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Avatar n tn How soon after exposure can HIV be detected?
Avatar m tn Two days later he calls and says he tested positive for HIV. Feeling in shock i had to run and started the POst Exposure Prophylaxis that lasts 30 days. I need two more weeks til I finish it. I understand the PEP isnt 100% effective. Does anyone well educated in HIV know what are the chances of me becoming infected? I am desperate.
Avatar m tn I am a doctor,once i was exposured during work, i have pep for 1 month, how long should i test to ensure i do not have hiv?
Avatar m tn Doc, I have a few final questions so please bear with me. I am at 20 days post PEP and took theLab Corp -HIV-1 DNA by PCR With HIV Antibodies by ICMA Test and the results were as follows: Test Value Range Result Test HIV-1 Antibody <1.00 <1.
Avatar n tn This is a low risk event that does not warrant HIV testing, let alone PEP. People at high risk for HIV (which to a greater or lesser extent includes most gay men) should not get tested after any individual exposures, unless particularly high risk. Uprotected anal sex with a known positive partner would be an example. Without that sort of exposure, the best approach is to just have a routine HIV test from time to time -- every 2-3 months if very high risk (e.g.
Avatar m tn How effective is PEP at preventing HIV when used correctly and taken within 12 hours?
Avatar m tn while doing a neck dissection on an HIV + patient , who has been on ARV for 18 months , i received a diathermy burn- +- 2mm diameter - looked very superficial- i did not bleed at alll and i did take the PEP. i currently on day 5 of the PEP but cannot manage the side-effects.
Avatar m tn I would like to know if a person who has been on PeP for 20 days can ntact HIV if Exposed during the month of PEP?
Avatar f tn I'm wondering why your doctor gave you PEP. handjob doesn't transmit HIV. If he has cuts, you should have knew it. Small cuts don't transmit HIV, it must be a WOUND that requires medical attention.
Avatar m tn After a burst condon with a woman (sex worker), i was put in Pep by my Doctor. I take biovir and tenofovir for 28 days. After that i done a Combo Architect Abbot laboratory based test at 30, 60, 90 and 120 days after exposure I would like to know your opinion about the acuracy of my test, done at the time i did. I have diahhea and developed ringworms in my skin, im very scared!
Avatar f tn Hi sadden12, No, a handjob is not a risk for hiv, and pep is not necessary for such an activity. It is safe, and you would not get hiv from that activity you described. Zero risk.
Avatar n tn 1. No PEP warranted whatsoever 2. No risk involved. 3. Throat discomfort - Not HIV related.
Avatar n tn I took PEP in Italy after a condom broke with someone who was strongly later suspected of being HIV positive. I took PEP for 22 days. They performed DNA and RNA antigen and antibody testing and said I was ok as the virus was not detectable after 72 hours. After a week I had a full range of testing and my doctor in the states who said that would not be long enough to supress my viral load. Is this true? Also could the PEP have caused a rash and diarrhea during these days?
Avatar m tn You do not know if your partner had HIV or not and oral sex, even when your partner ejaculates on your face and some of the ejacuate may get into your eye, is not likely to result in HIV transmission, even if your partner did have HIV. PEP needs to be started no more than 72 hours after an exposure, is expensive, and has rather frequent side effects. When people take PEP, less than half of them take the medicine for entire 30 days that it is recommended to take PEP.
Avatar f tn PEP is only ever prescribed when a person is known to be at high risk. A high risk would be classified as unprotected anal and/or vaginal sex with somebody who is known to be HIV positive. I personally do not see this criteria for filled for your circumstances but this is something that should be discussed with your doctor.
Avatar m tn Anyway, I started to feel cold (even on a warm day) within a few hours after the exposure and decided to get PEP at the 25 hour mark which was Monday night. The doctor said it was a low to moderate exposure (moderate because of the population group) and left the decision to me. I decided to take it The very night after I took the PEP I had night sweats and within 24 hours on Tuesday my lymph nodes in my neck became swollen and sore.
Avatar n tn When I got back to the states I was still in the 72 hour window period and was able to get a courtesy one day PEP med(s) but am to have a formal consultation later today for the full month prescription. I have received conflicting info on PEP and whether it is truly warranted given my exposure. Given the locale, the nature of the exposure etc, any thoughts on whether PEP really is warranted in my situation?
Avatar f tn Dear doctor I had a live sexual intercourse with my girl friend and I started taking PEP but only took one tablet for one day and stopped after realizing that she was negative because we tested together with her twice , but I wanted to carry out a test following that exposure, so after how long can I test putting the fact that I just took PEP for one day and stopped This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV---Prevention/Less-than-3-Seconds-Receptive-Anal-PEP-Truvada/show/20855
Avatar m tn Took pep 12 hours after possible exposure ( penis to vagina ), and i'm circumsized, how effective is pep or te be more specific, aspen lamzid, when taken properly for the whole course? I've read some info but not much is recent.
Avatar m tn I had protected sex with this lady but the rubber burst just as i was about to come. The thing here is that she sent me an sms after 2 days telling me she just went for an HIV test n tested positive. Luckily i was well aware of this PEP(Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) thing. Therefore i consulted my Dr before the period of 72hours was over, actually i started taking the treatment 56 hours after the incident. I'm just afeard This might not work with me.
Avatar m tn Some Dr's are less educated about PEP, the use and side effects, some in coutires with high HIV rates give it out of caution. PEP was designed and tested to the fullest extent. Now there is no way to know if it is successful on people who take it because there is no guarantee that someone would be infected but from years of testing and research in lab setting it has shown to be effective.
Avatar f tn you had unprotected sex with a positive male. i would definitely take prophylaxis, now.
Avatar m tn That is actually my first question, the treatment am taking is translated to profilactic Anti retroviral pills, I believe that is the same as PEP, is that correct? Also, I the finished the nPEP treatment (30 days), did not use any drugs, no cigarrets, no alcohol, particulary no cocaine, which I use recreationally, no marihuana either. I finished treatment on Sunday, went out for some beers monday, more than 24 hours after I took the last pill.
Avatar m tn That said the doctor agreed to prescribe me PEP if I was excessively worried.I am debating whether I should take the PEP before the 72 hour window ends. I realize the risk level is low but the stakes are so high. Do you think it is worth taking PEP despite the side effects? Please advise, I am very nervous.
Avatar f tn Even if your partner had HIV an the exposure was unprotected, your risk for infection is less than 1%. PEP reduces that further. Also, PEP should be started within 72 hours of exposure, at most.
Avatar n tn I am a 35 year old gay alcoholic male, (HIV Negative). I had a relapse and I had a "black out" ( a period of time that I do not remember ). The man that I was with looked gaunt, he did not ejaculate inside of me. I do know this. However, I believe that he did insert his penis into my rectum for a short time. I know that Pre-ejaculate can carry the HIV virus, thus putting myself at risk. I told this man, about my fears once I awoke in the AM.
Avatar m tn Do you think there is a high likelihood of transmission in this scenario? Also, how effective is PEP in situations like this. I am having a tough time sorting through the information on the internet.
Avatar m tn My questions- 1) Are these symptoms due to HIV or is it due to side effects of PEP? Its more than a month now, since I discontinued PEP and I cant believe that the muscle ache, joint pain and fatigue could be due to PEP. I have read PEP sometimes causes myopathy. Is it myopathy? 2) Is the PCR test 20 day post PEP accurate? If its not, would a 31 day PCR test post PEP be accurate? Somebody please reply. I am totally stressed out.