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Avatar n tn Second question, my boyfriend recently received a phone call that someone he had been with in the past six months tested positive for HIV. He says he hasn't been with anyone in the past six months and thought it was me, but it wasn't. Is it protocol to have someone who tested pos. to list all their sexual partners or just the ones from the past six months? He thinks she is from at least two years ago.
Avatar n tn I can't keep repeating myself. The short answers are 1) most commercial sex workers are not HIV positive; 2) most escorts who say they are HIV negative really are; 3) and the odds of your getting HIV, even if she was infected, was around 1 in 1000--probably less, given the brief exposure.
Avatar m tn Just found out I am HSV2 positive. Culture positive and IGG levels at +5. My last potential exposure was many years ago, so I guess I've been asymptomatic for a long time, or my OB's have been so mild, I've mistaken them for something else or haven't noticed. Well THIS outbreak is terrible, and no mistaking. Here are my questions: 1. Can I count this as my "first" OB?
3191940 tn?1447272317 “The risk of HIV, if your partner is HIV-positive, is around 1 in 10,000. That's equivalent to giving BJs to infected men once daily for 27 years before transmission might be likely.” Neither recommend testing. Here is a study of serodiscordant couples that supports their recommendation: I suggest that you give events like this the same concern as you might to being trampled in an elephant (which is probably none).
Avatar m tn A percentage of H+ positive folks do have HSV-2, but it's rare. If she's had it for a while, she is not in danger of re-contracting it anywhere else. After 4 months, our experts posit that you will not contract HSV-1 on top of HSV-2. Anna Wald at the University of Washington confirmed to me a few months ago that she had never seen a proven case of such transmission. 4) Statistical percentages are almost meaningless in the large scheme of things.
Avatar m tn AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). By killing or damaging cells of the body's immune system, HIV progressively destroys the body's ability to fight infections and certain cancers. People diagnosed with AIDS may get life-threatening diseases called opportunistic infections, which are caused by microbes such as viruses or bacteria that usually do not make healthy people sick.
Avatar n tn 5) Yes, HIV antibody tests generally are positive within 10 days after onset of HIV symptoms. And around 80-90% of people with new HIV infections have positive antibody tests at 3 1/2 weeks. Therefore, your negative test result is reassuring but not definitive. For peace of mind, you probably should have an HIV test any time 6 or more weeks after the sexual exposure, but you can expect negative results. 2-4) You have nongonococcal urethritis (NGU).
Avatar n tn Last week My boyfriend and I went to a friends birthday dinner. The person sitting next to my boyfriend is HIV positive and also has Hep. B. After eating from his spoon, the hiv positive friend picked up some ice cream from another persons plate(with the same spoon) and put it on my boyfriends bowl whichmy bf ate straight away before I could say anything. Ive been stressing ever since. Can either of those be caught?
Avatar f tn If you don't know because you've never been tested--- it would best to know if you are HIV positive, right? I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't want to know or take that simple test.
Avatar m tn Hello, What the Doc may tell you is that statistically HIV prevalence in the escort community is low. Statistically your odds are less than 1 in 1,000. Your exposure was brief, so your odds are much better. Finally your PCR test was negative. It would be a statistical oddity if you had HIV. Relax.
Avatar f tn The p24 antigen was positive at the time of his second autologous donation one week later, and he later tested positive for HIV-1 antibody by EIA and Western Blot tests. On repeated interviews, the patient denied all HIV risk factors. The procedures at the blood center were reviewed and found to be in compliance with appropriate infection control guidelines, and all other donors within a 10 day period were HIV negative.
Avatar m tn 1/ received vaccine (all three shots) in 2002 at a month interval each 2/ tested negative upon her first pregnancy 5 years back 3/ moved to Dubai in March 06 and had immigration medical test, covering HIV, HB, HC and TB...
Avatar m tn RNA PCR tests are most frequently used for screening blood donations and donor organs for HIV, while DNA PCR tests are used for testing newborn babies born to HIV positive mothers. Both types of test can be used to measure the amount of virus that is present within a person's body (when they will usually be referred to as 'viral load' tests).
Avatar f tn please may you answer two concerned questions of mine 1)Does Hepatitis A,B,C and immune disease make late seroconversion for HIV? 2)How far (how many months) do u have to test for hiv if youve got either/both of Hepatitis A,B,C and a immune disease? Please reply im going out of my mind with worry?
Avatar f tn It does not matter what test you took or when you took it. You had no risk for HIV. You were testing for a disease that you CANNOT possibly have.
Avatar f tn This comment is confusing in many ways, all i want to know is if the pcr can detect hiv 12 days after exposure, then u say its not used for diagnosis but it can be used to screen blood. The point is could it be negative after 12 days but be positive at anypoint afterwards? Other platform say it can be used to screen babies born to positive mothers, is that not diagnostic use? Is the fact that my pcr was negative significant or insignificant?
Avatar f tn   I feel so bad for what I did, I collapsed in tears two weeks ago when I was alone, looking at my baby's crib and started making preparations for suicide in the outcome I get a positive results.   I try to convince myself HIV is almost never passed through oral sex but I can't help it.  I even contacted the CSW and the man in question and they both brushed off my fears, saying they are always safe.
Avatar f tn Hiv positive relative spat on me while they spoke a few landed on my lips and in my mouth. Particularly concerned as they spat on me following them picking their teeth with a toothpick. Therefore what if their spit was tainted with blood? I have a newborn do extremely concerned that u have put my baby in harms way. Shall I get tested? What is the level of risk?
Avatar n tn In following the same basic scenario. My wife and I are going to adopt a HIV - newborn baby. Obvsiously we will not be breastfeeding. What precatiouns should be taken to prevent environmental transmission of HIV to our baby.
Avatar n tn Wanted to ask if there is any HIV or any other STD risk if an adult male drinks ( suckles from nipples) a lot of breastmilk from a hiv positive female for a day or two. By lot I mean maybe the quantity drunk for few hours. I am not aware of any cuts or bruises inside my mouth but sometimes I do have sores, would that matter? Has there been any documented cases of HIV through breast milk alone?
8964186 tn?1436113199 Later I noticed scratches on hands of associate helping me he is hiv positive. I never saw blood. I asked my doctor but he said it's not even worth talking about because chances are so remote it's almost imposible. But next day got bad headache, bad sore throat, allergy like symptoms. So called hotline, they scared me they said I had major occupational exposure should have been put on pep but too late now. Now I'm scared. My doctor is upset asked for hotline number. But now I'm scared.
Avatar m tn It's only used in infants when born to known infected mothers. A newborn can throw false positive for 15-18 months after birth.
Avatar m tn RNA PCR tests are most frequently used for screening blood donations and donor organs for HIV, while DNA PCR tests are used for testing newborn babies born to HIV positive mothers. Both types of test can be used to measure the amount of virus that is present within a person's body (when they will usually be referred to as 'viral load' tests).
Avatar f tn I remain confident that you need to worry about this exposure. As I said, if your symptoms had been due to HIV your test would have been positive. Try your best not to worry. You may wish to re-test at 8 weeks to prove to yourself that you did not get HIV. I am confident that when you do, the test will be negative.
Avatar m tn 2) Likewise, you say that for a man to catch HIV with unprotected vaginal intercourse with a woman one time, even if she were HIV positive, is like 1 in 1,000 (or 1 in 2,000?). Again, medically, what is it about the disease that makes this so rare? Also, just curious, where do these numbers come from? Again, from the medical/biological perspective, what is it about the HIV virus that makes this so?
Avatar m tn That is correct, newborns are also screened with an HIV PCR. That is because a positive serology in a newborn may not indicate true HIV infection, as antibodies could be simply acquired through breastfeeding. So HIV PCR is very useful in a variety of settings to screen and/or diagnose HIV. But this does not apply to ANY forum users here. Get a serology test at a proper time and then move on with your lives.
Avatar m tn The degree to which p24 antigen assays can detect p24 antigen from all clades of HIV-1, HIV-2, and HIV-1 Group O, however, is unknown.
Avatar f tn Plz help my doctor says if my husband is also found positive that i will have to go for abortion.