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Avatar n tn In following the same basic scenario. My wife and I are going to adopt a HIV - newborn baby. Obvsiously we will not be breastfeeding. What precatiouns should be taken to prevent environmental transmission of HIV to our baby.
Avatar f tn Hiv positive relative spat on me while they spoke a few landed on my lips and in my mouth. Particularly concerned as they spat on me following them picking their teeth with a toothpick. Therefore what if their spit was tainted with blood? I have a newborn do extremely concerned that u have put my baby in harms way. Shall I get tested? What is the level of risk?
Avatar n tn Hi, is it possible to have 1 time unprotected sex with a lady, catch HIV, then sleep with my pregnant partner once during her pregnancy and pass onto her and for her to then also to pass it onto our newborn baby? I would think this is extremely unlikely but was wondering what you experts think. Thanks.
8964186 tn?1436109599 Later I noticed scratches on hands of associate helping me he is hiv positive. I never saw blood. I asked my doctor but he said it's not even worth talking about because chances are so remote it's almost imposible. But next day got bad headache, bad sore throat, allergy like symptoms. So called hotline, they scared me they said I had major occupational exposure should have been put on pep but too late now. Now I'm scared. My doctor is upset asked for hotline number.
Avatar m tn Just found out I am HSV2 positive. Culture positive and IGG levels at +5. My last potential exposure was many years ago, so I guess I've been asymptomatic for a long time, or my OB's have been so mild, I've mistaken them for something else or haven't noticed. Well THIS outbreak is terrible, and no mistaking. Here are my questions: 1. Can I count this as my "first" OB?
Avatar n tn I think i might have HIV, can I hold a newborn. Is there any risk of someone with HIV holding a newborn baby?
Avatar m tn The degree to which p24 antigen assays can detect p24 antigen from all clades of HIV-1, HIV-2, and HIV-1 Group O, however, is unknown.
Avatar m tn What if the women were hiv positive and my mouth ulcers came directly in contact with breast milk ....
Avatar m tn RNA PCR tests are most frequently used for screening blood donations and donor organs for HIV, while DNA PCR tests are used for testing newborn babies born to HIV positive mothers. Both types of test can be used to measure the amount of virus that is present within a person's body (when they will usually be referred to as 'viral load' tests).
Avatar n tn Babies born to mothers infected with hepatitis C can have a positive antibody test without actually being infected. This positive ‘maternal antibody’ usually only lasts 12 –18 months, therefore, it is recommended that testing of children should not be done until after this time.
Avatar f tn This comment is confusing in many ways, all i want to know is if the pcr can detect hiv 12 days after exposure, then u say its not used for diagnosis but it can be used to screen blood. The point is could it be negative after 12 days but be positive at anypoint afterwards? Other platform say it can be used to screen babies born to positive mothers, is that not diagnostic use? Is the fact that my pcr was negative significant or insignificant?
Avatar f tn Not sure what you're asking. Once a person is HIV+, they will always be positive. A positive person who has unprotected intercourse with ANYONE, pregnant or not...can infect that person. Having unprotected sex with a positive person is always a risk, but will not DEFINITELY result in that person getting infected. Does that help?
Avatar f tn Okay, so I know that MedHelp's stance on oral sex of all forms and most circumstances is of a negligible risk for HIV, as in, you probably won't get it unless you have meth mouth, but if that's the case, why do so many experts warn against HIV+ mothers breastfeeding their children? Can someone explain that?
Avatar m tn sir i am worried if i tested positive then sir tell me hiv pcr test after 7 days of exposure is reliable and accurate sir i was not wearing condom and i was completely naked and nude but no sexual intercourse she gave me handjob and rub my penis with her hands tell me hiv risk she pution massage lotion also on my penis sir i rub my penis on her naked body but no penetration and no blowjob sir u think i am infected with hiv virus sir i tested for hiv pcr test rna after 7 days and came back posit
Avatar m tn It's only used in infants when born to known infected mothers. A newborn can throw false positive for 15-18 months after birth.
Avatar f tn Plz help my doctor says if my husband is also found positive that i will have to go for abortion.
Avatar n tn Normal, or innocent, murmurs can be heard in up to 77% of all newborn infants. However, approximately 1% of all babies born has something structurally wrong with the heart, otherwise known as a congenital heart defect. Furthermore, I am guessing that when you say that they think that his heart appears “round”, they are making this finding on interpretation of a chest radiograph, or chest X-ray. Unfortunately, these are not the most exact tools for diagnosis.
Avatar f tn At a year, a false positive, you wouldn't get a false negative this late.
Avatar n tn I feel pretty versed in HIV, and have concluded that I had a false positive but I am still terrified. Anxiety is def. wrecking me - my dr said to retest in 3 months. 40 YO female- HSV2+ Exposures: 11.17 condom broke during a one night stand that I DEEPLY regret- he claims he is STD/ Drug free - I do not know anything about him. 11.30 protected vaginal sex-and oral with ejaculation in mouth- no sores or cuts in my mouth 12.6 protected sex and oral for quick second- no ejac.
Avatar n tn As I said during your last exchange with me, your exposure was no risk for HIV. The symptoms you describe are not suggestive of HIV. It appears that you are looking on the internet and trying to match your symptoms, which are most likely all due to anxiety, to symptoms of HIV infection. This is an error since there are no symptoms which are highly specific for HIV and as a result you can find reports of just about anything being associated with HIV.
Avatar m tn When I used to do anal sex (men 2 men) bareback with my partner, I ejaculated my semen into his anal and that happened several times. We are both sure that we are not HIV positive and not bleeding either during the sex. So, is that risky to get HIV positive for me and him? Another thing is to say that sometimes when I put my penis into his anal and start throbbing, a yellowish (poop type) fluid comes from his *** and get slippery of my penis. Is that also carry the risks of HIV Positve?
Avatar m tn my friend (female) is only 21 yrs old and she is HIV positive. Very cute and good in nature and I have decided to marry her. she is telling me that HIV will be cleared within 2 years as per her doctor advised. I also trust her for this but i would like to know doctor's (expert's) opinion. 1) Is it possible that HIV+ will be cleared within 2yrs.? 2) what precaution she have to followed to cleared this HIV. 2) is my decision correct to marry her?
Avatar m tn First test came back repetitively active, western blot negative. The nurse initially told me I was HIV positive because my index value is 3.4. My doctor reassured me that I am hiv negative due to the western blot. My question... what the heck is the index value, should I test again? p.s. ended up having a miscarriage.