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Avatar n tn There might be a theoretical risk with a fresh, bleeding cut requiring stitches and exposure to large quantities of fresh, HIV positive blood but your sitation obviously does not fit that scenario. Your concern has been discussed innumerable times on both forums. I suggest that you take another crack at finding similar threads if you need more information.
Avatar n tn hello i know this sounds crazy but it was my first time. Iam a medical assistant and about a week ago i had a patient who came in with a boil on th back of her neck. which was cut and packed at the hospital but i help the dr in my office to remove the packing and place in a new one .
Avatar m tn As a medical student you should know to go see a Dr and possibly get tested if you are worried.. Also all HIV related questions need to be posted in the HIV community.
Avatar n tn On the application it asks if you have any medical conditions and lists several, including hiv. It states that in some situations a license may not be granted. I am in my mid forties and have only had five parnters in my life. Three of which I was with no more than three times each. I had condoms on the night in question and we did start out using them. I don't know how I could have been so stupid not to continue using them during the two hours.
Avatar n tn I had sex with my partner in august and now he is back in asia (china). He told me he went for a medical and the dr ticked a box were hiv, syphillus and another disease was. Does this mean he has the disease or is being tested for it? I have had no symptoms at all for hiv. Im really worried.
Avatar m tn Hello, If there was contact with the semen and you had any open sores, cuts, skin infections causing microtears due to scratching, then it can act as portal of entry for HIV infection. You should get tested for HIV. HIV testing is done with a blood test and is done in full confidentiality. The blood is first tested by ELISA test which is a screening test which looks for antibodies in the blood. Then if it is positive then Western blot test is done to look for specific proteins of HIV.
Avatar f tn I am a medical student , today while doing PRP (plaletlet rich plasma therapy ) for hair regrowth, in this therapy serum of patients injected in scalp at multiple site. While doing PRP therapy when I remove air from insulin syringe loaded with patients serum splash into my eye Serum is separated from blood one hour back which was kept in open test tube then reloaded in insulin syringe Patient was of unknown status! Pls assess my risk???
Avatar n tn As a pre-medical student it is particularly important that you do not promote behaviors which are based on incorrect assumptions. No one has EVER gotten HIV from kissing, even deep throat kissing, with or without bleeding gums. There is no way that she got HIV from kissing. You have nothing to worry about. Also, since you plan to become a physician, it is important that you realize the importance of not pursuing the "But, if she did...
Avatar m tn Hi. My roommate is hiv positive and I have lived with him for 4 months.. He told me that I did not ever need to be afraid of catching it from him and I was okay with that. I have been secretly a little afraid but I was getting used to the idea.. then the nurse at the clinic scared the **** out of me. My roommate was cleaning his teeth with a paper clip (gross huh?) I had a really bad cold sore on my mouth and we were talking and I felt a drop of spit land right on my cold sore.
Avatar m tn Your risk for HIV is relatively low and certainly lower than your risk for chlamydia which is both much more common than HIV and much easier to catch if exposed. HIV rates in Singapore, like elsewhere vary in terms of who your partners are but in general they are not excessively high. With regard to your question about the time it is taking to get your test results, in general chlamydia tests are done at different locations than HIV tests and on different schedules.
Avatar f tn had a question and would appreciate advice from anyone w/credible opinions/ sum up, I am a medical student, currently doing my peds rotation. Pretty much, just started and spent all day giving a bunch of vacciations (and granted, vaccinations and none of which I know/believe are infected w/bloodborne diseases, but still, concerned).
648017 tn?1247999424 m a medical student and my school is insisting that if we get needle stuck by someone who is hiv positive or of unknown hiv status we should get the prophylatic treatment. which is very expensive as in $2000. i think i read on here that you said no one has gotten hiv from a needle stick. i also know that the only way to get hiv is from unprotected vaginal/anal sex or sharing iv needles for drug use. are the doctors at my school just trying to cover their butts?
Avatar n tn Thanks a lot for the reassuring answer, but im a medical student myself and i would be glad if you could share with me the medical reasons that i'm not at risk at all. Please enlighten me, Teak. I can assure you that with a provided medical explanation, i would move on with life and never repeat the same mistake again.
Avatar n tn I am a medical student, working in a city hospital, had something happen today which I would like to know if I am at risk for after much debate.A few friends and I were practicing exam techniques on each other (specifically neuro exams).Someone had a reflex hammer (essentially same model as seen here – not sure if you’re familiar w/model/type, here it is though (below) has a brush/stainless steel “blunted pin” to test touch/sensation.
Avatar f tn Anybody on here is a medical assistant?
Avatar n tn My boyfriend is HIV positive and I first had intercourse with him about 1 - 1 1/2 month ago, Recently I went to the doctor and was told that I have glandular fever commonly known as mono. My friend who is a medical student mentioned that symptoms for mono are often confused with the symptoms of HIV where your tonsils and glands get swollen and you have high fever. My boyfriend and I used protection every time and did not have any condom failure either.
Avatar m tn I know no country requires STD testing.. But as a medical student, it may be unacceptable to have a chronic disease and study medicine. That's why my college will do tests for all the students... That what is killing me... I heard some people don't show symptoms, and I did probably most of the STD's tests except Herpes.. What are the symptoms of oral herpes? And can medical students specifically, contintue to study with supposedly Oral Herpes? And sorry for the double posting...
Avatar m tn First, the statistical odds any of your Brazilian partners had HIV is low; heterosexual HIV transmission is more common in Brazil than in North America, but still the large majority of female sex workers in that country don't have HIV. Second, you used condoms, which didn't fail. Third, your symptoms are meaningless in regard to. They aren't typical for HIV (or for any STD) -- almost certainly your doctor was right, just a minor viral infection.
Avatar f tn I'm a medical student and am strongly suspecting I have Aspergers. I've done the AQ & EQ tests and my scores were appauling, (40/50 AQ and 16/80 EQ). I already have a diagnosis of ADHD, and my medical school was not happy about it at all, I almost had my course terminated. I'm terrified that they'll find out, my career is the one thing in my life I don't have a plan B or plan C for. Does anyone know of any medical students or doctors with Aspergers?