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Avatar m tn magic johnson STILL very much his hiv. THERE IS NO CURE FOR HIV!!!!
Avatar m tn it is said that basketball player magic johnson had unprotected sex with 5 different gals who were hiv - .he had these 5 exposures in a period of 4 years and still he was found hiv +ve........
Avatar m tn Magic Johnson takes HAART. There is no such thing as AIDS virus. AIDS is just a progression of HIV stages.
Avatar n tn Let's not look at Magic Johnson.
Avatar n tn Magic Johnson is an HIV + man who is married to an HIV - woman. Magic Johnson, like all of us is subject to upset stomachs, the flu, coughing, sneezing, get small cuts, scrapes, bruises, and vomitting, ect. In 16+ years since he came out and stated his HIV status, his wife is still negative, and will be for the rest of her life. HIV is a very difficult virus to catch, aside from unprotected sex and hyperdermic needle sharing, your chances of contracting the virus are miniscule.
7482680 tn?1404839491 I been using Johnson& Johnson on my daughters 1 7years & 1 5months, no problems,no issues nada,I even use their products on myself on count very nervous about ysing other things on myself, dat baby might break out from, now only thing my youngest breaks out from is the lavender sleep lotion,n I heard Johnson's& Johnson baby power, it's cause of cervical cancer,etc, in women..
Avatar n tn I remember reading awhile back that Magic Johnson no longer had HIV testable levels of HIV in his blood stream. Is this possible? can a person infected with HIV test negative for it, assuming its 6 months past the infection date?
7122105 tn?1407103099 I love Johnson & Johnson, and I really like the smell of Baby Magic.. I've read & heard great things about Burts Bees, but I have no personal experience with it.. I may try it though!
Avatar f tn No it doesn't.Just look at Magic Johnson,he was infected but his wife never was an they had unprotected intercourse before he knew he was positive,not everyone that has unprotected sex with an HIV+ person will become infected,the rule of thumb is to always be safe and use protection.Your husband needs to test.
7656727 tn?1404157447 I think aveeno is made by Johnson and Johnson. Check the ingredients :) mustella has a somewhat decent smell.
8732981 tn?1400768789 Aveeno is made by Johnson and Johnson unfortunately. That is however what I use due to that fact that the fragrance free aveeno is the only baby wah including organic and everything else under the sun causes him to break out and get rashes etc. What causes cancer in Johnson and Johnson stiff is unfortunately find in most things including adult washes. It's the preservatives they use like dmdm and bht etc they are formaldehyde preservatives.
Avatar f tn With my first baby (7 now) I used johnson and johnson baby products but I've read about how they have cancer causing chemicals in it. I been thinking about using baby magic this time.
Avatar m tn Will I begin to feel happy again n almost forget I have hiv? Maybe begin to eat more and gain my weight back, .look as healthy as magic Johnson ? I wanna feel good n normal again.. will having a undetectable viral load help, will I feel more healthy ? How do yall feel, .before you took meds, then after?
Avatar m tn What was your exposure? I think it's between 2-4 weeks or so...I was watching this thing on Magic Johnson and he said he was feeling tired all the time before he tested +. Don't buy into symptom checking-stress can also do this to you as well. Just test @ 3 months if you exposed somehow.
Avatar f tn Please be frank....I hav found svrl complaining about johnson....I wana kno wether its true....and which is better...n how is sebamed pdts??...
Avatar m tn Hey man, I am no hiv expert. But I can tell you the NBA did not make Magic retire. he decided too. When he was apart of the dream team he was already postitive. He even came out and said he wished he didnt retire so early. There were some NBA players who did not want him to play, some even think they said that because they didnt want the lakers to win multiple titles.
Avatar f tn I like baby Magic it smells so good ..
Avatar m tn Oh buddy, I have gone through what you went through. when I did life sucked! Luckily for me I was able to overcome my anxiety/hiv fear. I told myself... I seriously have never met anybody with HIV. less thatn 1% of people in America have it... and as nursegirl said dont shoot drugs or have unprotected sex and you'll be fine! I have unprotected sex with one person only now and that is my long time girlfriend.... But before I met her I had unprotected sex with idk im guessing 6 girls....
412873 tn?1329174455 Did anyone catch the Oprah show today? It was aswesome. Montel Williams, Magic Johnson, Scott Hamilton and Fran Dreschler all spoke about the day they received their diagnosis-MS, cancer, HIV.....and how they fought. Very inspiring and uplifting. Glad my nap ended early today or I would have missed it. =) Here's a link...right now it's just the preview because the show is still on, but I think you will be able to at least read the interviews later. http://www.oprah.
Avatar n tn I am worried what it could be and have visited the doctor, the doctor had done a urine test and a semen analysis, the result said i had a very high leukocyte count (he mentioned 28), it was 14 before. I have had hiv test before and all negative when the leukocyte was 14 but had none of the symptoms that i have now. Now i am very worried it is at 28. Any advice, what are the odds i got HIV.
Avatar f tn I love aveeno baby products. I steer clear from johnson and johnson as well as much as possible.
Avatar m tn As usual, Lulu is right on top of things and zeros in on points that often escape me. Her request for more information got me thinking and I'm not sure I can make sense of the info you read about. I'm no expert on HIV but my understanding is that HIV status isn't dependent on any symptoms being present at all. Isn't that why it's important to get tested after high risk contacts of any sort?
Avatar m tn About a month ago, I had sex with a prostitute and it was protected until after ejaculation, the condom fell off and my penis touched her vagina. So now, I have this stingy sensation on the tip of my penis and it's kind of painful after peeing. Could this be STD/AIDS? When I looked at my penis, I saw this some sort of a bite from an ant or something. I'm worried maybe this could be HIV or some deadly disease.
Avatar n tn Magic Johnson played after finding out he was HIV positive. Played in the all-star game, Olympics and then the following NBA season. Cut here cut there...cuts after they stop bleeding start healing, but you also need a direct route to the blood stream a simple cut is not going to give the transmission route. You need a very deep, heavly bleeding cut and mix that with someone else of the same nature who is HIV positive for the start of a risk.
7122105 tn?1407103099 There saying that Johnson and Johnson is giving people cancer I'm not positive but I've heard from a lot of people