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Avatar m tn hello I am a sex addict and I suck about 4-5 guys a week they are Craigslist or GRINDR hook ups and I was wondering what are the risks of me getting hiv. I suck them off and swallow I heard stomach acid kills the virus but I wanted to ask. I tried seeking help and it's not working I guess I gotta accept who I am but I'm just afraid my actions of constantly sucking off strangers may get me hiv positive.
Avatar m tn I dont think theres anything to worry about in ur situation but to bring urself some peace you can get tested.. & maybe you shouldnt have these random hook ups... I'm 27 years old I came to this forum b/c I tested positive on a culture and turns uot to b a false neg. Now i come on here mainly to give advice b/c i did so much research. this experience woke me up. You could never be too careful.
Avatar n tn Your PCR is negative. You do not have HIV. No further testing is needed.
Avatar m tn At 6 weeks an HIV antibody test of the sort you had would detect over 95% of infections. Given the relaitvely low risk nature of your exposure, further testing is unlikey to give a different result however, if you want to be absolutely positive, you should re-test at 8 weeks. If I were you I would not bother to re-test.
Avatar f tn Ok so I got an HIV test done and I got the Screening ELISA Positive but then they did a western blot with the same sample and it came back negative. I was freaked out so I went for an over the counter saliva test that came back negative but then google worried me again and I went for a DNA PCR test a week later with a new blood sample and they ran another ELISA both of which came back negative.
Avatar n tn 2)can this test show positive band with something other than HIV, therefore being false positive? I would not ask this of you, but very scarse information when searching this forum.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the Forum. I have a sense of just how upsetting a false positive ELISA can be. I agree with your doctor however, you can and should move forward without further concern about HIV. There are a number of different ELISAs which have different chemical makeups and components. Sometimes, for reasons that are usually unknown, some ELISAs will have false positive results which cannot be confirmed by different tests.
Avatar f tn No, HIV 2 is terribly uncommon. None of my patients have HIV-2 and I have not seen a patient with this infection. Test perfromance varies from test to test in terms of their ability to detect HIV-2. Not all ELISAs used for HIV screening detect HIV-2 although most do.
Avatar f tn I would not hazard a guess as to which band was positive and you should not waste your time worrying about it.
Avatar m tn 3- Neither you Doctor Hook, nor Dr. Handsfield have ever heard of an HIV transmission in the manner I have described? 4- She asked me whether I had ARS symptoms or not. I said that after 10 weeks of the massage I had temperature and had a cold for 2 or 3 days (37.4 degrees celsius-99.32 fahrenheit) and she said this could be a late conversion!!! I have never read about ARS symptoms 10 weeks after a exposure. Is this possible? Highly unlikely?
Avatar m tn But last night i started thinking about it again and my face and body got extremely warm. Should i be worried? Like i said before i have had hook ups with both women and men but have always used protection and no broken condoms, is it possible that i could have still contracted? Another detail i am uncircumcused. Would be great if i could get a response. Thanks guys, you really are a help to many people.
Avatar m tn I also have an open cavity (non-bleeding) from when a temporary cap came off during the summer. On February 14th, I was informed by the guy that he was HIV positive (which was confirmed by Western Blot). I'm really, really scared. I had a rapid blood test the next day, February 15th and it came back negative. Around the first week of February, I had what I thought was mono, but I didn't have a sore throat. I also had a really bad cough and fatigue.
Avatar m tn So my concern is if that hook pricked someone who is positive HIV before me is it possible to be infected with HIV/Aids from that? But there was no human blood in that hook. please reply...........
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor Hook, Thank you so much for your response. It has helped ease my mind tremendously!! Thank you!! Now just for 2 quick follow-ups. I failed to mention that I had brushed my teeth about 4 hours before meeting with this man - does that make any sort of difference with risk (in addition to having the canker sore in my mouth)? If there was a little cut or nick on his body that I may have kissed could that pose a risk?
Avatar n tn Hello I am freaking out real bad.A guy who I have just found out to be hiv positive gave me a blow job 3 days ago.The terrible thing is that he has gum disease,bad teeth and i assume he had blood in his mouth.He told me all of this himself this morning and said he is not joking and felt it necessary to tell me and has said i will need to do an hiv test as i was more than likely exposed to his blood.He gave the blow job for about 15 minutes but i didnt cum in his mouth.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the Forum, Your question indicates that you have thought carefully and researched the issue of your risk. thus rather than background statements, i will get straight to your questions: 1. Considering that you are non circumcised and have HSV-2 that numerical risk, IF she was infected is in the right ballpark.
Avatar m tn There is simply no way that you could have HIV at this time. Your concerns are contrary to all that we know about HIV an HIV diagnosis. Persons with HIV so advanced that their tests are not positive are incredibly uncommon and when they occur they are on death's door, literally. Further, your tests would not miss the mythical “odd strain” of HIV. It is nonsensical for you to continue to worry about HIV at this time.
Avatar m tn I am a 31 year old female who is scared to death I may be HIV positive. In November of 2007 I noticed a ton of tiny bumps on my soft palate. I don't know if they have always been there and I just never noticed them or not. The bumps are flesh colored and are painless but I cant stop obsessing over them. I have read that many mouth problems can be a sign of HIV infection. Scared to go to the clinic I did a home test (Home access HIV-1) in March of 2008 and tested negative.
Avatar n tn The advice you got is overly conservative. You do not have HIV and the white patches on your tongue, no matter what they are, are not related to HIV. No doubt about it.
Avatar m tn so hiv virus cant survive in water? it mean inmidatly ,hiv got contact with water? or it die after a while to be in the water? means water with blod(let see the bloss cares de hiv virus( canot infect anywounded in the body?
Avatar m tn This is a repetitive question. If your wife's pneumonia was related to HIV, the test would have been positive. No change in my assessment or advice.
Avatar n tn I will answer your question because the second part of it has to do with STD symptoms. As for the HIV question, that should have been posted on the HIV Prevention Forum. HIV first. You say you've reviewed other posts on this site and know that others have concerns similar to yours. Having looked, you'll also know that after at least five separate HIV tests there is simply no way that your have HIV infection and to worry further about it is both pointless and a bit silly.