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Avatar m tn Welcome to the STD forum. Dr. Hook and I take questions randomly, without regard to specific requests. We have worked closely together for almost 3 decades and our opinions and advice virtually never differ significantly. The rash on your arm was not a chancre. Chancres are open sores and appear exclusively at the site where syphilis is acquired -- in men usually the penis, occasionally the anus, rarely the mouth.
Avatar n tn Furthermore you have two negative HIV tests at a time (6 weeks) when over 95% of HIV tests that are going to be positive already will be. On to your questions; 1. No 2. It would further rule out HIV which I am confident you do not have. 3. No ARS does not go on this long and there is no indication that you have HIV at all 4. While platelets can decrease in HIV only a tiny fraction of people who have low platelets have it due to HIV. 5. No.
Avatar m tn I have also been very stress. went to my doctor and tested positive for EBV, but tested negative on monospot test. She informed that I had a re active of EBV never recall having mono anyway. My questions are 1. can a active EBV delay Hiv antibodies( I know if you have a depress inmmuine systems that it can does EBV fall into that category) 2. I have read online that EBV never flares back up unless you have encounter another sickness. is that true? 3.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor Hook, Thank you so much for your response. It has helped ease my mind tremendously!! Thank you!! Now just for 2 quick follow-ups. I failed to mention that I had brushed my teeth about 4 hours before meeting with this man - does that make any sort of difference with risk (in addition to having the canker sore in my mouth)? If there was a little cut or nick on his body that I may have kissed could that pose a risk?
Avatar m tn , a couple of months ago I french kissed a guy (on two occasions, not for long) who is hiv positive. No other contact occurred and I did not assume that this posed a risk for hiv transmission but I've recently come across advice on internet sites where they see some potential for transmission, on one such site ( one of the experts even advised testing adding that a negative test result would only be reliable in the case of French kissing after 6 months.
Avatar n tn What are the chances that I would have not tested positive by now? Could mono have affected the test results and made them negative even if I am HIV infected? Also, if I was just experiencing ARS or even early symptomatic HIV infection, would atleast one of these tests have picked it up by now? I have recently read that the PCR DNA tests are not that reliable because a lot of people have undetectable virus in them.
1038715 tn?1274311044 I provided the best answer I could. You do not know if the condom was on properly on not. There is also much that you do not know about your parter. There is never NO risk- in science we know to never say never. The proper question is, is your risk high. the answer is, no. I told you this before and will not repeat it. As for your "red dots", I cannot examine you to comment however there is no data to suggest that this is an STD or HIV or is related to the exposure you describe.
Avatar m tn If your current symptoms were due to HIV, your test will be positive. This thread is now over.
Avatar m tn you and your wife both need to go for further work ups. this could be any number of things going on. if your wife is your only partner, she too needs tested for herpes to see what her status is.
Avatar m tn After some sexual adventures (unprotected oral sex with 3 different partners) in the period of 2 months I decided to have a check up before I start a longer term relationship. I signed up for all possible tests (starting with HIV, through all types of HPV, chlamydia, HBV, HCV etc.) I was very surprised that I got a positive result with HPV 16 (PCM DNA test) as I never had any symptoms. I'm a bit confused because all the forums/discussions refer to the case where there are visible warts etc.
Avatar m tn I also have an open cavity (non-bleeding) from when a temporary cap came off during the summer. On February 14th, I was informed by the guy that he was HIV positive (which was confirmed by Western Blot). I'm really, really scared. I had a rapid blood test the next day, February 15th and it came back negative. Around the first week of February, I had what I thought was mono, but I didn't have a sore throat. I also had a really bad cough and fatigue.
Avatar m tn hello I am a sex addict and I suck about 4-5 guys a week they are Craigslist or GRINDR hook ups and I was wondering what are the risks of me getting hiv. I suck them off and swallow I heard stomach acid kills the virus but I wanted to ask. I tried seeking help and it's not working I guess I gotta accept who I am but I'm just afraid my actions of constantly sucking off strangers may get me hiv positive.
Avatar m tn How deep the vaginal fluid should get into bloodstream for HIV infection. Above all questions are asked assuming the woman is HIV positive (status is not known- I pray she is not). My anxiety is kiiling me...Please help. Many thanks!
Avatar f tn All test were negitve/non-reactive. Do I need to do follow up with an ELISA HIV 1/O/2 blood test since it seems that OraQuick did not test well on oral fluids as per report? I look forward to your responce.
Avatar n tn Hello dr Hook. Thank you for your swift and very detailed answer. Please indulge me in three more questions after which I will not bother you with follow ups any more. 1. Together with my every HIV test I took the test for hepatitis b and c. Are these tests also conclusive at 6 months? 2. Would taking antibiotics in these months delay or have any effect on serconversion? Do I need any more tests? 3. Do you explanations apply also for HIV 2? You cannot imagine how much I appreciate your help.
Avatar m tn You do not pay attention to our rules- Dr. Handsfield informed you that you had exceeded the number of allowable questions and requested that you not post again for 6 months yet you do so in less than a month. I'll provide a solitary answer and permit no follow-ups. If you continue to ignore Forum rules, and our statements, we will delete all future questions. The determine test is a test for HIV antibodies.
Avatar m tn 10, 2010 and Jan 15, 2011. Each woman and I had sex at least six times while we were together for one day hook ups. I used condoms each and every time there was vaginal intercourse. There was no anal sex. I did receive oral and provided short oral to each woman. One woman was a "squirter" in case that matters. I do not mean to be vulgar I just dont know how else to describe it.
Avatar n tn Hello all. I am a 30 year old closeted gay man who have lost myself to hook-ups. Basically, I am fearful that I have contracted HIV because of my numerous partners and sexual behavior. In the past four years, I may have had around 50-60 sexual partners. I feel I am the most promiscuous man on earth. My sexual behavior is only limited to passionate kissing, oral sex (more on getting sucked), and mutual masturbation.
Avatar m tn I dont think theres anything to worry about in ur situation but to bring urself some peace you can get tested.. & maybe you shouldnt have these random hook ups... I'm 27 years old I came to this forum b/c I tested positive on a culture and turns uot to b a false neg. Now i come on here mainly to give advice b/c i did so much research. this experience woke me up. You could never be too careful.
Avatar n tn Does this suggest a risk exists to those people like myself who test in a developed country but had an exposure in a high risk developing country? 2, Furthermore, I have read that there are people who have HIV but dont show positive on standard tests, although an incredibly rare event (20 documented cases - not all peer reviewed), Is this true? 3.
Avatar m tn Chlamydia Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAA) Gonorrhea Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAA) Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with Confirmation by Neutralization Hepatitis C Surface Antibody Test (Anti-HCV) Herpes I Simplex Virus Type I IgG Tests (HerpeSelect (R)) Herpes II Simplex Virus Type II IgG Tests (HerpeSelect (R)) HIV-1 Antibody Test with Reflex to Western Blot Confirmation HIV DNA Test by PCR With HIV Antibodies by ICMA Syphilis Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) Test with Reflex to Quantitativ
Avatar n tn What if it comes back positive? How do we know for sure this pt is not HIV positive? I feel like I'm getting so many different answers, and it is such a vulnerable time. I very much appreciate advice.
Avatar n tn 2)can this test show positive band with something other than HIV, therefore being false positive? I would not ask this of you, but very scarse information when searching this forum.
Avatar n tn Hi There- I am looking for an assessment and confirmation after a risk exposure 5 months ago. I was hooking up with a guy I did not know well, but who asserted he was HIV negative. He briefly inserted the head of his penis in my anus unprotected for less than 5 seconds. His penis was not fully in me and he did not ejaculate. 4-5 weeks after said incident, I came down with flu like symptoms including sore throat and fever for a few days.
Avatar m tn you can't give your wife something that you DONT have FROM THE HIV EXPERTS HERE AT MEDHELP: "As you know from other posts about oral sex, our stance is that giving or receiving oral sex is not a risk for HIV. Some others suggest that there is an appreciable risk of HIV from oral sex however, there are no convincing scientific reports which support these statements. The presence of a burn in your mouth, or a sore, or ingestion of blood does not change this.
Avatar m tn At 6 weeks an HIV antibody test of the sort you had would detect over 95% of infections. Given the relaitvely low risk nature of your exposure, further testing is unlikey to give a different result however, if you want to be absolutely positive, you should re-test at 8 weeks. If I were you I would not bother to re-test.
Avatar m tn No risk of HIV from blood draws an when HIV is spread by needles. It is spread through direct introduction of infected material into the blood stream. 1. There are no studies to address this issue and there are many variables which impact the survival of the virus- the amount of blood, the temperature, etc. 2. The thickness of skin on different parts of the body is highly variable.
Avatar n tn In general, the saliva tests are slightly slower than the blood tests. Time for this thread to end.
Avatar n tn On Saturday night I had a sexual encounter with a female of unknown HIV status (however based on her post encounter comments about having frequent " hook-ups", I want to assume she was HIV positive). Specifically, we kissed, then she performed unprotected and protected (latex condom) oral on me. With the condom on we had insertive we had vaginal intercourse followed by some additional oral with the latex condom still on me. We then did some more closed mouth kissing.