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Avatar f tn Its been 4 months and I am still not well-at all. I have dizzeness, severe headaches and pain, and always feel like im under water or in a fog. Oh ya I stammer a lot and have memory loss and am so very tired and just wiped out. Sometimes I dont see things right. When will this all end? Can someone tell me what kind of meds works best for the pain in the head. I tried Vicodin but got tired of being nausea, Then I was on Butalbital and that was worse-didnt help the pain.
Avatar n tn Dear Sir, Thanks for your great contribution to society. Pls let me know what will be the life expectancy with HIV 2 virus . and which medications need to start. My CD4 count is 580. cd4/cd8 >1, Having tingling and burning sensation in legs, thighs and arms from last 7 years. Oral trush also there. In India I did DUO TEST fourth generation CMIA all negative, RApid Test is also came negative. Western Blot for HIV 1 is negative and HIV 2 is indeterminate.
Avatar m tn When will VIREAD develop resistance? Any known data / study on this? 5. What is the life expectancy can I expect? Thank you again for sharing your information. God Bless.
Avatar f tn s before good treatments for HIV increased life expectancy more and more over time.. Hopefully you will end up negative but in the event you have the active HCV because you are young and with the new treatments becoming available now and in the next couple of years the chances are very high you will be able to get rid of the virus. My comments contain personal opinion and/or may be intermingled with published medical data or opinions. .
Avatar f tn What does having cirrhosis mean, I know it means scarring, but I mean in terms of life expectancy and quality of life? Did I miss my opportunity to save my life? I just got word on the cirrhosis from the nurse, dr is out of town until next week. Sorry, lots of questions. Just freaking out a bit.
264121 tn?1313033056 "Thanks to the success of HIV meds, HIV patients now have a NORMAL life expectancy.....that's 77.8 years. We can't say the same for Hep C patients. " This is not factually correct. HIV patients have a shorter than average lifespan. Much depends on age, time of infection, start of antiretroviral therapy, and means of acquisiton.This just came out in Lancet: "Life expectancy for HIV positive people is still not normal.
Avatar m tn The majority of people that are HIV+ are on ARV treatment and are less infectious then those that aren't.It's the 3rd world countries where people are less likely to be on ARV treatment.
Avatar f tn [3,4] HCV infection is postulated to result in an 8- to 12-year reduction in overall life expectancy in infected individuals, as well as in reduced health-related quality of life.[5] As the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of HCV infection continues to evolve with the availability of more effective yet more costly treatments, the cost of care will continue to rise.
Avatar n tn if so then it is no problem for me, and als one gets it from earlier stages since childhood so i shouldn't worry about it, MS is not fatal but no offence i read that it can make you very disabled, some of the people end up aided or on a wheelchair, but i hope its not MS, and it is not very common i think..MS has no life expectancy , just the normal life span as the other healthy individuals, Means ms people can be as strong as ahealthy individual, and not know that have ms...
Avatar m tn If I had weighed all that against the chances of my HCV causing liver problems some time before the age of my normal life expectancy. Then the rational choose would have been to do nothing. If asked by someone that was considering going through treatment I would stress that they do a Risk / Reward analysis of their own. And remember that the Doctors and Big Pharma only make $$$ if they choose to undergo the treatment.
940391 tn?1255758976 stop worrying and enjoy your life. Life is precious - we need to enjoy what we have ........good tidings - You are fine.........e-mail a response ......please.
Avatar n tn So my life has changed dramatically, and I'm not the same person I was before. I am the worst person in the world to show you how to handle your grief, as I am failing at it miserably.
Avatar n tn I know the vet said that if the tumor opens and becomes infected, she will need to be put asleep, but I want to put that off as long as possible since she still really enjoys life. Thanks for your help.