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Avatar m tn i been french kissing a girl for awhile and today i frenched kissed her with a cold sores on the corner of my mouth. i havnt anything else with her. she just called me and told me she has hiv and had for awhile. can i get hiv from french kissing her with sores on my mouth?we was using tongues . she said that she been on meds but been off of them for about 3 months. does that make it easier for me to get? can you get any std from kissing her?
Avatar m tn htm Occupational exposure and HIV If precautions are not followed healthcare workers may be at risk of HIV infection as a result of their work. The main cause of infection in occupational settings is exposure to HIV-infected blood via a percutaneous injury (i.e. from needles, instruments, bites which break the skin, etc.). The average risk for HIV transmission after such exposure to infected blood is low - about 3 per 1,000 injuries.
Avatar n tn well i was just wondering becuase i have read that healthcare workers can get hiv from an accidental needle stick soo thats why i was wondering what is the difference between the two???
Avatar f tn Hi peeps, last october 2010 my bf and i went for a general checkup we both tested negative to hepb surface antigen and hiv.on febuary 2011 some social health workers with the permission of my organisation asked all workers to take hep b vaccine..i took a shot without pre test and i was given an appointment for a second shot after a month ..they didnt show up for the second shot until last 27th july 2010 . This time they took my blood sample and the result came positive to hbsag..
Avatar m tn (i think my fear is because i handled hiv infected blood without wearing gloves and that all healthcare workers should wear gloves, though i am not a healthcare worker, and also because of being near hiv polluted syringes and items and even people).
Avatar m tn Despite the fact that many healthcare workers get needlesticks, and are exposed to fluids from HIV-infected individuals, only a handful of healthcare workers have been infected from occupational exposure to HIV, in the 40-year history of HIV. Put this irrational phobia behind you, or seek professional help to overcome these persistent thoughts.
Avatar m tn If that is so, why does there have to be a significant amount present in the saliva to transmit the virus and only minimal amounts in cases where healthcare workers have been infected with the virus with only a splash of infected blood in their eyes or even from a needle stick with a small amount of blood?
Avatar f tn and I started freaking out that the healthcare workers who drew my blood for the test used a dirty needle on me! In either testing instance, I did not see the healthcare worker unwrap a clean needle.. I was looking away because seeing my blood get drawn makes me very uneasy and lightheaded. It was not until later that it occurred to me that these people could have been reusing needles!! I am so completely freaked out..
Avatar n tn First, it is illegal to refuse to treat an HIV positive patient because he or she is HIV positive. Second, it morally reprehensible to refuse to treat HIV positive patients because they are HIV positive. Third, it creates disharmony in my practice to have an employee making alarmist statements of doom and gloom when the actual risk of transmission in the healthcare setting is infinitesimally small.
Avatar n tn However, I read on the internet, from creditable websites that this is not the case. Health care workers exposed to HIV/HCV infected patients should get tested for both, and if they are found to have an HCV infection at 6 months, then additional testing out to 12 months is recommended. I am so confused, and worried. I had unprotected sex, and got HIV testing out to 6 months (all negative), but now I worry about having HCV and I don't know where or when to get to a test!
Avatar n tn Teak, there's actually 900,000 exposures a YEAR to HIV in the healthcare field? and only 150 people ever infected or 150 per year?
Avatar n tn Yes, definitely don't wait a year to test. Earlier this disease is detected easier it is to treat. Test early. I hope you are not infected, but you need to be sure.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm a healthcare worker and I have anxiety related to HIV since quite some time, as I was working in the hospital I felt that I stepped on something, and it happened to be a needle without a syringe. I was wearing shoes and did not feel any prick and and the needle was bent. How likely is it that I'd be infected in case I had a prick on my sole?
Avatar m tn "Some healthcare workers have become infected after being stuck with needles containing HIV-infected blood or, less frequently, when infected blood comes in contact with a worker's open cut or is splashed into a worker's eyes or inside their nose. There has been only one instance of patients being infected by an HIV-infected dentist" Directly from
Avatar f tn I keep wondering if the needle may have punctured through the glove and slightly went into my skin without causing a prick or blood. All other healthcare workers I told this to, said I should not worry. But, as I am married and breastfeeding my son, I am still worried. Please, someone help ease my anxiety. This happened about four weeks ago and of course I am sick now too. I have a headache, nasal congestion, and what feels like a sinus headache. No fever though.
Avatar m tn which type of Human bite needs hiv testing? OR when a transmission occurs by human bite? Ann told in "not one ever been infected by biting". But the link says there were 4 cases of hiv transmission by human bite. Further the site tells that "A follow-up of thirty healthcare workers who cared for a patient with AIDS who bit them showed no cases of seroconversion".
Avatar m tn So how are healthcare workers and needle sharing putting u at risk?
Avatar f tn If in the worst case the same needle has been used before in a person with HIV what is the possibility of infection considering that it is 1 month and I have not had any symptoms? Would you recommend tests for this situation?
Avatar m tn The laws here require that sex workers are checked every 3 months. I have previously tested negative for HIV. I went to get tested as a precaution. I read all of these forums and didn't feel particularly concerned, but just wanted to make sure. So the nurse from the sexual health centre rings today. Everything clear except HIV inconclusive. Based on these fora this was the last thing I expected. I didn't even inquire as to the sort of test it was.
Avatar m tn Hiv is only transmitted through unprotected penetrative vaginal or anal sex,sharing IV drug works,mother to baby and healthcare workers in healthcare settings and that's it.As you can clearly see you never had a risk and no HIV testing is required and please in future watch your language,there was no need to include the F word.
Avatar m tn Regarding the story with the healthcare workers who got tested positive after 12 months, was this an isolated incidence? I did get tested for HBV, HCV at 7 weeks post exposure, but maybe this was too soon. And recently, the unexplained symtoms I have been experiencing (lower right abdominal pain, muscle aches) worry me a bit. Regarding my HIV status (regardless of HEP B/C) can I accept my negative tests. Please get back to me on this.