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Avatar m tn Dec 29, 2010 11:29AM “...Therefore my logic is to do a PCR RNA** test at 7 days after completing PEP followed by a 4th generation combined HIV 1 and 2 antibody test and p24 antigen at 14 days after completion and then to stick to the guidelines which say to test 4 months after completing PEP.“ Jan 09, 2011 09:42AM "...
Avatar m tn Next day i took her for hiv antibody test and it was negative. I also tested negative for HIV. then i started taking PEP on doctor's advice from that day. i got HIV-1 rna pcr qualitative test done on 11th day after exposure and it was negative. then I got HIV-1 RNA PCR quantitative blood test done on 13th day after exposure and it was also negative. in fact as per the lab, test could detect even less than 20 copies/ml and as per my report, no HIV-1 RNA virus was detected in my blood.
Avatar f tn I had a risky exposure 110 days before, then my dr prescribed me pep, i took pep for 28 days, after then i have tested many times with 4th genration test and 3rd genration as well Bt basically i want to explain some test 1- Hiv ag/ab test cmia method lab test after46 days after completing pep- and 76 days post exposure 2- i tested hiv 1/2 antibody test eclia method lab test 80 days post pep and 110 day post exposure 3- i tested 4th genration test cmia method 82 days post pep/ 112 day post exposu
Avatar f tn now where this 13 week post PEP hiv test conclusive theory has come up .already I have tested post PEP 12 week hiv test NEGATIVE . Also I am taking 3-4 mg xanax ( alprozolam) per day .Will it affect my hiv test antibody results.people say that class 4 drugs can delay hiv antibody tests but I assume people who are currently taking them.I used to take anabolic steroids 2 years back and quit them for good. 24 months must be a good time to get them out of the system. Am I right ??
Avatar n tn On July 31st I had unprotected woman born with hiv 4 or 5 times. 4 days later she confessed she had hiv and I went to the hospital to get pep. We had unprotected vaginal sex. I stopped taking pep on September 9th. I got tested on September 11th and was negative. Should I still be worried and stress? I haven't slept much since this happened.
Avatar m tn Welcome back to the forum. We can disregard the oral sex. Even if your partner had HIV, there is virtually no chance of transmission from an oral to penile partner. With anal sex, of course the risk is higher -- one estimate is that if the anal partner has HIV, the penile partner has one chance in about 500 of being infected. Perhaps the risk would be lower with the brief exposure you describe, but that really isn't known; it might not make much difference.
Avatar m tn It is now 2 weeks after my HIV exposure and PEP treatment. I am doing fine with the PEP with only very slight feeling of nausea and feeling a bit cold at times but nothing really serious or stopping me from getting on with my daily activities. In terms of any possible HIV symptoms, I have noticed about 5 tiny rashes from looking hard around my body but I am not concerned about them as I wouldn't have noticed them if I wasn't looking.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a person from China. Two days ago, I injected Human Rabies Immunoglobulin in a hospital of China. Because China had a terrible history on blood transfusion (a large infect of hiv byblood transfusion in Henan Province in 1995) and blood products( blood coagulation factor VII infected hiv to homophilia people in 1999). I was very afraid of the injection of Human Rabies Immunoglobulin. I know if people had blood with hiv, the rate of infection more than 90%.
Avatar f tn did. herpes more likely pathway to hiv and west african partner was reason for pep and her hiv test results came just later. Christmas- so doctors gone for few days. so i stop pep from today?
Avatar m tn hi freinds , after insertive anal exposure with a transgender i have taken pep at 96 hours. I have taken lots of testing after PEP and during PEP my last is duo test at 75 day after PEP today is my 77 day can some body tell me how reliable my test and how much time it is conclusive if i take at 80 day after PEP it is conclusive?????
Avatar f tn As for PEP possibly suppressing the symptoms of HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS) symptoms, this would be unlikely. If PEP was not successful in preventing HIV infection (PEP failure), the ARS symptoms would manifest themselves unabated. If PEP was successful, HIV infection would be aborted and there would be no ARS.
Avatar f tn I had sexual behaviors with a man who have hiv ,and without candom.I had hiv PEP medcine in about 73 hours ,and I tested hiv DNA in 20 days(at that time my medicine did not be taken all,I tested the date is after my sexual behaviors),and I tested ag/ab in 28 days after sex.
Avatar f tn so is 4 months post PEP hiv test conclusive ??
Avatar n tn Sorry, but where does it say I have to wait 3 months for any other test? The CDC says the window period for second generation test is 42 days. I tested negative at 60 days after PEP. The CDC doesn't mention testing after PEP, so what's the chance I still have HIV?
Avatar f tn after 4 weeks from exposure for hiv rna test for hiv 1 and 2. Also done on same day hiv duo combo test. All came back negative. This was done on the 30th day after exposure. I read somewhere that hiv test must be done after 1 month from completion of pep. Are these done test conclusive or i hav to do it again after 1 month from ending of pep medication date? Plz reply in detail.
Avatar f tn You are safe from HIV so should stop worrying and are safe. Why did the doctor give PEP to you? HIV is instantly inactivated in air and also instantly in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from oral, or any sexual activity outside the vagina or anus. It doesn't matter if you and they were bleeding at the time either because the HIV is effectively dead.
Avatar m tn weather there is a chance for Hep B to be affected by 1-month of HIV PEP. They all said that it is very unlikely that this short course of PEP will affect Hep B. What happens in some of the Hep B positive individuals is that after stopping HIV PEP, there comes to Hep B flare (ALT/AST gets very high) but this flare usually comes and goes.
Avatar n tn for peace of mind, it would be a good choice to take the PEP and follow up with hiv testing.
Avatar m tn He informed me that he could not get the partner tested for HIV, so he continued to take the PEP.
Avatar m tn I had a Hiv test a few days ago. It came out negative. The test is Hiv AG/Ab. What does that mean? I finished my PEP course and had that test 13 days Post pep (43 days after exposures). And my question is how reliable is that test? Can PEP affect Ag/Ab test at 43 after exposure and 13 days after last dose of PEP? Recently I had a lots of symptoms like HIV such as swollen lymph nodes all over my body, sore throat, weight lost, joint aches. Did I get HIV ?? Please help.
Avatar m tn Hi, Sorry If this question looked as repeated one. I had an insertive oral sex with one of my friend. I ejaculated inside her mouth. Though she claimed to be HIV negative, I started PEP course as per doctor's advice. I started PEP between 67-70th hour from intercourse. I completed PEP course of 30 days and then did HIV test HIV 1+O/2 Antibodies & HIV 1 p24 Antigen, serum (CMIA) which was negative.