f tn Some will transplant HIV positive patience others won't. I hope this answers your question.
Avatar n tn Since I am uninsured, what should I do if the test results are positive? I understand that early and aggressive medical action is necessary, but I have no insurance. Are there government plans specifically for HIV? Or do I take the test anonymously, then go get insurance, and test again in a few months. I know that sounds like... err, fraud, but what should one in my situation do?
Avatar m tn Doctor, I have not had any unprotected sex for last 7-8 months, not even with my wife as she is away, no blood transfusion, no drugs. I never had any symptoms of HIV infection anytime in my life, then why such result. What can cause this? and what are possibilities that I will be positive in Western Blot test?
Avatar m tn hi, there, i have no insurance now, want to know if i need the regular test and taking madicine what i need to do? my company offers health insurance, how could i know if it covers the treatment of anti-hiv medicine? or, could anyone tells me what policy you have? the second question is, if i'm tested positive and starting the treatment, will the clinic or the doctor report me to CDC and file me in government? thx!
Avatar m tn Another US porn actor has tested positive for HIV and just 4 weeks after he was exposed,his girlfriend who is also in the porn industry tested positive aswell.Maybe it's time they started using protection.
464347 tn?1207796417 I know we should be focused on next steps but we are both baffled as to how he contracted HIV. He has no signs of AIDs and if not for the blood test we would have had no idea. I got tested too and am negative. Has anyone had a similar situation? Any advice on where to go for more info? Thanks so much.
Avatar n tn As for the medical record issue, no, your insurance company isn't sitting around waiting for people with HIV diagnoses, to gleefully track down your employer and direct supervisor, simply to divulge your confidential medical records. A "report" is not sent to your employer every time you go to the doctor, revealing intimate details of your possible diagnoses and treatment.
Avatar n tn No STD, including HIV, will cause those symptoms--no chance. No further reply; we're in someone else's thread.
1166402 tn?1303850656 PS I dont want to give you false hope about a perhaps false positive on an antibody test as it's highly unlikely but when it comes to insurance companies......and life insurance and things - make sure either way. Hoping for the best.
Avatar m tn Since i am unemployed and have only State subsidiized health care insurance I cannot undertake the HIV tests that can detect and yield a positive or negative HIV result within a few weeks of exposure. I lack the funds to take it yet I feel sick everyday and realize the high risk of infection i have subjected myself too. I have been abstinent since August of 2009.
Avatar n tn He went in a few weeks ago to have the blood checklist for IVF and my doctor called on Friday to tell us that he's tested positive for the antibodies to Hepatitis C. My husband has never used illegal drugs, no tattoos, no blood transfusions and was vigilant about protected sex. So... since we haven't been in to see another doctor for follow-up tests, what are the rates of false-positive in this sort of population? We are understandably devastated and just need to know more information.
Avatar f tn I've since switched jobs and have a new health insurance carrier that had no problem with treatment. It's unbelievable that they could deny treatment. Crazy.
1043834 tn?1269046623 * Test or no test if you are infected then there is no difference. * Yes Insurance may drop you, but don't be afraid you can fight that and gain insurance( discrimination). As for rates to go up, they will..? why because an infected person gives insurance companies bad profits.
Avatar f tn The most likely scenario is that you got a false positive. What was your risk for HIV? In this circumstance, the correct course of action (if you indeed had a risk at all) is to run a confirmatory test - a Western blot - to rule out infection.
Avatar f tn I applied for life Insurance I had to signed paperwork to do blood work and Hiv test. The lady came out on July 6 did all the blood work she said it will take two weeks for results, and I haven’t heard anything. I am freaking out due to my Hiv test. I tested in November 2016 with 4 generation test came back neg tested again in June 6 results came back June 9 of 2017 neg. No sex for two years. I am freaking out though. I need to stop stressing but I can’t.
Avatar m tn Hello--Last night I had sex with another man I know to be HIV positive. I always use a condom and this has always been very successful. However, last night the condom I was wearing broke and I didn't realize it until I pulled out after ejaculation. This was a relatively short session, just a few minutes, however I do understand that transmission for the penetrating partner can occur via mucus membranes in the urethra?
Avatar f tn Even if you are applying for a job, they don't check for that here. They do check for HIV, TB, syphilis (?), but not hbv. In other words, there are no blood tests performed specifically to see if you are HBsag+.
Avatar m tn I did not had an HIV test to be honest with you I only had TPHA I am so worried to have HIV and to be positive. I can see from you pervious postings that you are an expert doctor I wish I can be your patient. Please doctor tell me do you think I have STD or my doctor is not familiar with STD? advice me what to do? And what to tell my doctor? I am totally lost and confused and so worried full of regret as I am married man with kids and stable family.
Avatar f tn My company followed up with getting the patient tested as well and his results did confirm he was HIV positive. When will be the best time for me to be retested? I am extremely freaked out and I know until I am able to be retested and know my results, my life will feel like it's on hold.
Avatar n tn My 17 yr old tried to donate blood and we got a letter back stating positive for Hep B Surface Antigen and positive for Hep B Core Antibody, but he was vaccinated at birth, 3 months and 6 months for day care admittance. How can this happen and what does it mean?
Avatar f tn My company followed up with getting the patient tested as well and his results did confirm he was HIV positive. When will be the best time for me to be retested? I am extremely freaked out and I know until I am able to be retested and know my results, my life will feel like it's on hold.
Avatar n tn with the description you gave, regarding sexual activity and life in general, there is no way in the world that you are HIV positive. False positives do occur and that is no secret. That is why they tell you a false positive can occur. You can expect to be negative. Sorry you have to go through with a retest, but you will not be infected. Congratulations on the pregnancy!!!!! Please relax and consult with your husband. Husband Negative + He is your only sexual partner = Negative for you.
Avatar m tn a) I have HSV-2 definitely, just accept it AND there is NO WESTERN BLOT for HSV; it only exists for HIV. Thank goodness for, Westover Heights, and The University of Washington. And I'm not just saying that because I'm rather relieved with my results. I also say that because I got the Truth.
Avatar f tn I know that the biokit is very accurate and that my partners negative and my ex is also negative, theere is really no reasonable explanation for my low positive. I was negative in april and in oct of last year. I have never had any symptoms to make me believe i have it. But those damn numbers keep playing on my mind! 1.26 and 1.82, both low i know, but why would it go up in numeric value? I dont get that!