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Avatar m tn even though the sides are probably working on your mind telling you it is not worthy, deep down you know it is. wait until you get that negative pcr to show that negative voice IT was wrong! I pray that you find the strength to go on. no one needs permission to cut in and vent on their sides.
Avatar m tn org *Conference coverage from the DDW Conference being held in New Orleans, LA Conference coverage for HCV, HIV/HCV Coinfection and Liver Transplantation: Conference coverage for HBV: *HCV Medical Writers' Circle--Attacking the Hepatitis C Virus with New Mechanisms of Action: Drugs in the Pipeline by Paul Pockros, MD html: http://www.hcvadvocate.
Avatar m tn I feel the same way, if I did not contract hiv, and hepb along with the hep c, the chances are very slim to contract it now that I am more aware. as you said hep a is another matter. I read that the push for hep b vaccine is to gauge if it will influence the rate of cancer in the future. why mandate it for babies and not health care workers is nuts. I chose to be a guinea pig for one thing only, hcv.
Avatar m tn <a href="">Serious ophthalmic pathology compromising vision in HCV/HIV co-infected patients treated with peginterferon alpha-2b and ribavirin</a> <a href="
Avatar n tn I am a heterosexual non drug using male. I had a blood prick HIV test come back negative at 5 and a half weeks, and two oraquick tests come back negative at 9 weeks and 12 weeks. I have IBD which is an auto immune disease. Everything I read says that a negative test at 12 weeks is conclusive, however I have also read things that say an auto immune disease can delay seroconversion, causing a false negative at 12 weeks. Can someone clear the air? Am I HIV negative?
Avatar n tn for those of us who are paralyzed by fears of hiv that have repetitively been deemed insignificant (in my case a fingering episode with blood with a sex worker), it is heartening to see so many people testing negative who are "sure" that they have the disease. are there stories on this forum on people who have actually had real ars and seroconverted to turn positive or is everyone being hysterical?
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Avatar m tn i had no pain no symptoms that would makes me feel worried, but still i got freaked out after ive heard some stories from ppl. so i did some blood work with an HIV test with LAPCORP thru my Familly Doctor on 3rd august 2012... 3 days later i got the result from my doctor who told me that my results are Negative writen as follow; 1< relative to the negative cutoff.... non reaction so its been about 13 weeks since my 1st relation and 11 weeks since my second relation.
Avatar m tn i had no pain no symptoms that would makes me feel worried, but still i got freaked out after ive heard some stories from ppl. so i did some blood work with an HIV test with LAPCORP thru my Familly Doctor on 3rd august 2012... 3 days later i got the result from my doctor who told me that my results are Negative writen as follow; 1< relative to the negative cutoff.... non reaction so its been about 13 weeks since my 1st relation and 11 weeks since my second relation.
Avatar n tn In early 2006 I had many sex partners, but always safe - or so I thought. I tested HIV negative in early march 2006. In april 2006 - I had very bad vomitting for several nights long. My throat was hurting like hell and I could barely drink, let alone eat. I became very dehydrated and lost about 10 lbs in a week. I was tested for and diagnosed with strep throat. After I got antibiotics, the illness went away. This was a very bad illness and I have never had anything like it before.
Avatar n tn you are HIV negative. You do not have HIV, you cannot have HIV. Your tests were accurate, and may be relied upon. Congratulations! Having been in this situation myself, I do understand that it can be hard to accept the test results and move on. All sorts of questions come welling up from that part of the brain that delights in torturing us. What if this, and what if that.
Avatar m tn I am an American man, about 14 months ago I gave an American woman (of unknown STI status) unprotected cunnilingus. I likely had bleeding gums at the time, but cannot remember for sure. Symptoms: Roughly 36 hours after the encounter, I came down with pretty rough cold/flu like symptoms (fever, sore throat, runny nose, etc.) This lasted about a week and a half and around that time I also developed a light, reddish, slightly itchy rash on my buttocks and upper legs.
Avatar m tn I did ask our medical director here, and to be honest it seems most MDs really arent sure when it comes to HIV. I wont bother you guys with numerous questions, but even though I have all the "classic symtpoms" is the chance I have HIV really zero? Would I have all these symtpoms starting less than a year after exposure or usually years later.
Avatar m tn i had a sex with condom and sudenly it remve and i use it again after 2 days i had infection in my urion i got tablet and antibytic from doctor and 1 week my test urion was good but in 7 weeks after that i had cold after 3,5 4, 4.
Avatar n tn Bloodbank has outdated information, but it doesn't matter for you because you said your last exposure was more than a year ago, right? And you recently had another negative test? Yes, you are HIV negative and I don't know why you are even here.
480448 tn?1426952138 I am very honored to be a regular contributor on the HIV Prevention Forum here at MH. The forum is very busy, and we often get the same inquiries over and over. I figured that putting together a journal entry covering the most popular topics, and just laying out the facts may be helpful. I also invite Lizzie Lou and Teak to share their thoughts, and to cover anything I may have missed.
Avatar m tn 3 and some lethargy symptoms I got terrified and got myself tested at 2, 3, 4, 6 week mark and all negative. My worry is that can a HIV subtype affect seroconversion.... I know 6 week is 99% accurate but can this maths differ for different subtypes? Is oral insertive sex a real risk provided i didnt had any sore/ cut on my Penis and i am circumcised as well? Please advice for if i need testing further..
Avatar m tn I suffer from what one would say a phobia of hiv/aids, surprisingly from non sexual activities and casual contacts, i definitely know that theres something wrong with me. I have had multiple tests over the course of 6 months, all negative. I am not infected but continue to suffer from fear of this disease. My question here is that who would be the appropriate person to go to, a psychiatrist or psychologist. Also that i'm afraid of taking meds related to a mental issue.
Avatar m tn Those 'stories' are just that, stories that were not able to ever be proven. Doctors and HIV experts would be all over a documented case and they aren't. No HIV expert says to be concerned over oral sex and AT MOST mention theoretical risk which is again, not a real or true risk.
Avatar f tn S has anyone had a false negative blood test that you know of, or all you not diagnosed but believe you have hsv but blood keeps coming up negative? Personally, I'm very concerned about having hsv, but blood was negative 4 months post encounter.
Avatar m tn Her test was can she have HIV to pass it to you? She can't. No more on this topic please.
Avatar n tn However it's the timing of my symptoms that has me shaken up. I have taken an HIV test negative at 5 weeks. However I'm terrified as to what this week will bring. I'm just looking for reassurance from people who may have been in my same situation.
Avatar n tn Oral transmission of HIV hardly ever happens, if it happens at all, and the guy probably didn't have HIV anyway. HIV among heterosexual college students is vanishingly low, despite some of the horror stories you've probably heard. Also, even if he were infected, it would take a lot more than a small amount of his precum coming into contact with the anal cavity to actually infect you. You did not have anal sex, so there were no cuts or abrasions created for HIV to enter your body anyway.
Avatar m tn hi i just need a quick question answer, i've tested negative 6 times for HIV (antibody/antigen), leading up to the 3 months timeline after risky behavior (unprotected sex with woman) ,, i had no other sexual contact for this period, i was inform by my doctor that i don't need to get tested any further, so i carried on with my life, now 4 months after my glands in my groin are swollen and my throat feels like gas/air is trap inside of it, this experience been a living nightmare for me and my anxi
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Avatar f tn Not only were not at risk, your multiple (and medically unnecessary) negative HIV results prove conclusively that you do not have HIV. Therefore, that "something" you think you have is not HIV. If your symptoms are bothersome, you should consult your physician.
Avatar n tn My results were negative. :) Thank everyone on this board so much for your advice, reassurances and support. I am living proof that symptoms really do mean nothing when it comes to the HIV virus. I had possible exposure in Thailand. It was unprotected sex, so it was a real risk. Let all the worriers read this post...I had 1.)Weight loss 2.
Avatar m tn Personally, I believe it was a waste or money to have an HIV PCR test in this circumstance, but that adds further to absolute certainty you don't have HIV. It is exceedingly unlikely that you could have HIV with both a negative PCR test and negative antibody test at 4 weeks. Add the low likelihood your partner had HIV, and it comes to absolute certainty you were not infected. Your symptoms do not change that judgment. Please accept the reassurance and move on. That's all for this thread.
Avatar n tn Just stay calm because anxiety do lead to mimic of HIV symptoms. And they are a lot of stories about them that they don't meet the criteria of HIV transmission but develop almost all the HIV symptoms. They tested for every 3 months intervals to get the result which are all negative!