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Avatar f tn The Obama Care Affordable Care Act (ACA) laws has limited the ability of health insurance companies ability to drop coverage when people need services.. Before Obama Care certain insurance companies were notorious from dropping coverage for woman when they were diagnosed with breast cancer, for example. Because of such past abuse by healthcare insurance companies, certain protections were written into the healthcare reform laws governing healthcare insurance coverage.
Avatar n tn Since I am uninsured, what should I do if the test results are positive? I understand that early and aggressive medical action is necessary, but I have no insurance. Are there government plans specifically for HIV? Or do I take the test anonymously, then go get insurance, and test again in a few months. I know that sounds like... err, fraud, but what should one in my situation do?
Avatar m tn hi, there, i have no insurance now, want to know if i need the regular test and taking madicine what i need to do? my company offers health insurance, how could i know if it covers the treatment of anti-hiv medicine? or, could anyone tells me what policy you have? the second question is, if i'm tested positive and starting the treatment, will the clinic or the doctor report me to CDC and file me in government? thx!
Avatar m tn Another US porn actor has tested positive for HIV and just 4 weeks after he was exposed,his girlfriend who is also in the porn industry tested positive aswell.Maybe it's time they started using protection.
163305 tn?1333672171 A major one is that 45 million Americans lack health insurance, while Canada and many European countries have universal health care, they say. But "it's not as simple as saying we don't have national health insurance," said Sam Harper, an epidemiologist at McGill University in Montreal. "It's not that easy." Among the other factors: • Adults in the United States have one of the highest obesity rates in the world. Nearly a third of U.S.
Avatar n tn I work in the health care industry and can assure you that your medical records are very accessible to a wide range of people. To doctors, health insurance examiners, and yes, sometimes even employers. For everyone who gets their health insurance through their employer, don't forget when you signed up for that health plan; you had to sign a lot of papers and waivers. This is not true of every health plan but is more common today.
Avatar m tn Since i am unemployed and have only State subsidiized health care insurance I cannot undertake the HIV tests that can detect and yield a positive or negative HIV result within a few weeks of exposure. I lack the funds to take it yet I feel sick everyday and realize the high risk of infection i have subjected myself too. I have been abstinent since August of 2009.
Avatar m tn (3) My biggest fear is telling my wife about this for she will just fall apart, especially knowing I have had sex with a woman or man, that more fear than having HIV-positive, something I should have thought about first. Hope to hear back from you later.
1166402 tn?1303850656 PS I dont want to give you false hope about a perhaps false positive on an antibody test as it's highly unlikely but when it comes to insurance companies......and life insurance and things - make sure either way. Hoping for the best.
Avatar n tn Some people are antibody pos and virus neg, which is not a health problem but you will have trouble buying life insurance and cannot donate blood or organs, etc. Personally, I would want to know if i were antibody pos as well as virus pos so i would have the riba test and Pcr test done.
Avatar f tn MA plans had health and drug coverage. This is not supplemental insurance. Apparently they all work differently. Joining switching or dropping a Medicare advantage plan: -Before turning 65 (3 months before) -If the Medicare is due to disability you can change during the 3-months before the the 3 months after the 25th month of disability -between 11/15 - 12/31 each year (and new coverage will begin 01/01 of the next year Sounds like you may need to switch plans right now.
Avatar f tn and soon i will get my interview and the medical exam.. what i worry about is my health.. i am hepa b positive but i dont have any symptom.. i look like so healthy and active... just wonder if they will let me pass the medical exam and get my visa even im HBP?please let me know... thanks!
1043834 tn?1269046623 Today I was wondering about how knowledgeable people are about HIV, well It turns out most of the people I know are completely oblivious to the idea. So I went ahead and looked it up on Youtube, turns out there are some stupid people leaving comments on why noty to test yourself for HIV. I was completely infuriated. I mean if knowledge is power this individual was saying that an HIV test could ruin your life. This was that individuals comment: DON'T GET TESTED!
Avatar f tn The more anxiety I got the more weight I lost. I have no health insurance so decided to calm my anxiety by smoking marijuana which I believe is making it worse. I feel trapped and like every little thing I feel is directly related to HIV. I have anxiety 24/7 and have lost my last job because I got so anxious I couldn't leave my house. I recently got Medicaid and am trying to work up the nerve to go to the doctor but am terrified of the results. I don't know what to do anymore.
Avatar m tn Hello--Last night I had sex with another man I know to be HIV positive. I always use a condom and this has always been very successful. However, last night the condom I was wearing broke and I didn't realize it until I pulled out after ejaculation. This was a relatively short session, just a few minutes, however I do understand that transmission for the penetrating partner can occur via mucus membranes in the urethra?
Avatar f tn The most likely scenario is that you got a false positive. What was your risk for HIV? In this circumstance, the correct course of action (if you indeed had a risk at all) is to run a confirmatory test - a Western blot - to rule out infection.
Avatar m tn All the result came negative except for chlamydia test came positive the general health check up blood test showed no health problem at all even my blood is 15.5. My doctor told me not to be worried chlamydia is common disease can be treated. He suggested that I should have five shots and I don’t know what these shots calls and whats for?? But they look white powder shot I already had one shot four still to go and after I have to start antibiotics and to visit also A urologist for check up.
Avatar f tn My company followed up with getting the patient tested as well and his results did confirm he was HIV positive. When will be the best time for me to be retested? I am extremely freaked out and I know until I am able to be retested and know my results, my life will feel like it's on hold.
Avatar m tn The problem I'm having is that I'm on a limited budget and though I have health insurance it's a high-deductible which I'm far from meeting. I've found an infectious disease consultant eager to see me, but I believe that seeing her is like adding an expensive and unnecessary "middle-man" to the process. I called an Urgent Care to see if they could help, but they require a directive from a doctor. Isn't there some way I could just have U.
Avatar n tn A lesson for all, I have been dating this guy for six months I fell in love I asked if he was in good health and if there where any precautions we had to take before having sex he said no. To make a long story short we had unprotected oral sex and I definatly had his precum in my mouth with no ejaculation . The following week he confesses he is hiv+ and that he just couldnt tell me and has never told a soul, of course I freaked out and have been crazy ever since.
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Avatar f tn Hi, i just tested low positive at 2.19 for hsv2, i think, i was in shock when the dr told me. it was 2. something, anyhow, i have been tested religoously for the last 10 years and always rendered a negative result, i have been with my current partner for the last year, he claims to never have had any symptoms. I have never had any symptoms at all. have always tested negative and am not promiscuouis at all! I truely do not believe this test result, the dr.
Avatar f tn So on June 10th 2014 I had unprotected sex with someone who turned out to be positive. I won't have health insurance again for two more months so I didn't want to get tested and then have a problem getting insurance again. So all I have done were home rapid tests. I have had a number of skin issues since a few weeks after the possible exposure that still happen today. I have tested with Home access finger prick tests and Oraquick oral tests. Last oral tests being at 7.5 months.
Avatar n tn He took my blood, but since I didnt have insurance he was going to wait to send it in. Now today I have ringworm, and am paranoid as hell I have HIV. I just want to add I had sex in Cancun, Mexico, and I am hardly ever sick. I may have been sick twice in the last 4 years. I also was a smoker for 3 of the last 4 years, and I drink on occasion, and even used some cocaine in that time period.
Avatar f tn He was very unlikely to be HIV positive. 2. If he was HIV positive, your risk of acquisition of HIV would only be 1 in 1000 per episode. 3. You had an HIV test at 10 weeks when nearly 99% of tests that are going to be positive would have already become positive. Put all of these facts together and you can be sure, you do not have HIV. No need to worry. No further testing needed. Hope this is helpful.
Avatar m tn But after pulling out if it was ripped the fluid would fall out on the bed and on my legs. All these thought keep creeping in. Highly stressed. 1. Do I have risk of HIV and do I need testing. 2. A couple of days ago, I started itching in my foreskin and my glans were red and white skin on the penis head has been peeling off. Is it sign of yeast or sign of herpes/gonorreha/syphillis etc. I dont have any obvious blisters but I am very scared.
Avatar n tn In the meantime, can anyone tell me if these symptoms sound like any acute HIV infection they have ever heard of? How about any other std? My health insurance has a high deductible so all of the costs for this testing is coming straight out of my pocket. Any ideas that could help me eliminate possibilities and prioritize my next tests in an intelligent fashion would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn even that painful swab they jab up your penis. I have never tested positive for anything. I dated a women for a few months who was positive for HSV 2 but took Valtrex daily. After a month of sex, I was tested during my yearly physical and was negative. 6 weeks after our last sexual contact, I tested positive for HSV 2 w/ IGG of 1.5 and was told that anything over 1.1 menas you are infected. So, all this time I have assumed I have herpes. I even joined a herpes dating site.
Avatar n tn You describe a sexual lifestyle and exposures that place you at essentially zero risk for HIV. Most important, positive HIV ELISA with indeterminate Western blot usually does not indicate HIV infection. It is true that this pattern can occur during HIV seroconversion. I'm not an expert, however, whether a p31 band is particularly suggestive of a true positive WB.
443434 tn?1255894833 I don't have health insurance right now. These last 3 years have wiped me clean with insurance costs and the copays and the 80/20% payments...the doc bills mounted and I could no longer afford the policy on top of my portion of all these visits, lab work, tests. I hope you are feeling much better now.