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Avatar n tn There simply are no good data on rimming and HIV transmission. Since HIV is not believed to be shed in feces (at least not frequently or in large amounts) and oral exposure to infected secretions is low risk, rimming--either as rimmer or rimmee--is generally believed to be fairly low risk for HIV. But as I said, no data are available--and absence of firm data always results in wide variations in advice from various sources.
Avatar n tn The percentage of the results that will be negative when HIV not present. The PCR test is indeed highly sensitive. However, it is not as specific. This is why it is used primarily on patients who are KNOWN to be HIV+ by ELISA + Western-blot: there's no chance of a 'false-positive' in a PCR if the patient is known to be positive. PCR is not recommended for diagnostic use because of the rate of false positives and the undue stress it would put on patients.
Avatar n tn HHH who seems to be the main HIV expert says that any 1 risk for a man who has vaginal sex with a HIV positive female is 1 in 2000. I do not understand how you can call that high risk activity. I aint bashing anyone who said it was high risk activity either cause you all know more than me, but going by what Dr. HHH said, I dont get where this high risk comes from. Of course 1 in 2000 or not, its not a chance im willing to take. So I dont know really what to believe anymore.
Avatar m tn you can be on multiple antibiotics at one time. perfectly safe. consider a product like culturelle ( see their website ) to keep your normal protective flora in your bowels healthy while on them. you can find it at most walmarts and similar stores nowadays too. it's doubtful these are hsv1 going on on your throat. follow up on it sooner rather than later if they are painful.
Avatar n tn The unintended weight loss, fatigue, loss of appetite, and muscle wasting have followed progressively. I have tested negative for AIDS/HIV and viral Hepatitis panel three times ove the past two years. Two months ago, I tested positive for Chronic Active Epstein-Barr virus. My doctors haven't found a diagnosis and treatment. Two months ago, my medical research indicated I had all the symptoms of Tuberculosis except a cough.
29837 tn?1414538248 I've thought of Elizabeth Taylor and how much she did for people with AIDs, she's the first celebrity to get behind that cause and raise tons of money...maybe a celebrity who doesn't have it should do it, but then, of course, they'd hear from all the people who feel we should be represented by a celebrity who DOES have it...sometimes, you can't win for's tricky....
163305 tn?1333672171 I've mentioned this before and I had to take alot of flak for it, I'm not talking about this forum, I am talking about the outside world needing to unite. Everyone on this forum is really fair and positive, and it don't matter if you slammed thousands of times or if you never did, you will always find support on this forum. So how do we pull this off?
Avatar n tn Since becoming SVR I am feeling a bigger need to contribute to the HCV community, and to help push for greater knowledge in the medical community, which I did not have the time or mental energy to do before or during tx. I also wish that the 'celebrity' types that have been impacted by HCV had just a little more to contribute publicly than the Pamela Lee Andersons of the world.
1306348 tn?1314476883 it is a debilitating illness that wrecks lives and unless you are a celebrity it will be far from glamourous! I think you should try to talk to someone close, it might be your negative thoughts ( common with bipolar and depression) that are telling you people will think you are a pyscho.. if you have been displaying erratic mood shifts this will have been obvious with your behaviour and your friends and family will no doubt be very concerned!
Avatar m tn I just found out today I tested positive for HSV-II. I am devistated, especially since, after two years of separation, my husband and I are going to reconcile. I really am scared to tell him, because, I fear it will surely end our marraige, as I had sex with a young man recently. I used protection, but, the shaft of a man's penis can have sores all the way up, and you guessed it!, condoms don't cover it all. I have been in nothing but tears for 2 two days, because I knew I had it.
Avatar f tn Once more of us present with the virus without a suspected mode of transmission, you will have to take notice of it. HIV has received much attention, rightly so, meanwhile you have a silent public health threat sneaking in the back door. I think we have no idea how prevalent HCV is. Please do not ignore this disease because it is unpopular. Give the current and future sufferers of this disease some dignity and much needed help.
Avatar n tn 2) If you want to be tested for HSV-2, wait until 3 months after your last sex with your partner. If positive, though, you won't know whether you were infected recently or might have had it all along. But don't worry about it much in the meantime. Most likely you weren't infected. And be understanding with your partner. She probably knows that at her age (and probable long duration of infection) and while taking valtrex, the chance she would infect you was small.
Avatar f tn Again I have not seen enough data on SVR comparisons. Maybe you can just look at it as doing the standard 48wks with a potential positive factor added in.
Avatar m tn ago. And Ms. Judd does have a very positive spin on treatment and admits of a yr of interferon-yrs ago. Nothing new here. Treat is a 'street want to be punk' who is now a very evangelical preacher. He's been around since before Starbuck's, which shows how long I've been around. We all hung around @ Pike Street Market in Seattle. Naomi has a very inspiring show on Hallmark network on Sunday mornings. It is a 'conservative' Christian program that includes all faiths and true stories.
Avatar f tn There is one group where it is spread sexually much easier,it's gay men that are also HIV positive who practice unsfe sex.
233616 tn?1312790796 Absent this, a very different spiral is indeed possible. Because no one listened in time, there are now African countries with 70% HIV positive status. Let that sink in for a moment. Those countries were and are predominately heterosexual, and yet that virus has basically infected 3/4 of some countries. Here's one example of how retro virus's to not always "behave" nor are they spread only via the ways initiatially suspected.
Avatar n tn I understand (and am irritated with) the commonly held social standard that everyone who tests positive for any kind of hsv should disclose to any/all partners...all the time...period. This is irriating as a HIGH percentage of people have oral hsv-1, plenty of whom have no idea (including my exboyfriend who had never had a coldsore)...and there is never the expectation that someone who knows that have hsv-1 orally will disclose to partners prior to kissing.
30678 tn?1217992847 10 AST : 14 HCV AB, RIVA : indeterminate HAV AB, TOTAL W/(IGM) RFX HAV AB, TOTAL : NEGATIVE HB CORE AB, TOTAL : NEGATIVE HCV RNA, QN, REAL TIME PCR HCV RNA IU/ML <50 HCV RNA, QN, PCR <1.70 The doctor told me that aside from getting tested every three months for the next year to absolutely rule out current infection that I should put this behind me and go on with IVF treatment. Do my results indicate this to you mikesimon? I don't know what these mean in terms of anything.
408795 tn?1324939275 I don't ever mention the fact that I am HepC positive to anyone at work, and I don't think I ever will. Have any of you on this forum ever had to break your secret health issue, well secret to me? Also, since some people think that it's a drug addicts virus have you personally had to put up with any prejudice?
Avatar n tn I have been trying to found out how the treatment is going to effect me, have not heard anything positive. Has anyone had the treatment without getting really sick? RE: Naomi, I know she underwent 2 rounds of treatment, and I do believe that you have to have a positive outlook, and try to remain calm and stressfree, so I agree with that. Thanks for listending.
1647691 tn?1363727302 It is so confusing..... you get positive and then that was false positive.... I am so sorry. It is beyond me to understand it...I wish you God to be with you at this very difficult time. I am very worry about my 2nd try... my appointment to see my Dr is Sat. but they called me to move it to Monday because here in LA freeway is going to close for the weekends. I can wait to see my Dr and asked him why my ivf didn't work??? Good luck to all of you.... this thing is getting so complicated.
Avatar n tn i live in a little village in south west england, i'm like a celebrity in my village gp surgery, 'the only man to exisit under 50 with thyroid issues' :) i think men tend to grin and bear it (or moan thier poor wives ears off) and never get around to getting checked out.
Avatar n tn If you make these changes nature will take its course.... remember time heals all..... be patient..... be positive..... think about the end reward.... no more hanging your head in shame that you couldnt get it up and have sex with the girl that wanted you.... Everytime I have the temptation of watching porn, I think of the times where I couldnt perform in real life scenarios because of it ...... I HOPE THIS HELPS...