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Avatar n tn The risk of transmission from an infected healthcare worker to a patient appears to be very low. As recommended for all healthcare workers, those who are HCV positive should follow strict aseptic technique and standard precautions, including appropriate use of hand washing, protective barriers, and care in the use and disposal of needles and other sharp instruments.
Avatar m tn If you are asked I would think you should answer truthfully other wise you would be falsifying employment information. Also isn't it allowed for health care workers to be infected with hep c and even HIV in the US? That it is not a legal bar to employment? Plus in any event you no longer have hep c. What state do you live in maybe you can research health care employment rules in your location.
Avatar m tn besides thoe documented 3 healthcare workers, does anyone know of anyone testing positive after a 3 mth or 6 mth test? what are the chances of this?
Avatar n tn It's also hard to document these things because we don't know how many of the healthcare workers have also had unprotected sex. When an HIV case is documented, the CDC or public health people do an assessment of the person's risk history. So let's say a nurse has had a few needle-pricks and also sleeps with a guy she doesn't know well, who is promiscuous, without a condom. She turns up HIV positive.
Avatar n tn First, it is illegal to refuse to treat an HIV positive patient because he or she is HIV positive. Second, it morally reprehensible to refuse to treat HIV positive patients because they are HIV positive. Third, it creates disharmony in my practice to have an employee making alarmist statements of doom and gloom when the actual risk of transmission in the healthcare setting is infinitesimally small.
Avatar n tn Rational application of diagnostic assays in the management of healthcare workers (HCWs) following occupational exposure is needed to rule out pre-existing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, detect HIV infection or seroconversion as early as possible in the small proportion individuals who become infected, and to rule out infection in the high proportion of individuals who remain uninfected following occupational exposure to HIV.
Avatar n tn I read a ton of research after my scare (as I'm sure you have) The basic information I came up with was that some research suggested that PEP in theory could delay seroconversion, but this was in studies done in healthcare workers. The studies didnt prove that PEP delayed seroconversion, only prevented seroconversion by about 80% - which is a good thing. That means your chances of acquiring hiv at this point are miniscule.
Avatar m tn Dear All, 1. I have just been tested HCV positive - genotype 3. Viral load 4.5 million. Is there anyway to tell if this is a new infection? 2. I had sex with an indian csw 2 months back? I had used double condoms(I now know, double condoms is a bad choice) Could I have acquired this from her? 3. I had an ultrasound done. Showed it to a hepatologist. He said liver was normal and there was no damage. 4. I had my cd4 count dome one momth and 2 months after the incident with the sex worker.
Avatar m tn ) I assume that she has HIV positive . People always think several HIV virus can make you have HIV . No it doesn't . You need thousand HIV virus means that she has to inject blood from her to you .If She poked you , It has to have enough hiv virus on the tip of the needle ... And it can't happen because hiv virus can't survive on the outside . You had to make sure if she injects blood to you or just poke you , But as u told , she just pokes u :)) so you're fine ...ok ?
Avatar f tn If you don't know because you've never been tested--- it would best to know if you are HIV positive, right? I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't want to know or take that simple test.
Avatar m tn When used consistently, PrEP has been shown to be effective in men who have sex with men (MSM) and heterosexually-active men and women. PEP is usually used for anyone who may have been exposed to HIV. Healthcare workers have the greatest risk.
Avatar m tn I had two epidsodes. One where I stuck my finger with an HIV positive patient so I had to be tested at 0, 3 months 6 months. etc. because back then their testing wasn't as good. Then I was working on STD clinic patient blood and got splashed in the eyes nose, and mouth with a hookers blood. It was discusting. So again I had to be tested. I freaked out each time I had to get the results. It is hard. They didn't even test me for HCV back then. I finally got that done this year and I was negative.
Avatar n tn The documented cases of late seroconversions (people who have taken longer than six months to test positive on antibody tests) are limited to healthcare workers who had occupational exposures. These types of exposures are different than exposures related to mucous membrane exposures in the genital tract. There is speculation that the location of the exposure has some relevance to the length of time it takes to seroconvert." The link is
Avatar n tn This also is supposedly somewhat difficult to contract hep C from (0-7% chance in healthcare workers, or so I've read) if it's a one time occurence. Finally, (so sorry for the length) I wanted to know what you think the chances are of my HIV test results being somehow delayed or incorrect due to a possible hep c infection. If I did in fact have hep c, is there a strong chance that it could delay the seroconversion of HIV? Thank you so much.
Avatar m tn I did a bit more research on the internet and I read that there have been 57 documented cases of HIV infection acquired by healthcare workers while on the job since 2000 in the US. It also said that HIV blood splashed in mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose, and mouth has a 1 in 1000 chance of causing infection in the recipient if anyone is curious.
Avatar m tn I've read that about some healthcare workers who had extended window periods because of co-infection. One was said to be 5 months for HIV+, another 8-9 months for HIV+, and one was said to be even almost 12 months for HIV+ results. This is scaring me I read a doctor from website say that she recommends testing out to 12 months! This is crazy, if a lot of people with HIV have HCV(and they can spread HCV easier), then is the window period extended? Or not?
Avatar n tn But why do I keep seeing documents on websites regarding healthcare workers having blood spilled on un-intact skin and PEP considerations? It seems like it wouldn't be that much different than me having a cut that comes into contact with blood on someone else's hand?
Avatar m tn We went to hospital and they checked his blood, his result is HIV POSITIVE!! After that they did HIV test for me and it was negative. (I am always do sex with condom, it was first time that I was in risk) They gave me 5 (five) hours after the exposure PEP (Stocrin + Truvada) for 30 days (today pass 7 days from exposure). I take the PEP every 23:00, after the dinner (21:00-22:00). (They want to do PCR HIV test after 2 weeks after the exposure and 4 weeka after...) 1.
Avatar f tn Guidelines from the 1990's seem to be the source of this recommendation, after a couple of healthcare workers co-infected with HIV/hep C took longer than 6 months to test positive for HIV. Would this still be an issue with modern HIV tests?? I would assume modern HIV tests are much more sensitive and can detect lower amounts of HIV antibodies in the blood, and that this HIV/hep C co-infection concern is now outdated?? Please respond, I really need help with this!!
Avatar f tn 1% for mucous membrane exposure.3 HIV contamination has also been reported by healthcare workers from bodily fluid splash to the eye." Could you possibly address or explain what was written on this website? Does that mean that there could be transmission via bodily splash to the eye and needlestick injury for the mucous membrane exposure?
Avatar m tn The medium-risk category also includes healthcare workers, but those not performing exposure prone procedures or EPP. The final category includes occuopations that are with low to negligible risk of EPP.
Avatar n tn For this one, we all know that single needlesticks have infected healthcare workers with HIV. So that may be a little misleading to tell you. Or perhaps he was just being reassuring. But you can definitely get HIV from a single exposure. But I am not a leading STD expert in NY.
Avatar m tn Regarding the story with the healthcare workers who got tested positive after 12 months, was this an isolated incidence? I did get tested for HBV, HCV at 7 weeks post exposure, but maybe this was too soon. And recently, the unexplained symtoms I have been experiencing (lower right abdominal pain, muscle aches) worry me a bit. Regarding my HIV status (regardless of HEP B/C) can I accept my negative tests. Please get back to me on this.
Avatar m tn I am sorry if anyone is offended by that and I really respect their choice to live, but at the same time I think I have a right to choose to live or die (not legally though).
Avatar m tn The documented cases of late seroconversions (people who have taken longer than six months to test positive on antibody tests) are limited to healthcare workers who had occupational exposures. These types of exposures are different than exposures related to mucous membrane exposures in the genital tract. There is speculation that the location of the exposure has some relevance to the length of time it takes to seroconvert. Here is the link: http://www.****.com/Forums/AIDS/SafeSex/Q66252.
Avatar m tn So glad this information is finally getting more publicity. Much of the HIV positive community is in denial including doctors and healthcare workers. I have been infected twice through sex (I am HIV poz). The first time was 5 or 6 years ago and everyone thought it was some other way (I injected a drug once but didn't share a needle and tested neg for Hep C several months later).
Avatar m tn i been french kissing a girl for awhile and today i frenched kissed her with a cold sores on the corner of my mouth. i havnt anything else with her. she just called me and told me she has hiv and had for awhile. can i get hiv from french kissing her with sores on my mouth?we was using tongues . she said that she been on meds but been off of them for about 3 months. does that make it easier for me to get? can you get any std from kissing her?
Avatar n tn thank you
Avatar n tn well i was just wondering becuase i have read that healthcare workers can get hiv from an accidental needle stick soo thats why i was wondering what is the difference between the two???
Avatar m tn If that is so, why does there have to be a significant amount present in the saliva to transmit the virus and only minimal amounts in cases where healthcare workers have been infected with the virus with only a splash of infected blood in their eyes or even from a needle stick with a small amount of blood?