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Avatar m tn Ahhh isn't unchecked immigration wounderful!! They found that HIV was brought to Haiti by an infected person from central Africa in about 1966, which matches earlier estimates, and then came to the United States in about 1969. The researchers think an unknown single infected Haitian immigrant arrived in a large city like Miami or New York, and the virus circulated for years -- first in the U.S. population and then to other nations.
Avatar m tn Hi Dr.; In continuation of the the thread above, i have not tested for HIV given your recommendations that i do not need testing despite multiple vaginal and oral encounters with CSW's. I am not at a stage where i need to undergo mandatory medical screening for immigration purposes. Scared as hell to go through with it. Testing positive here in the middle east would mean deportation. Do not pass go i mean. Help suggestions!!
Avatar n tn Hey, if I have a bad HIV results, will it my status. In addition, I have a white pimple that is on my penis and has not yet to go away , pluse I have rash on my chest, that is there for almost 3 weeks now. I am scared. Please give me your inpute on the status.
Avatar m tn ) Western Blot is a confirmatory test used to confirm that someone actually has HIV after a positive screening test for HIV. So simply put: Your wife was screened for ELISA, it came back positive, and confirmatory testing ruled that the ELISA screening test was a false-positive. Although quite infrequent, these kind of things do happen. So from the looks of things, neither do you or your wife have HIV.
Avatar m tn I was happy with my life and went ahead concentrated on my career. After 2 years from June 2007, i had to give an hiv test for my immigration medicals, my doctor told me my hiv test was fine and i cleared my medicals.I later fell into a relationship and got married, i was sexually inactive till the period i fell for my current partner.
Avatar m tn If you are foreigner you must be HIV negative then only Immigration authority and man power department allow you work in Singapore as well periodically you have to go for HIV test when ever you are extending your stay status, if you tested HIV positive in this progress your HIV status informed to Immigration authority instantly you will lose your stay permit and leave the country.
Avatar m tn 3- the recent test was taken also for immigration purposes which came positive antibody to hiv and p24.. Confirmation : indeterminate wb.
Avatar m tn I had a call from an immigration medical exam that something came positive (and don't know what yet) and I am paranoid of the possibility of it being HIV. I have no concerns on my sex life Here are my questions: 1) What are the odds of getting HIV from a bood transfusion? 2) What are the odds in mi case with 3 units of blood and negative HIV test approx 10 weeks after the transfusion? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am wondering the value of getting treated for HIV infection 2 months after infection vs six months after infection? I live in British Columbia Canada and they provide excellent treatment to those infected with HIV. I am currently working in a foreign country and if I get tested I will be deported and wish not to arrive home for Christmas with hiv and no job - I would rather arrive home four months later with more money in the bank a place to live and then get treatment.
Avatar m tn I doubt people are imprisoned if HIV positive in SA -- just deported. (I assume clinical services for HIV are not available to non-Saudis.) But if your test is negative, nothing will happen; and if your test is positive you'll need to leave the country anyway to receive life-saving treatment. Still, I can understand you wouldn't want to face the medical and bureaucratic inconveniences in event of a positive result. Let me stress that the odds really are in your favor.
Avatar n tn The hospital will not release the results to me unless I come and personally collect it (in other words, a positive result will involve immigration officers to pick you up). They will not disclose details about the test type either. They simply said that the test will come back reactive or non-reactive, after which I must see a doctor to certify the results. Judging from this so far, what am I looking at here?
Avatar n tn Especially because of my immigrant status..does anyone have any advise, or any information about immigration and HIV....its like im so certain i have it..but im afraid to know for sure because that means the truth is a life of "maybe.." is easier to me than living a live of DEFINATE... i just dont want to get deported...but i dont want to live like this..i ALWAYS preeched to my friends about using condoms and HIV & std's...
Avatar m tn 1/ received vaccine (all three shots) in 2002 at a month interval each 2/ tested negative upon her first pregnancy 5 years back 3/ moved to Dubai in March 06 and had immigration medical test, covering HIV, HB, HC and TB...
Avatar m tn However, she has an irrational fear of HIV. She is set to go for her immigration medical in a few days, where HIV is one of the things they test for. She decided to get an HIV test in her city so she would know her status before her immigration medical, and not surprisingly, it was negative. It was the type of test where she got the results after about 90 minutes. The doctor drew blood from her arm, and her negative result showed up as one line. I guess that would be the rapid test?
Avatar n tn I assumed that since the chest xray was ok, i did not have KS, coz i read that Ks can been diagnosed through chest xray. Im waiting to get a reply from the immigration of singapore asking me to go for hiv test. im afraid to go tested now because i love my job and that if ever am found positive (touchwood), i wont even be able to enjoy the few remaining weeks before i go tested for the immigration authority. i have 3 more questions, if you dont mind.. 1.
Avatar n tn My HIV report says HIV 1/2 Screen MEIA - Reactive HIV-1/HIV-2 Supplemental EIA - Reactive HIV 1 Western Blot - Reactive HIV 1 p24 Antigen Screen - NonReactive I got my result as above, am i HIv possitive?
Avatar f tn Hey, I just got my blood work done for immigration to America after recently being married. my HBsag found to be re-active with 3550 patient rate. I then went on for in depth tests like my LFT all 9 yards were normal in that ALT 21 and AST 17. HBeAg -ve, ANTI HBc Igm non-reactive, ANTI HBe +ve and qualitative PCR detected. Am concerned about two things. First my health. Doctor said i need no treatment but i'll remain carrier. I can not pass this on to my unborn children.
Avatar m tn 2/ We know that a conclusive test is 12 weeks after last exposure but don't most people test positive very soon after HIV infection? So by simple curiosity what would be the degree of accuracy on a test done 10 days after exposure? I test negative on that test and wondering if I should test again at the 12 weeks mark considering I had protected sex.
Avatar m tn I am also living in a very conservative country with strict HIV immigration laws. This person, who works in biomedics, is required to get tested 3 months and he would not be allowed to retain a student visa if he were to become HIV positive. I was last tested in January. I appreciate your thoughts. Cheers.
Avatar m tn If anyone that is HIV positive wants to visit they can apply for a waiver. Once it is approved, you can come into the country. The US is looking at lifting the ban on HIV. The ban is not just for HIV, it's for all communicable diseases. We should know something in the near future.
Avatar n tn So I don’t know what is the reason behind ELISA become positive? Then I again did my HIV test after one and half year back in NOV 19,2007 .This time ELISA become positive and WB is become indeterminate but this time I had a sex with a prostitute but it was 8 month back and it was protected. I had wearied double condom and none of them was tired and one and half month back I had an oral sex with another prostitute. I just suck her breast and nothing else I had done with her.
Avatar f tn It appears this is when the policy changed for HIV infected Immigration to the U.S. I don't believe that Hepatitis C is a significant communicable disease but policy maybe an issue that has yet to be updated. USCIS has a process to determine whether the applicant meets the eligibility requirement for a waiver; Consults with CDC; and determine whether the waiver is warranted as a matter of discretion. Please keep us informed.
Avatar m tn He swears that's the only affair. I was free of diseases and negative on HIV and syphilis tests for my immigration papers in Dec 2006. Our sex life was pretty much non-existent by that time and the last time we had sex was around Mar-Apr 2007. So we had no sex in the last three years. My pap however came back positive in 2008 for HPV and cervical dysplasia and it finally cleared this month. That's when I decided to get tested for STDs as I had just caught my husband cheating.
Avatar n tn No Ahsan, there isn’t any medicine to my knowledge that will alter HCV antibody status. If you are antibody positive for HCV, you will remain that way indefinitely. The presence of HCV antibodies are not in themselves harmful; they are not contagious, or do they present any health issues. I understand they can influence employment and immigration issues, but unfortunately there isn’t any remedy for this.
Avatar f tn I think US immigration is not so strict on Hepers and they usually focus on TB and HIV. Good Luck on researching.
Avatar n tn You had unprotected sex, it is up to you to protect your own health. If you test positive for HIV being deported will be the least of your problems. Also test for STDs.. Unless you are in a monogamist relationship, always use condoms. HIV and STDs are not a guessing game.
565928 tn?1216527357 Yes I was really surprised about the result, because I was tested in the immigration when I came here in the USA for HIV and STD's though they didn't gave us the result because it's confidential for immigration officer eyes only. I am pretty sure that I am negative because they won't allow me to enter the USA if I have STD's or HIV. Right now I am very concern about it because I never thought that I would be tested positive for this kind of virus.
Avatar f tn It would have been good if your herpes test was an igG herpes select type specific as that would have show even a false positive value. Getting tested with a negative positive reading only may not be convincing at 2 months. I say may. Contracting herpes from a one time affair where no sore was present also leads to a very low chance you contracted it. If your really tensed to know your status, test now and this will put your concerns to rest for sure.