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Avatar f tn I have read that HIV can produce heterophile antibodies that will trigger a false positive mono test and that ulcers are a sign of early HIV. I have also read you can get HIV from oral sex. My question is, are both of these things true and might I have HIV?
Avatar m tn As far as HIV is concerned, the sorts of bumps that you describe is not suggestive at all of HIV. Your risk of HIV from the exposure you describe is low. A standard HIV antibody test will detect about 90% of infections acquired 4 weeks earlier and would be strong evidence that you did not get HIV from the exposure you describe.
Avatar f tn Indeterminent does not mean positive or negative. He needs to have a confirmative test before he is diagnosed as HIV positive. With the information that you've provided he has never had a risk of contracting HIV. Sounds as though his symptoms are related to his HAV.
Avatar m tn I get that, and please God let it be true. Please please please. But, as I say, my diagnosis today has raised a doubt about the integrity of the condoms used, and possible unprotected vaginal exposure, which would alter things. Therefore, and I will politely ask again, but try and be more specific: 1) what is a uti caused by gram positive cocci? Is it the same thing as NRU? 2) if I have indeed contracted that is it most likely to be passed via oral or vaginal sex?
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I am a 37-year-old man, and 6,5 months ago I had a risky exposure (unprotected sexual contact) with a woman with unknown HIV status. 6,5 weeks after this exposure, I had several symptoms such as fever for a week, sore throat, one swollen lymph node under neck and severe muscle pain. At the time of my illness and also 3 months and 6 months after the contact I was tested negative for HIV with Ag+Ab testing.
Avatar m tn Neither of you have HIV...
Avatar n tn Unfortunately I've done a lot of reading and I've been told only an HIV test can accurately diagnos HIV ... However, my logic seems to add up .... I am at HIGH RISK ... my condom slid off while having vaginal intercourse with a girl i met at a club in china ...
Avatar m tn I was still nervous so I went and got a blood test and the results came back at 1.98 or positive for HSV1. I know that this does not tell me if I have an oral or genital infection.
Avatar m tn 32 and positive FTA) for syphilis. Negative for others, including IgG for HIV1/2 (I've also tested myself several times via OraQuick for HIV1/2... always negative). I went to the STD clinic right away and got treated aggressively... three weeks of 2.4M Bicillin (penicillin). Last treatment on June 26th (two weeks ago). Rash & ulcer cleared up quickly. The problem I have is that my ears are bugging me.
Avatar m tn your herpes testing was all done too early as was your hiv testing. this was a protected encounter so no reason for repeat hiv testing. the risk of herpes from a one time protected encounter is also too low to bother with repeat testing for.
Avatar m tn Each of this on this Forum have seen a number of people who were worried needlessly because of false positive tests. For all of these reasons, we rarely recommend testing for HIV diagnosis using PCR." At present the type of HIV diagnostic tests which provides an accurate diagnosis most quickly are the so-called "DUO" tests which detect both HIV P24 antigen and HIV antibody.
Avatar m tn Your risk for HIV is relatively low and certainly lower than your risk for chlamydia which is both much more common than HIV and much easier to catch if exposed. HIV rates in Singapore, like elsewhere vary in terms of who your partners are but in general they are not excessively high. With regard to your question about the time it is taking to get your test results, in general chlamydia tests are done at different locations than HIV tests and on different schedules.
Avatar m tn This study compared the sensitivity of reverse transcriptase PCR (RT–PCR) versus antibody screening for the diagnosis of early HCV infection in HIV-positive patients and estimated the length of time from HCV infection to the development of anti-HCV antibodies. Design: Patients from the St Mary's Acute Hepatitis C Cohort (SMACC) were recruited retrospectively and prospectively between 2004 and 2008.
Avatar m tn A person who tests positive on a Viral Load cannot obtain a letter of HIV diagnosis based on those results. They must still test positive on an HIV antibody test in order to get the diagnosis. A letter of diagnosis is required to register with most AIDS Service Organizations and to qualify for many governmental assistance programs.
Avatar f tn Hi I have been having hsv2 of the genitals for about 4 months now , well I'm on my 2nd outbreak and I have some questions ,, thanks in advance you guys .. Right now I am having a really bad outbreak and my penis just touched a really dirty toilet bowl as I was using the restroom my co worker is hiv positive and I used the restroom right after he used it ., I'm scared right now ., am I at any risk ?
Avatar m tn s 11 weeks 3 days for the hcv/hiv antibody tests. She said the HIV is pretty close to conclusive using the 4th generation at 5 weeks 3 days.. Does this time frame make sense as some say 6 months. The doctor said if it was sharing a needle or needle stick it would be 6 months but sexual 3 months. Is it different window period or is it just because I don't do drugs so it shows up faster?Also what's about the average time antibodys as I think I fit that category.
Avatar n tn Marcis is correct the vertical transmission rate is very low 5% or less. This rate is higher if there is hiv co-infection. The baby will test positive for up to the first year because of mothers infection, but this does not been the baby is infected. The child can be tested after the first year of life. You can however find out if the baby is infected before the first year by testing RNA levels which is a RNA PCR test that can be done at 3 and 6 months to confirm results. Hope This Helps!
Avatar n tn My husband returned yesterday from going to give plasma with a notice from the clinic that his HIV screening had come back positive. How common is this? We are still pretty shocked and have plans to do further testing next week.
Avatar n tn t bother me as I knew at that I was not HIV positive and had no reason to believe to she was HIV positive considering she was newly divorced. I've known this lady for sometime and have no reason to believe she is promiscuous.