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Avatar m tn magic johnson STILL very much his hiv. THERE IS NO CURE FOR HIV!!!!
Avatar m tn Magic Johnson takes HAART. There is no such thing as AIDS virus. AIDS is just a progression of HIV stages.
Avatar n tn Magic Johnson, Tommy Morrison, Eazy-E and a few other well-known people can get HIV from heterosexual encounters, than it certainly cant be too hard for the average joe to get HIV. After reading a few dozen of your post, I am now much more educated on HIV. Thanks for all your work - you're the real deal!
Avatar n tn I remember reading awhile back that Magic Johnson no longer had HIV testable levels of HIV in his blood stream. Is this possible? can a person infected with HIV test negative for it, assuming its 6 months past the infection date?
Avatar f tn i hope you are okay. look at magic johnson. 22 years of hiv he is still healthy. he said just be in good spirit and take your meds and exercise and you will be ok. I hope you are ok man. these swabs are not that accurate.
Avatar m tn Never use needles, settle down with one person if that is your thing and you'll never have to worry about it... watch the documentary on magic johnson. The Lakers doctor treated him without wearing gloves when he was bleeding to prove a point to the other players. (I would never advise doing this) but it shows just how hard it is to get that disease.
Avatar m tn Even if you did get HIV, it doesn't mean you will get AIDS and die. Most people today do not die from HIV! Magic Johnson has had it for 22+ years he is alive and well. His pregnant wife did not ever test positive and neither did his baby. It sounds like you have a lot of anxiety over something you don't have much control over. It is normal to want to have sex with someone you care about; sex is a natural instinct to keep the human species from dying out.
Avatar n tn Let's not look at Magic Johnson.
Avatar m tn However, medicine has changed the sad statistics and the potential for AIDS. Magic Johnson comes to mind - what an inspiration. There are so many others who have benefited from treatment so they can live their lives to the fullest. Like Ess alludes to protecting yourself from infection and viruses is key for anyone, but especially for those w/auto immune diseases. If you are, then you'll worry less because you've done what you can. If you are concerned because of a slip up - get tested asap.
Avatar m tn I was watching this thing on Magic Johnson and he said he was feeling tired all the time before he tested +. Don't buy into symptom checking-stress can also do this to you as well. Just test @ 3 months if you exposed somehow.
229411 tn?1189759425 Now I suddenly remember a scene from "Problem Child" Doctor: "The bad news is that you're positive." Flo: "Positive. That's good right?" Doc: "No negative is good." Ben: "No I thought positive is good, negative is bad?" Doc: "No, negative is good. Because you are positively infertile.
Avatar m tn it is said that basketball player magic johnson had unprotected sex with 5 different gals who were hiv - .he had these 5 exposures in a period of 4 years and still he was found hiv +ve........
Avatar n tn It is a worldwide epidemic that effect all walks of life and income levels. It is indiscriminate and will attack anyone who isn't careful. Magic Johnson proved that. The bad thing about my infection as that I stopped by the store and bought condoms, but in the heat of passion, didn't bother to use them. I only have myself and no one else to blame, Not even the lady that infected me. And now it has cost my body the volatility and toxicity of taking HAART Meds indefinately.
Avatar m tn Well, I was having a general conversation about basketball with that same family member and the player Magic Johnson entered the conversation which him being infected with hiv following. All of this happened in a single evening. Again, what are the odds? i was so concerned over the weekend that i almost convinced myself that i had scabies on my hands which of course is a symptom of hiv due to a weekend immune system.
Avatar n tn There are plenty of women who have been married to HIV infected men but never aquired the virus. Look at Magic Johnson and his wife! The chances of aquiring through vaginal sex are pretty low (1 in a 1000 for woman). The risk is higher for anal sex (1 in 200). Your risks are even less than that since he didn't ejaculate but there is no data on this. Odds are really in your favor but definitely get tested as there is no sure way to guess. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I dont, but let me try to answer your question anyways. Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson is an HIV + man who is married to an HIV - woman. Magic Johnson, like all of us is subject to upset stomachs, the flu, coughing, sneezing, get small cuts, scrapes, bruises, and vomitting, ect. In 16+ years since he came out and stated his HIV status, his wife is still negative, and will be for the rest of her life.
Avatar f tn No it doesn't.Just look at Magic Johnson,he was infected but his wife never was an they had unprotected intercourse before he knew he was positive,not everyone that has unprotected sex with an HIV+ person will become infected,the rule of thumb is to always be safe and use protection.Your husband needs to test.
Avatar n tn Would you have guessed that Magic Johnson had HIV until he announced it?
Avatar n tn I am worried what it could be and have visited the doctor, the doctor had done a urine test and a semen analysis, the result said i had a very high leukocyte count (he mentioned 28), it was 14 before. I have had hiv test before and all negative when the leukocyte was 14 but had none of the symptoms that i have now. Now i am very worried it is at 28. Any advice, what are the odds i got HIV.
Avatar m tn Also, your other questions (about Magic Johnson, hetero sex, etc) are really irrelevant to your situation, and inappropriate for the forum. Do yourself a favor and put this behind you. It's anxiety and guilt did not have an HIV risk.
Avatar n tn ALL THE TESTS WERE NEGATIVE. 3. I just went for my annual physical, and did another round of HIV testing. I should get my results back in a couple of days. Doc, here lays the concern... I read absolutely everywhere that there is a black epidemic of HIV infection and it is seen now mostly in black women. What is your expert opinon?? My doctor has me scared to death, because she said that people have tested positive after 6 months of testing...
Avatar f tn It is very possible for him to to contract the disease. I know this is a weird example but when magic Johnson found out he had HIV he had just gotten married and his wife was pregnant. She didn't get it. Its always possible.
Avatar n tn Your not getting hiv like that. Magic Johnson could have had a **** in the toilet and you would have no worries.
Avatar n tn However, since there is some degree of risk in your exposure ( after all, this is how magic johnson got infected, right? ), it would be wise to test after 12 weeks have passed. repeated testing inside the window period could give you some relief but only for a couple of days. If you are going insane with the wait, try to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks between tests, you'll go insane and waste lots of money in the process if you take tests more frequently.
Avatar n tn I found out from one of her coworkers that her boss said she had HIV. I later found out she had a false positive and later tested negative. I feel that this was her boss backtracking on a pretty serious leak of information. I called the girl and she told me she was fine. But if I am really worried to get tested for the works. HIV, Hep, yadda. She was being rude but I don't know, she just confused me more.
Avatar n tn IF the woman only had HSV1 mouth herpes and gave it to me on my penis, the possibility of having anything would be HSV1 right? I figure if Magic Johnson can all of a sudden test negative for HIV, maybe I too can be miraculously tested negative for all forms of HSV! LOL Condom burn: My friends and I have talked about this and it comes up in a yahoo search engine. I don't like wearing condoms, but this new gal is very safe and very hot so I wore one for her.
Avatar f tn Magic Johnson has been on medication for years, that's why he is alive. People were dropping like flies before medications were developed. Surely you've heard of Freddy Mercury? Arthur Ashe? Isaac Asimov? Eazy-E? Some people can deal with HIV better than others, same as with any other infection. But up to 99% of people with HIV get AIDS sooner or later, unless they take medications.