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1391518 tn?1280003994 although your tongue pix may interest has nothing to do with hiv. hiv is transmitted through... unprotected vaginal / anal intercourse sharing iv drug works mother to child CLEARLY you can see that you have never exposed yourself and that your tongue issues are not hiv related.
Avatar n tn For most STD's you can do that in 2 weeks post exposure. For HIV, Syphilis 6 weeks (in my country to be conclusive 12 weeks) and for Hep-B 12 weeks.
Avatar m tn Last year in July had sex with a call girl and condom got ruptured. After a month I went for HIV tests which were negative. In september I saw a white spot on my penis glans. I visited a urologist and he said that it was balanitis. He asked me to apply clotrimazole and take fluconazole tableets orally. But it didn;t help and penis glans soon filled with rashed. I visited another doctor who said that it is Erythroplasia of Queyrat.
Avatar f tn You tested negative so if the test was past the 4 week window, then you do not have HIV. HIV doctors can't diagnose from symptoms so neither you nor I can either so it is time to stop trying to link your symptoms with a diagnosis of HIV. SInce you work in a clinic I hope you can get more info on HIV there, so you will accept your negative tests.
Avatar n tn I couldnt find pictures either. I would suggest not looking for any pictures becuase I will guarantee once you see a pic of the rash you will develop it because your mind can play tricks when stressed.
Avatar n tn [b]hello folks....i have these ugly blisters in my mouth as u can see in da pictures below...its not in just under my lips but around the cheeks inside, under the tounge and also deep down my throat...nd when i try to eat or swallow my sliva it hurts real bad..ive had these before too but they went away and now they came back after i had real bad fever...i went to my Doc. and she prescribed me some anti-biotic (Clotrimazole 10 MG) but its not helping ....i also got my blood test done...
Avatar m tn You don't have an HIV rash, you never had an exposure.
Avatar f tn does anyone know how the hiv rash looks like? is it a distinct type of rash where it is easily identified? do they look like hives?
Avatar m tn Drinking from the same water bottle and sharing a cigarette with someone who is HIV positive is not a risk. In an adult, the only way HIV can be spread is by unprotected anal or vaginal sex and by sharing IV drug needles with infected users. It doesn't sound like you did any of those 3 things so clearly you have no HIV concerns.
Avatar n tn I mean this could be anxiety but i just want to make sure. Does anyone know if this is what HIV rash looks like? I saw pictures of KS and it looks nothing like that, but do these sound like anyting i should be worried about? I am going to get tested this week to hopefully ease my mind, but I just want to assure myself that I am not positive before i go.
Avatar n tn They do not itch at all, Does this sound like it could be an HIV rash, can someone send me a link to some rash pictures, as google images seems to be all over the board.
Avatar n tn Could the zit on the penis or canker sore be the entry point for the HIV? Standard answer here is that oral is not an HIV risk, but why am I getting all the symptoms then?
Avatar n tn It got better after a week or two, but this weekend I got a terrible fever and sore throat with headache, and now my anterior cervical lymph nodes are enlarged. It's not a lump like on the most pictures, it doesn't hurt at all nor do I feel it under my fingers, but it's very visible, like my neck got real chubby over night. Seems like I've experienced all the ARS/HIV symptoms. The test is a week away. What are your thoughts? How worried should I be?
Avatar n tn Hi Dr, Last july i went to an strip club ( full Nude ), i took a lap dance, i touched her boobs and vagina ( did not finger her ), while leaving she kissed me in my lips, so coming out after about a minute i used my fingers to wipe the lipstick. I got scared if i contracted HIV. I kept thinking what if i had some blood on my fingers and rubbed it on to my lips and i had a canker sore inside my mouth that time.
Avatar f tn a box with blood on it? kissing someone with blood on their face? c'mon now... hiv is transmitted through... unprotected vaginal / anal intercourse sharing iv drug works mother to child neither "activity"...although far fetched...are a risk for acquiring hiv.
Avatar m tn You have to make a concerted effort to STOP filling your mind with thoughts about HIV. That would be like someone with an irrational fear of spiders looking at pictures and reading about them all day long. Not the greatest idea, right? Get yourself some help, and start by helping yourself. Shut off the computer and get engaged in life. Nothing is better for anxiety than distraction. You simply HAVE to get out of your own head a're your own worst enemy right now.
Avatar m tn I have since developed 2 more bumps around my pubic area all of which DO NOT go away on there own. I tried looking up pictures on the internet and they resemble mollosum contagious. I later saw my gp for the diarrhea that I have been experiencing for some time and had a colonoscopy done to see if it was colitis, which it was not. The Dr.
Avatar m tn Dear Sir/Madam Approximately 3 weeks i had a possible exposure to hiv (assuming lady was hiv positive) with a sex worker in Abu Dhabi. Sexual intercourse had just commence a couple of minutes when i noticed the condom had broken/split, conservatively i estimate my exposure to be between 2 and 4 minutes long.
Avatar n tn But one thing I could never really find out is what a common rash from HIV looks like. Does anyone know?
Avatar n tn Hiv rash is known to onlyu come for 2 to a few days and with other symptoms. It doesn't itch. No point looking for pictures of hiv rash as you will just see photos of every other rash and think you have hiv rash. I too had a rash in the correct window period, also as you explained a kind of heat rash coming and going. Can be a number of things like allergic reaction to medication, bacteria infection of even stress/anxiety worries.
Avatar f tn assuming you are in the US or other industrialized country, the chance you caught HIV is almost zero. And your rash doesn't sound at all like HIV anyway. At age 18, and mature enough to be sexually active, it is time to start thinking and behaving like an adult. (I don't mean that as condescending or critical. It's just a fact.) You are wasting your time, energy, and now your money (your posting fee) by trying to figure out the cause of a rash by repeated posting online.
Avatar m tn Thank you for the message Joe 147- My main issue now is that I can not explain my partners new leg rash....I have seen pictures and it does resemble HIV rash. Again I had an ELISA at 4 weeks when I had all those symptoms myself- continue with some muscle fatigue. Although it might be stress induced- my partner and family has become my main concern now.
Avatar f tn I have very bad anxiety as you can see on my username, so baiscally I had a night out and I got very drunk but not a blackout just faded memories but when I seen pictures my memory was jogged as I had anxiety it was triggered by this event I thought to myself what if I had sex and I don't remember?
Avatar f tn Do you know HIV is contracted? Here is a little bit of information for you regarding HIV. If you were to take a needle with HIV tainted blood in it and stick yourself with it, you would have less than 1% chance of becoming HIV positive. In order to get HIV from sex, you would have to have sex with an HIV positive person and that virus would have to get deep into the tissue to cause infection. You worried about Herpes before.
Avatar n tn He also did a complete gyno check, and said everything looked fine. All my Paps over the last 4 years have been normal. Am I at risk for HIV? Are my most recent symptoms due to severe stress and anxiety? My boyfriend is also under a lot of stress with work related issues. I know I need to go get tested, I was just wondering if I could have your opinion in the meantime. Thank you so much for your time. I really look forward to hearing your opinion.
Avatar n tn test will tell if I got infected, so I go for it and I hope every thing will be fine ( the doctor told me I will get the result while I‘m in the clinic ( 1 hour only)) , as far as the symptoms I think I should looking in the internet about the symptoms because as soon as I read about HIV and look at on of the pictures I feel I have all of those symptoms, thanks once again for your help
Avatar f tn The answer to the first question is that less than 1% of the US population has HIV so the likelihood that the person before you had HIV was less than 1 in 100, or, if you believe that persons with piercings are more likely to have HIV, maybe twice as high- 1 out 50 chance. Then, what is the likelihood of transmission through (worst case) improperly cleaned shared needle - estimates are the probability of infection would be about 1 in 100. Any cleaning, etc would reduce these odds.