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464347 tn?1207796417 Lizzie & Teak, Exactly the point here, she is negative & her husband is now hiv positive, making her hiv concerns very valid. You & Teak lack the sensitivity needed to assist people in my opinion, just read what Siteheld has to say about you Teak, c'mon man, people are not coming here to be ridiculed by the likes of you and's your compassion? I would'nt be here otherewise.
Avatar n tn My husband tested HIV Positive in 2007..iin 2008 i got pregnant with our first child but i tested negative..we continued having unprotected sex and in 2011 i conceived again and again tested negative meanwhile he he is still positive..6 Months ago i tested again am still negative..He is not taking any drugs at the moment and his health is just ok...what could be the reason for this.
Avatar f tn I was tested (blood) in August 06-Negative I was tested (saliva) in November 06- negative I was thene tested (blood) in July 08- negative Then again (blood) October 09-Negative Is it possible to become positive after all those years. I have not had intercourse with anybody (other than my husband) since then( June 06). I just noticed i am getting geographic tongue (but that could be because i am pregnant)...and had another test done.
Avatar m tn i did not misunderstand your question....just simply asked YOU a question. my husband is not hiv positive...but i would not be kidding him if his mouth was bleeding "Kissing is no risk, even deep ("French") kissing and even with a person who sores on their mouth or has gum or dental disease." DR HOOK "Of course no risk. HIV is not transmitted by kissing, even with sores in the mouth.
Avatar m tn When that tooth was removed the lymph nodes on that side of my neck became swollen the same as before and decreased, as before, with the use of antibiotics. The HIV screening came back positive as well as the Western Blot. A month or so prior to this I had my regularly scheduled HIV test come back with a negative result and 3 months prior to that one I had a negative test. I had not taken part in what would be considered high risk activities since the negative tests.
Avatar f tn I hope that my background information is at a level of detail that will be helpful rather than tedious for both you and anyone reading who may have a similar situation. In early December after four years of no sex with my husband, I insisted that my husband have sex with me in an effort to salvage our relationship. Brief, approximately three minutes, no ejaculation. Prior to the previous four years, there were other years with no sex.
Avatar m tn Grace, I have tested positive a year ago 1.1 index hsv 2..I am positive for HSV1. This was a suprise as I had a full STD panel including herpes run after I discovered my husband was unfaithful. I waited a year and retested negative. Then a few months later at my pap, I had another Herpes test run just to be sure it was indeed negative. The test came back equivocal 1.08 and upon retest by Dr 1.6 +..
Avatar n tn I was married and found out my husband was cheating. He left for the other woman. I was devastated. I knew a guy at work for about a year. We began talking and started dating immediately. I was just at a vulnerable point in my life. I had always know he had 2 kids from 2 previous marriages. He was a cop. I was a paramedic. We started dating in July 2005. In September 2005, I found out I was pregnant. We married in October 2005.
Avatar f tn I got back with my husband a couple of months later, he got tested, we both got tested for HIV (I came out negative 6 months after my last sexual contact). Our sexual life has been monogamous ever since and we have had no signs or symptoms of any STD infection. HOWEVER, four days ago my husband noticed a small bump on the shaft of his penis, right at the base, above his testicles. It is a small ball, smaller than a pea, you can tell only by touching it.
Avatar f tn i want to know is there any way that she can have aids and her husband don't. i dont think thats possible. seeming how hiv is contracted through intercorse penis to vaginal.
Avatar n tn The doc called me in this week to tell me that I tested positive for HIV antibodies!! I was tested last summer and it was a negative result. In Sept/Oct, I had the flu vaccination and the Hep B vaccination, could this interfere with the results? I know that my husband nor myself have been exposed to anything!! What are the procedures for testing? Is it the ELISA and then the Western Blot? B/c I was just tested for antibodies in my blood and now the doc ordered HIV/DNA test to be done?
Avatar f tn One question is since P24and p17 is present does that mean I have been exposed to HIV but am not HIV positive? Or, does it mean I will soon develop the third band? It's sorta confusing with indeterminate and need to retest just prolongs my anxiety, I wish there was just yes or no and not maybe also. Any help or encouragement will be appreciated as the specialist has not returned my calls to set the appointment.
Avatar n tn She recently died at the age of 35, and news sources are saying that she was hiv positive and that she contracted the virus from a tattoo. I thought that this rarely means of transmission hiv, I've never really heard or read of a case like this before. Of course getting a tattoo means that your sharing needles with other people, but these sort of transmissions still seem highly unlikely. Any thoughts on this? http://www.huffingtonpost.
Avatar n tn I tested at 6 weeks with PCR HIV-1 test negative, then I tested at 7 weeks with antibody HIV-1 and HIV-2 negative. I've had caugh for 6-7 weeks, now it seems disappearing. But now my wife got flu, and I did have sex with her 2 weeks after possible exposure. She has sore throat, runny nose, and diarrhea. It is killing me, I almost accepted here that I and my wife are HIV+ ...
Avatar n tn forum that could probably better help you out. When an HIV positive person is on medications and their viral load is undetectable, it makes the risk of transmitting the virus to another person MUCH lower. But this does not mean you can have unprotected sex without fear of giving it to someone! Never risk doing that. (I'm sure you don't anyway.) It sounds like you are very adamant about adhering to your medication regimen. Kudos for that!
Avatar m tn i was grabbed and kissed by a man whilst intoxicated in beer i think the man was hiv positive as some friends of is said one had aids and one had been in prison for murder few days later my mouth became dry i went to gp he said dry mouth due to the beer a week later still same then i got pains in my head and when i swallowed food it felt like it was getting stuck i went to a/e who said it was oral thrush prescribed nystati
Avatar f tn I recently took one of those take home test that give you the result in 15 minutes and it came back negative. I had a sexual encounter with an HIV positive person and I am constantly stressing. I noticed that I still have a red line at the back of my throat and looks like bumps. On the top of my mouth around the roof in the middle, I noticed purple lines. I am wondering can this be veins or can it be something else on the top of my mouth. I am scared it might be related to HIV.
Avatar n tn I think I have been infected with HIV. My symptoms include headaches, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal problems, leg pain, fatigue, heart problems (palpatations, pain, shortness of breath), and little brown specs on my tongue. This has been going on for about 2.5 years but I havent had the thrush, or the swollen lymph nodes, which I have read is real common in infected individuals. I also know that I have a leaky heart valve which makes my [self] diagnosis even harder.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, My husband was tested positive chlamydia but negative for herpes one day after he had sex with "pros". He had oral sex and was wearing condom. The next two days he had sex with me. A week after he discovered that he has positive chlamydia he asked me to do the std test. (This sound ridiculous! Of course I'm mad, feeling down & depressed) I am very surprised that I am negative for chlamydia but positive for herpes simplex 1.
Avatar f tn - Can I have unprotected sex with my husband without the fear of spreading HIV. 4.- What can be the reason for the sliglty positive results? 5.- Should I be worried to have again a false positive result? Does false postive happen very often? Thanks for your answer.
Avatar m tn I got back my results which were as follows HIV negative Herpes 1 positive 1.2 Herpes 2 Borderline Positive .9 Chlamydia Borderline Positive .9 Can you please explain this....
Avatar f tn result indeterminate, because HIV DUO test slightly positive in antibodies (2,23 over a cutoff of 1) and Western blot negative. They told me in that clinic that since they had still blood from my first test taken the 26 day, they carried out a 3rd generation test and was also slightly positive in antibodies. So they consider it an indeterminate result. After that I test in another clinic and the results were all negative: • 33 days after exposure: 4th generation test negative.
Avatar f tn But based on your statement that you have not been with anyone else in 8 years and your husband saying nor has he I think a 2nd false positive is the only good choice. Chlamydia is not passed everytime during sex, so if you do have it it does not mean husband would get it. I do have to throw this out there, it is possible that husband was with someone else and took medication without knowledge of military to cure himself.
Avatar n tn We just can't believe it considering we are such low risk people. Is it common to get false positive results? My husband is going to his doctor tomorrow to be tested. If his comes back negative that is a good sign for me right? Any feedback is appreciated.
Avatar f tn I was exposed to HIV via my ex-husband 8 years ago. After the initial exposure, however, I learned the truth about his status and protected myself by always using a condom. We have been divorced for 2 years now. Unfortunately, I just told my new boyfriend about my ex's betrayal and my subsequent exposure to HIV. I say "unfortunately" because my new man really freaked out when I told him.
Avatar m tn I practice good personal hygiene such as washing and whipping dry my penile area after using the toilet and I am not HIV positive. Appreciate your kind advise on what I should do next since I have this virus. Are there any test or check up that you would recommend. thank you.