Hiv negative what does it mean

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Avatar m tn 1. does it mean that a positive person would come out negative on an antibody test? I am a bit confused.
Avatar m tn Okay, how many weeks do you mean are 3 moths? Why does hardly everybody tell something with 12 weeks??? This is a deadly sickness!
Avatar m tn Hi,, i went in to get tested today and asked for hsv1 and 2 igg test,, and the doctor recommended i do the igm (which i know is meaningless) but i also heard him say titers,, what does that mean,, can any one educate me,, is this a valid test
Avatar n tn Negative...conclusive. You don't have HIV.
Avatar f tn I broke out in shingles when I was 24 and tested for HIV/AIDS but the test was negative and have been tested a few times since then and still negative. I also shake constantly. I don't know if this information will be useful but I have had carpel tunnel and arthritis and TMJ so my bones and joints are in pretty bad shape too. I'm scared because if I feel this bad going on thirty, I don't want to know what fourty will feel like!
Avatar n tn I got myself tested for HIV and it was negative...Besides this, my ESR was also fine...I also didnt experience any symptoms of any Chamilidya, Gonnorhea or Syphilis...I ve heard that Gonnorhea always shows symptoms and in Chamilidya it gets shown in 50% though I am not sure about Syphilis...I also dont know which one of these have an effect on ESR....Do I need testing or I am not gonna die with what I told u??please give me some comments as I am confused...
Avatar n tn Presumably you mean an IgM test for herpes. Such tests are inherently unreliable and should not be done; the IgG tests are the proper ones for herpes diagnosis. But your result is negative. Flu symptoms without genital sores are unlikely to be caused by herpes. I'm not sure why you're asking me. What did your own provider say about all this? For more information, use the search link to look for 'genital herpes', 'herpes diagnosis', 'HerpeSelect test', and 'IgM'.
280418 tn?1306329510 What does it mean if you have a + ELISA and Western Blot? I'm waiting to get into see The Infectious Disease Dr. on 10/13. Just curious to know what to expect?
475555 tn?1469307939 HVL is HVL so in a way it doesnt matter what your true VL is. Well it does as it makes it a little difficult to work out whether you have a 2 log drop but other than that it doesnt matter.
Avatar n tn Since my Igm test came back positive does that mean that I now have HSV2? I have had no symptoms.....What does the index range represent and mean? Thank you so much.....Im really freaking out.
Avatar n tn what does this mean? 0.5 per 10,000 exposures... this is the chance of infecting male during poz female suck him!!! 0.5 mean half man :) or his legs only?? it is really drive me mad..gray talks..!! any inputs will b appreciated..
Avatar n tn Since my Igm test came back positive does that mean that I now have HSV2? What does the number range represent? Thank you so much.....Im really freaking out.
Avatar m tn Dear all, I'd like to know what does Rapid HIV1/2 test mean ? I did that and i got the negative result after 20 mints Thanks.
Avatar f tn You are super low risk! However I would test for all STDs and HIV anyway! I am sure you will be negative for HIV if you both tested neg and no one cheated or used needles.