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464347 tn?1207792817 Lizzie & Teak, Exactly the point here, she is negative & her husband is now hiv positive, making her hiv concerns very valid. You & Teak lack the sensitivity needed to assist people in my opinion, just read what Siteheld has to say about you Teak, c'mon man, people are not coming here to be ridiculed by the likes of you and's your compassion? I would'nt be here otherewise.
Avatar f tn HIV doesn't lie dormant. If your husband is HIV-negative and you were tested more than 90 days after your last encounter (with a previous partner), you are conclusively HIV-negative.
Avatar m tn Thankfully you are right I did go back to the doctor yesterday and the results for the WB tests were negative for HIV-1. It is a huge relief. It is just unfortunate that a false positive HIV with pregnancy is something you normally wouldn't know about until you are in the situation, and it is a really rough week.
Avatar f tn I got back with my husband a couple of months later, he got tested, we both got tested for HIV (I came out negative 6 months after my last sexual contact). Our sexual life has been monogamous ever since and we have had no signs or symptoms of any STD infection. HOWEVER, four days ago my husband noticed a small bump on the shaft of his penis, right at the base, above his testicles. It is a small ball, smaller than a pea, you can tell only by touching it.
Avatar n tn My husband returned yesterday from going to give plasma with a notice from the clinic that his HIV screening had come back positive. How common is this? We are still pretty shocked and have plans to do further testing next week.
Avatar f tn I was exposed to HIV via my ex-husband 8 years ago. After the initial exposure, however, I learned the truth about his status and protected myself by always using a condom. We have been divorced for 2 years now. Unfortunately, I just told my new boyfriend about my ex's betrayal and my subsequent exposure to HIV. I say "unfortunately" because my new man really freaked out when I told him.
Avatar n tn Second, the large majority of newly infected people (90-95%) have positive blood tests 1 month after catching HIV, so your husband's negative test is highly reassuring, although not quite perfect. It is true that if your husband's partner had a new HIV infection at the time of exposure, the transmission risk was higher. Your husband's symptoms don't say anything one way or the other. As far as the herpes business (oral? genital?
Avatar m tn I practice good personal hygiene such as washing and whipping dry my penile area after using the toilet and I am not HIV positive. Appreciate your kind advise on what I should do next since I have this virus. Are there any test or check up that you would recommend. thank you.
Avatar f tn If you have been married for 1 yr and have been having unprotected sex for the year or longer then high chance husband would have it also. Never heard of HIV tests being done with pap's unless requested. You might have gotten a false positive from your chlamydia test. Because to have chlamydia for 2+ years is very very rare.
Avatar n tn My husband tested HIV Positive in 2007..iin 2008 i got pregnant with our first child but i tested negative..we continued having unprotected sex and in 2011 i conceived again and again tested negative meanwhile he he is still positive..6 Months ago i tested again am still negative..He is not taking any drugs at the moment and his health is just ok...what could be the reason for this.
Avatar f tn I have a friend who was dignosed with hiv in nov 09 later was told jan 2010 she had aids. doctors told her she goten it from her husband. cause she has had it for 3 years. she asked her husband which of corce he said no he was negative. but problem is he never show her any test results. i want to know what you guys think. he moved to georgia and she has been trying to get ppl to help her find him to get him tested. i personally think she has the right to know if he is the one who infected her.
Avatar f tn My husband had a high risk exposure to someone who was hiv positive. He has been doing weekly testing every week. All test came back negative. He is currently at 5 months. My husband and I have still been having sex. We would use condoms the first month after his exposure but than we stopped and started having unprotected sex on a daily basis. My husband talked to a hiv counselor who informed him that me and him having sex on a regular basis could delay serioconversion.
Avatar f tn One question is since P24and p17 is present does that mean I have been exposed to HIV but am not HIV positive? Or, does it mean I will soon develop the third band? It's sorta confusing with indeterminate and need to retest just prolongs my anxiety, I wish there was just yes or no and not maybe also. Any help or encouragement will be appreciated as the specialist has not returned my calls to set the appointment.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor I am a young woman married. My Husband and I have been faithfully since we got married the last 6 yrs and we did have first kid 3 years ago and we always go for HIV test every now and then and my husband do donate the blood and he did just in September 2013. We are faithfully to each other and I am pregnant with the second child and never cheated to my husband nor my husband cheated to me as we do communicate and trust each other.
461503 tn?1212066010 Even without a condom, if she was HIV infected (and you have her assurance that she was not) the chances of getting HIV from unprotected oral sex are less than 1 in 10,000. With condoms the risk is far lower, had she been HIV infected (and she was almost certainly not). At the time you were tested at 2 weeks, over half of HIV infections that are going to be positive would have been. At four weeks that figure rises to 85-90%.
Avatar m tn As far as your exposure 4 weeks is concerned, while it is too early for definitive testing unless you have access to combined HIV p24 antigen/HIV antibody tests (so-called DUO tests) which do provide definitive test results at 4 weeks, the exposure is quite low risk. Very few heterosexual women (less than 1 in 10,000) have HIV and even if she were, the risk of a single unprotected exposure to an infected partner is less than 1 in infection in 1,000 exposures.
Avatar m tn bro ur indenial jst accept ur hiv status. I did and i cudnt b heppier.
Avatar m tn Last November 09 was my last physical and neg for all STDs positive HSV-1. March of 2010 my wife had a full STD test and was positive for HSV-2. She had never been tested before she said and this was news to her and that she has never had an outbreak. I was retested April 2010 and still Neg HSV-2. Is it possible for her to have had this during the 7 years we have been married and for me to remain neg?
Avatar m tn result indeterminate, because HIV DUO test slightly positive (2,23 over a cutoff of 1) and Western blot negative. They told me in that clinic that since they had still blood from my first test taken the 26 day, they carried out a 3rd generation test and was also slightly positive. So they consider it an indeterminate result. After that I test in another clinic and the results were all negative: • 33 days after exposure: 4th generation test negative.
Avatar n tn During that time they did series of blood work as my vitamin levels were low. Test included HIV also.When i was discharged they said HIV result was pending. Suddenly in Nov doctor called and told me i am testing positive and asked me to do western blot and it came positive. I am really shocked because throughout my life i have never had operations, blood transfusions, drugs etc.We don't drink alcohol or smoke. My husband also had no operations done or blood transfusions or drug.
464347 tn?1207792817 My husband is not an intravenous drug user, not a homosexual and likely has not had unprotected sex in the past 10 years. He was diagnosed HIV positive tonight. This is the second of 2 rounds of blood testing. I know we should be focused on next steps but we are both baffled as to how he contracted HIV. He has no signs of AIDs and if not for the blood test we would have had no idea. I got tested too and am negative. Has anyone had a similar situation? Any advice on where to go for more info?
Avatar f tn One question is since P24and p17 is present does that mean I have been exposed to HIV but am not HIV positive? Or, does it mean I will soon develop the third band? It's sorta confusing with indeterminate and need to retest just prolongs my anxiety, I wish there was just yes or no and not maybe also. Any help or encouragement will be appreciated as the specialist has not returned my calls to set the appointment.