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Avatar n tn Is it? Wow! and to think i have taken 6 of such combo test pass the 3 months period. And I am not living in an industrialised country. I take comfort in you statement regarding my HIV-free status. So,how do we accurate answers when they actually hire ill-informed people manning the hotlines?
Avatar m tn By this logic, we need to start believing every statement made by everyone that has ever posted here, which would mean that blowjobs are a risk for HIV, that people regulary test positive after six weeks etc. I think you guys do a great job on here, and I'm extremely grateful for your support, but this time, while I don't think inadepression has anything to worry about and is focussing on the wrong issue - outdated testing advice rather than anxiety - I can see the point he is trying to make.
Avatar n tn How soon after a sexual encounter can one get an HIV test? I was tested three weeks afterwards and my results were negative. I heard that 90% of those who were infected would test positive at this point. I will get tested again but wanted to know how much confidence I can have in this result. I had protected oral sex three and a half weeks ago and am feeling muscle aches, diarrhea, headaches and slight fever.
Avatar f tn Firstly, HIV and Gonorrhea and HPV "Warts" are three totally separate STD's. Gonorrhea and warts (HPV) are much more common and easy to transmit than HIV. What makes you think that because you have contracted two, you will automatically contract the other? The chances are great that the person was NOT HIV POSITIVE. Even on the off chance, the person was HIV POSITIVE, they can pass one or two of the above without passing the other.
Avatar m tn teak, how about if you go to this web site and ask them why do the sell the hiv pcr dna test and they say its conclusive at 28 day, you can chat with them too www.stdalert.
Avatar f tn I tested at 1,2,3,6,8 months (3rd gen rapid test) all negative I also had 2 vdrl (syphilis) test done at 3 and 8 months also negative but I tested positive for genital herpes questions: would antibiotics and herpes pills affect my results do I need further testing Please I'm still experiencing many discomforts
9013586 tn?1402518913 Hi, everyone , Im new to this, i have had multiple sclerosis since the age of 15, and doing ok ish . I have been feeling down,in the last few years, because i now have hiv. I feel all alone..
Avatar m tn I had my first test back, and it was HIV positive. the doctor now is looking to see how bad i have it (CD4). i will also go back to thailand where i assume i got HIV and will set up an appointment with a good hospital there to review. my question - how do i begin living with this disease? what forums are there? i want to chat with real people and not statistics provided by Doctors. i know there is still a stigma on HIV. tks.
Avatar m tn No doctor says that, because it isn't true.
Avatar n tn I just had an antibody test done last week at 21 weeks= Neg. I am convinced I have HIV because I have had thrush since about 2 weeks, along with other crazy symptoms such as numbness in legs, a strange skin rash, night sweats, fatigue, insomnia and a general ill feeling. after the incident and I have no other reason to have thrush. I took Nystatin for 2 weeks but the thrush did not go away, when I wake up and my tongue is white and patchy. I was immunosuppresed at time of exposure.
Avatar f tn condom protected sex = safe sex hiv is not transmitted through oral sex
Avatar n tn He's a top. I've read and discussed with said councilor and am under the impression that I, as an HIV positive person, can perform oral sex on your penis without a cause for alarm so long as a) I haven't brushed my teeth in the past hour or so b) don't have any other rips or cuts in my mouth that would expose your penis to blood c) am not infected by a gum disease that would also cause bleeding You should not, however, perform oral sex on him without a condom. Basically...
Avatar m tn Dear All, 1. I have just been tested HCV positive - genotype 3. Viral load 4.5 million. Is there anyway to tell if this is a new infection? 2. I had sex with an indian csw 2 months back? I had used double condoms(I now know, double condoms is a bad choice) Could I have acquired this from her? 3. I had an ultrasound done. Showed it to a hepatologist. He said liver was normal and there was no damage. 4. I had my cd4 count dome one momth and 2 months after the incident with the sex worker.
Avatar f tn What troubles me most about my test results is that I was RIBA negative last year with 3 positive ellisas and now I am positive on the RIBA CC2 band. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I can't imagine after all of this ending up with a positive result on that test that might be a false positive. I entered into chat with a representative from STD Alert and she stated that false positives are more frequent with the DNA test because of its sensitivity. She also added that any false positives are confirmed with a Western Blot test. Can you wheigh in on any of this at hope to clarify and maybe put my mind to rest (if within reason).
Avatar m tn ITS THE GUILT EATING AT YOU, NOT HIV. I know!!!!!!!!! email me if you want to chat or talk over the phone. here is my email.. e_rok***@**** good luck..
Avatar f tn First off, take comfort in the fact that the people at the clinic told you you have almost a ZERO chance of getting it even if the person was HIV positive. You also had protected sex, so the people on the HIV Prevention Forum have probably told you not to worry. I know it is easier said than done, especially when we are worried about our health! Keep us posted!
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Almost certainly your current illness is not HIV, and probably just a coincidence with your new sexual encounter. Just consider the odds: in the US, many people (tens of thousands, maybe) have new illnesses with ever every week; and every week there must also be tens of thousands of new sexual encounters. Obviously, both things are going to happen to a lot of people, simply by random chance.
Avatar n tn That is love, to be with a known HIV person, this is my fear in life. THat I will never be able to find true love.
Avatar m tn You were at low risk, had some sort of non-HIV viral illness, and can definitely move on with 100% certainty you didn't catch HIV.
Avatar m tn My story sounded like there was a sure possibility i couldhave got stabbed and maybe they gave me a used positive hiv needle at the prevention centre. but that sounds the dumbest. Ive just heard that hiv is a government made infection to get rid of "unwanted" people. People who are in the wrong direction in life. How was HIV created, has technology allowed us to figure out the real way it happened yet?
Avatar n tn (there are no injection cases here cause no drugs are present so it is purely based on sex) 50 million people in Korea (Average people getting HIV in a day is 2 people) 300,000 people a day visit sex palours 500,000 sex workers work in Korea (room salons, brothels and so on) appox 30,000 people have HIV in Korea 1/8 of that proportion is women being generous lets say 6,000 Sex workers have HIV (OVERLY generous cause most of the women are wives of the men that have it) Ok so 6,000/500,000 = 1%
Avatar n tn She had something to tell me. It came as bombshell for she proceeded to inform me that she was HIV positive and had been for the last years. I was slightly dazed but had to show her my support. Being informed about HIV I decided it would not affect the way I feel about her so long as the right precautions are taken. We met again two days later and we kissed again. I am afraid to say that we also had intercourse with condoms and everything.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctors! I had a contact with HIV-positive guy (his status is known to me) in the first week of may this year. It was oral sex that he was getting from me that time, he ejaculated but the condoms did not break any of three or four ejaculations. At the same day there was another episode of oral sex without a condom and with no ejaculation, it lasted for about just two minutes or so...
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Avatar n tn 37AM My understanding is that 3 weeks after exposure, at least 90-95% of people with new HIV infections would have a positive result on at least one of the 2 components of the Duo test (P24 antigenCea Histocompatibility antigen test Hla-b27 antigen Psa or antibody by ELISAElisa Elisa/western blot tests for hiv Lyme disease antibody). But that doesn't mean there is a 5-10% chance you have HIV.
Avatar f tn Hopefully he won't have to learn from a positive HIV test what I did. I feel so guilty and ashamed that I can't even look him in the eye any longer.
Avatar m tn Jesus, the HIV educator where I work has been HIV positive for almost 20 years, and routinely gives out completely wrong information. And having a disease certainly skews your perspective on prevalence, risks, treatment, etc. There's no way you could possibly be objective when it touches your life personally. Great comment.