Hiv negative what does it mean

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Avatar n tn Negative...conclusive. You don't have HIV.
Avatar m tn Hy Guys Sorry, some say 12 weeks, some say 3 month. But 3 month are 90 days, 12 weeks are 84! I've tested after 87 days after passive oral sex. But I didn't know the girl, it was at holiday, and there are some people in this world, who wants infect people by injuring themselves. Sounds mad, but that's fact! Thx for your answer!
Avatar m tn 1. does it mean that a positive person would come out negative on an antibody test? I am a bit confused.
Avatar f tn Were you sexually active and had unprotected intercourse? When was the last time if so? The nipple discharge is hormonal and unrelated to pregnancy (not a pregnancy symptom but more a symptom of hormones out of whack). Being late or having an irregular period could also be a symptom of having out of sort hormones. Not too uncommon even if it has never happened to you. So, when was the last time you had sex? We'll start there.
Avatar m tn Hi,, i went in to get tested today and asked for hsv1 and 2 igg test,, and the doctor recommended i do the igm (which i know is meaningless) but i also heard him say titers,, what does that mean,, can any one educate me,, is this a valid test
Avatar m tn I had a full panel of tests done, results came back negative but I am nervous because on the list it shows a negative and a positive why isn't it one or the other? I've never had any concerns or health problems. Just decided to take a test to make sure. Here are the results in question.. HSV 1 and 2-Specific Ab, IgG HSV 1 IgG, Type Spec <0.91 0.00-0.90 index LA Negative 1.09 . HSV 2 IgG, Type Spec <0.91 0.00-0.90 index LA Negative 1.09 .
Avatar m tn I am finding out who is responsible for what and reporting them all! They knew it was a problem and did nothing to fix it, I am not the only one who got stuck either. Thank you!
Avatar n tn P24 tests have a very short window period of 3-4 weeks post exposure and are not confirmative tests. How did you get a t-cell count with the tests you've provided? An indetermnate WB doesn't mean negative or positive. It just means it needs to be redone.
Avatar m tn What are you actually asking? Does negative have the same meaning as undetectable? Someone is HIV positive but has an undetectable viral load? Can't answer your question without knowing what you mean.