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Avatar f tn Diagnosing symptoms as ARS is after the fact. That mean after you test positive for HIV and then you can say the symptoms I had were ARS.
Avatar n tn i am happy for this answer, i have this fear since i had protected sex with hiv positive girl and while she was giving me oral sex i saw blood. that reliefed me, eventhough i am noticing so many things that put me confused and worried.
Avatar m tn I had my first test back, and it was HIV positive. the doctor now is looking to see how bad i have it (CD4). i will also go back to thailand where i assume i got HIV and will set up an appointment with a good hospital there to review. my question - how do i begin living with this disease? what forums are there? i want to chat with real people and not statistics provided by Doctors. i know there is still a stigma on HIV. tks.
Avatar f tn Firstly, HIV and Gonorrhea and HPV "Warts" are three totally separate STD's. Gonorrhea and warts (HPV) are much more common and easy to transmit than HIV. What makes you think that because you have contracted two, you will automatically contract the other? The chances are great that the person was NOT HIV POSITIVE. Even on the off chance, the person was HIV POSITIVE, they can pass one or two of the above without passing the other.
Avatar n tn How soon after a sexual encounter can one get an HIV test? I was tested three weeks afterwards and my results were negative. I heard that 90% of those who were infected would test positive at this point. I will get tested again but wanted to know how much confidence I can have in this result. I had protected oral sex three and a half weeks ago and am feeling muscle aches, diarrhea, headaches and slight fever.
Avatar m tn No doctor says that, because it isn't true.
10947 tn?1281404252 Questions about HIV will not be permitted during this chat. If you have a question about HIV prevention, please join Dr. Handsfield on April 7th for an HIV Prevention Live Chat. Register for this free health chat now: Note: This health chat was originally scheduled for March 31st, but has been rescheduled due to a conflict. Please be sure to update your calendars if you've already registered for this chat.
Avatar m tn This forum is not HIV specific. If you want to chat with someone about your concerns, please go to the HIV Anxiety Group, which you can find at the bottom of the main index page.
Avatar m tn m gay) I met him trough chat and I asked him if he was HIV neg and stds free and he said yes so we did oral sex,mutual masturbation and kissing nothing more. At the end I was on top of him and he cummed on my *** ( he never penetrated me) then I stayed on that position until I finished and the we went to the shower and cleaned my self.
Avatar m tn Thank you for reassuring words.
Avatar m tn teak, how about if you go to this web site and ask them why do the sell the hiv pcr dna test and they say its conclusive at 28 day, you can chat with them too www.stdalert.
Avatar m tn s confirmed positive with a western blot the you will test positive again at 9 weeks.The are other HIV tests that test for the virus itself like the RNA and the DUO which looks for p24 antigen + antibodies.
Avatar f tn First off, take comfort in the fact that the people at the clinic told you you have almost a ZERO chance of getting it even if the person was HIV positive. You also had protected sex, so the people on the HIV Prevention Forum have probably told you not to worry. I know it is easier said than done, especially when we are worried about our health! Keep us posted!
Avatar n tn Your exposure was not high risk at all,infact I doubt you have become infected.The HIV DNA by PCR is a viral load test to monitor people who already have HIV so that test was virtually useless.The RNA on the other hand would have been are more solid test and more reliable.If I was in your shoes I would take the HIV DUO test at 28 days because it's very accurate at that time frame.
Avatar f tn Has there ever been an incident on this forum where someone came back and said they were positive for HIV after being told they had no risk. I'm sure the posibility is there if someone isn't completely honest about their exposure or they posibly were already infected and didn't know it until they were tested for the exposure that had them worried here. I'm just wondering if it has ever happened to your knowledge? If so, did they describe experiencing ars?
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219862 tn?1211644271 I think MedHelp should have a Chat Forum, where you can chat with individules that share the same intrest as you
Avatar m tn Is there a chat room? I need to be able to "talk" when I can't sleep. Somehow the loneliness in the wee hrs of the night is very troublesome. Would help to know that I'm not alone in my wakefullness.
1013194 tn?1296459481 gmail has a chat feature as well that I use often. You might try that as well.
Avatar m tn Does anyone happen to know of a support group chat room to join? The forum is helping a lot, but I would like to be able to chat with someone when I really need to. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn i wouldn't do it, i can already tell once you do it you're going to regret it get on this chat forum and ask what your risk was, if we think you have hiv. and get stressed out of your mind for weeks, it's not worth it find a nice girl instead.