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Avatar f tn have you ever tried having sex?
Avatar f tn those damn celebrities set the tone for everything. I am so angry that people want to only adopt babies from otehr countries now because of madonna and brad/angelina. now my pregnancy hormones are jusy venting, sorry.
6918915 tn?1395932871 I hear about celebrities on tv. I like the celebrities that take their time loosing weight because feeding their newborn is more important, like the blonde girlfrom Cougar Town.
Avatar f tn diagnosed hiv+ after becoming pregnant and finding out fiance used iv drugs before we met and contracted it from him sexually. he then beat me -he died in 1995 but i was in 2 car accidents, fell on black ice and had bad slip and fall at part time job and i have been fighting to stay alive since 1989 hiv+ diagnosis and deal with chronic pain which my pain doctor has had me stable yet i was told in feb 2010 that she left.
5944308 tn?1396478749 LOL! I read that also! HECK YES I like reading about celebs and their problems! takes my mind off my own for a moment but also just goes to show you that ADDICTION doesn't discriminate! We are ALL the FACE of addiction!
285848 tn?1219092313 This is a list of baby names that celebrities have named their children. Some are just...WOW
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617347 tn?1331293081 Yeah, yeah, yeah.... These people.... Sheesh. Here they are telling us to demand more, and everyone of those celebrities are out there making all of the "shoot em up" movies that come their way. Why don't they step up and quit taking parts in violent movies... if that is indeed the problem? Why don't they? Millions and millions of dollars, that's why. If you really believe that these "shoot em up" movies are the problem, celebrities.... quit making them.
Avatar f tn The important thing is to keep positive and try not to focus on all the small or big things that could go wrong... it kinda scared me though as I just experienced a scary moment. I went to go to the bathroom and wiped and had blood with a tiny little clot? Now I know there can be normal bleeding as the egg settles/attaches and that there is more then usual blood flowing in and excess can and will be expelled, it is still nerve wracking though.
206807 tn?1331936184 It wasn't offensive but I don't care what he thinks. I don't care what most celebrities think - in fact I can't think of one whose opinion(s) I do care about. Kidd was pro gun and pro choice and pro same sex marriage and pro Obama and then pro Romney. I mean - so what, why would anyone care? I will admit he wasn't obnoxious but neither was he thought provoking or illuminating or cerebral.
5898681 tn?1392221010 I highly doubt that makeup can cause birth defects, have you seen how much makeup celebrities wear even when they are pregnant, if make up did that then celebrities would have babies with tons of defects. Same thing goes for hair dye. Don't worry,use makeup if you want.
206807 tn?1331936184 There are proberly more celebrities with this disease than you may think....just a tip of the ice berg of what we really know.
Avatar f tn Not sure what you're asking. Once a person is HIV+, they will always be positive. A positive person who has unprotected intercourse with ANYONE, pregnant or not...can infect that person. Having unprotected sex with a positive person is always a risk, but will not DEFINITELY result in that person getting infected. Does that help?
Avatar m tn sir i am worried if i tested positive then sir tell me hiv pcr test after 7 days of exposure is reliable and accurate sir i was not wearing condom and i was completely naked and nude but no sexual intercourse she gave me handjob and rub my penis with her hands tell me hiv risk she pution massage lotion also on my penis sir i rub my penis on her naked body but no penetration and no blowjob sir u think i am infected with hiv virus sir i tested for hiv pcr test rna after 7 days and came back posit
145992 tn?1341345074 Ok this is so off topic but what's with all of these pregnant celebrities? Is this just a new hollywood trend. Getting knocked up!!! I mean really, what's the deal. Continue to use this as an open forum. Happy Friday.
Avatar m tn How do I get my skin on my face to look like the celebrities?? Like that airbrushed flawless look?? I've tried different makeups nothing seems to get my face flawless like that....
Avatar f tn Many people assume that celebrities who have babies after 40 must have undergone expensive fertility treatment. That is simply not true. A woman's reproductive system does not know whether or not she is famous. Our bodies are just the same as those of non-celebrities. Some of us will conceive easily the natural way and others may need a little help. All the fame and money in the world will not have any influence on the outcome, whether natural or assisted.
Avatar f tn At a year, a false positive, you wouldn't get a false negative this late.
Avatar n tn I feel pretty versed in HIV, and have concluded that I had a false positive but I am still terrified. Anxiety is def. wrecking me - my dr said to retest in 3 months. 40 YO female- HSV2+ Exposures: 11.17 condom broke during a one night stand that I DEEPLY regret- he claims he is STD/ Drug free - I do not know anything about him. 11.30 protected vaginal sex-and oral with ejaculation in mouth- no sores or cuts in my mouth 12.6 protected sex and oral for quick second- no ejac.
Avatar n tn As I said during your last exchange with me, your exposure was no risk for HIV. The symptoms you describe are not suggestive of HIV. It appears that you are looking on the internet and trying to match your symptoms, which are most likely all due to anxiety, to symptoms of HIV infection. This is an error since there are no symptoms which are highly specific for HIV and as a result you can find reports of just about anything being associated with HIV.