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Avatar m tn 1. Undetectable means the virus not being able to be detected by the testing technology. 2. Undetectable necessarily doesn't mean that one is HIV negative, one can be HIV positive and yet fare an "undetectable" result on a NAT Test considering their viral load being extremely low to no due to non progression or drugs prescribed to them. 3.
Avatar m tn 13 (very good). Mes symptoms are of concern? There really is no chance I have HIV? Thanks.Sérgio Ricardo.
Avatar n tn risk in transmitting any STD through mutual masturbation, but I'm curious about the definition. It strikes me that something like Herpes or Syphilis might be transferred genitals-to-hands-to-genitals (that is, I masturbate my partner then masturbate myself). Does anyone have a sense of whether this is correct? I will pose the question to Dr. H too when the forum is freed up for more questions.
Avatar m tn Diagnosed By 4 Dr's /CFS/ Non-specific Viral Illness/Psychosomatism/Flu.. Definately HIV Negative by a HIV Specialist...........Confused and Unwell!! Good Points: Theoretically Dry Blood='Dead' Test @ Post 12 weeks Negative (Negative by Definition) No Rash/V.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctors, Today I had an HIV rapid finger prick test which was negative and considered conclusive (12 weeks after the risky sexual activity). My sexual encounter can be described as low-risk: I still experience symptoms like fatigue and extreme tiredness which don’t go away and complicate my daily life, especially work where I have to concentrate a lot.
2073572 tn?1334304607 The window period occurs between the beginning of HIV infection and the demonstration of detectable antibodies to the virus. The window period is almost three to four weeks. Nevertheless it can be extended or longer. The antibody blood tests like ELISA, western blot test, rapid tests, performed during the window period may provide false negative results. Antibodies take almost three weeks to be produced after HIV infection. They become detectable by four or six weeks after HIV infection.
Avatar n tn Hello, Dr. whats your definition of condom failure and questions about my cbc blood test scores regarding globulin and total protein and If should be concered. I put a condom on, the 2 times I had intercourse, and I remember pinching the top,(both times) but not rolling all the air out of the bottom of the condom. After I ejaculated (both times)my semen did not collect in the reservoir tip.When I took the condom off, I noticed my semen in the condom dripping down to base(both times.
Avatar m tn I took herpes and HIV tests 6 months max or 3 months min since first exposure to herpes simpex and HIV. Can negative results be misleading? Are the herpes and HIV tests most accurate after a certain amount of time since the infection OR exposure? No one will give me a flat out answer. Is there a chance that I will get positive results for these viruses when I go back to do bloodwork in 4-16 weeks? Could I be at the herpes simplex stage? Also why do I have values for HSV1G and HSV2GG...
Avatar n tn I didn't realize there was a risk for HIV by doing so because I didn't think HIV could live outside the body, and I know for a fact the piercing gun hadn't been used for atleast 2 hours. On February 17th 2008 I started getting flu-like symptoms and went to the doctor. I tested negative for mono/flu and strep. I was reading and was worried I might have acute HIV and read that it was possible to get HIV through a piercing...
Avatar m tn I had sex (protected) with 5 prostitutes in Cambodia. One later told me she had Hiv however I was protected. There was period blood, I washed as soon as I saw this and stopped having sex. On the holiday I also had sex with 2 Austrailian women unprotected. I had a 3 week MEIA test in Bangkok after the condom 'exposure' to the HIV infected female. I tested neg how accurate is the MEIA test? I the MEIA test 4th generation?
Avatar n tn If my test was at least 12 weeks after the incident... Do i need to go back and get tested or is it final that I'm totally negative??? I heard HIV can take 6 months before it can be that true???
Avatar m tn Just to remind you, i had a negative PCR at 2 weeks and a negative Combo (Elisa 4th generation) at one month. The post you provided me also discuss the difference between 99.89 vs 99.99pct. Here again i keep imagining what if i am the 0.1pct.... I went after medical advise and saw a psychiatrist, who is treatment my anxiety with some medice now. I am taking some anti-depression pills.
Avatar m tn As you were advised previously, if you remain nervous, have an HIV test for reassurance. It will be negative. Until you do that, you're going to continue to worry and obviously no advice on this forum is going to change your mind about it. There's no point in continuing to ask.
Avatar m tn Further that you had a negative combination HIV antigen/HIV antibody test at 23 days is even more reassuring. Although these tests are not completely reliable until 28 days after exposure however, if your current symptoms started before you were tested, then you can be confident that the symptoms are not due to HIV. When HIV causes symptoms of this sort, the test is positive.
Avatar f tn These tests, which are more costly and used less often than antibody tests, are used in some parts of the United States. Should i be comfortable stating im hiv negative? The sore throat is bugging me and shockingly its starting to improve. Thanks for not judging.
Avatar m tn For the past few months, I have been in a casual sexual relationship with another male who very recently tested positive for HIV. He tested negative several months ago, so his infection is a new one. Our sexual activities have been limited exclusively to oral sex. In almost all of our encounters, I performed fellatio upon him and swallowed his semen. I understand that the average risk of a single episode of unprotected oral sex is somewhere along the lines of one chance in 10,000.
Avatar f tn On July 10th, I had protected anal (receiving) and unprotected oral (giving) with someone who has AIDs by definition. I was informed after the fact. His T Cell count is 124. The condom did not break. I took an oraquick test this morning as soon as I found out and it came back negative. His high viral load is bringing me into a near panic attack. I have a physical on the 11th where I will tell my doctor what happened. Is it too soon to have a good idea whether or not I have contracted the virus?
Avatar n tn can a smooch or an oral sex can cause hiv with out doing intercourse if 2 persona are smooching and doing oral sex are thay prone to be piv positive
Avatar n tn heterosexual contact with someone either known to either have HIV or to be a high risk for having HIV. I find that curious, as no other definition is supplied. I know what it implies to me, just curious what others think about it. 5. Why is cunnilingus a very low or no risk? Perhaps, again, for a couple of reasons: 1. The more highly infectious cervical fluids (think I have that right) are found more deeply in the vagina than would normally be contacted during oral sex.
Avatar m tn is hepititus testing the same as hiv testing - ie 3 months to do a test, how long would it take antibodies to show on average ? 6 weeks like hiv ? if you done a hiv test would they know if there were any other antibodies in your blood to any other infections ?
Avatar m tn 10/18 PPH, all STDs tested, to establish I didn’t already have something. All negative, no fresh lesions to swab. At 3 month mark. Planned Parenthood, HSV 1&2 (IGG) testing. Blood hemolyzed in transit, had to come in for redraw at 3.25 months. Still negative. Tried again at 4 months, also PPH, same tests. All non-detect. Following a legal massage at 5 months, small blisters have also shown up on my arms.
Avatar m tn so the next day on june 18th i went for a HIV oral test. it came out Negative. after that i was realived. but then 2 weeks later i got a rash on my arm. i went to webmd AGAIN and found out that it can be a cause of HIV. Once again i got terrified. so i went on july 17th to get tested again with the oral test. once again it came out negative. the next day i went to my doctor to get an std check up which came out negative also.
Avatar n tn He said, that I should do a HIV-antibod-Test. Yesterday I got the result, which was negative. My doctor said, that this is fine. Either he could not tell me, if the test war 3. or 4. generation. I asked him, if I have to make again a test in 8 weeks. He said, that this is not necessary, but I could do, if I want. In his opinion the test will be also negative. Now I am a little bit confuses, because I thought that a HIV-Test only could be reliable after 12 weeks.
Avatar n tn in these instances, the Health-care workers[6] tested negative for HIV antibodies greater than 6 months postexposure but were seropositive within 12 months after the exposure [7]. DNA sequencing confirmed the source of infection in one instance. Two of the delayed seroconversions were associated with simultaneous exposure to hepatitis C virus (HCV) .
Avatar n tn I heard the fever and rash are the leading symptoms for anyone going through acute hiv symptoms so i had home access HIV test done a week ago which came negative. It has been about a month or more since my last exposure and scared that the hiv antibody has not shown up in my body. The main question is the tingling sensation on my feet and hand and the rash on my forehead are symptoms of primary herpes outbreak and if not should I get tested again for HIV?
Avatar f tn I also had hiv-1 dna pcr, qualitative hiv-1 rna pcr, hiv 2 specific EIA from labcorp all negative. I also had hiv 2 dna, hiv duo test, pcr from labcorp and hiv 2 dna/rna pcr from quest all negative. My last test was almost 30 months from last exposure. I am in a new relationship now and my partner develoepd fever 103 3 weeks after exposure and thst is worrying me.
Avatar m tn 3. Symptoms all resembles hiv and I had sex with multiple partners but negative hiv test . What should I believe(test or symptoms)? But definitely some virus playing and ruining in my body.
Avatar n tn but to my knowledge cannot cuase tiredness and diarrhea. The negative HIV test is reassuring, because I would have been concerned about HIV from those symptoms in a sexually active gay man. To be 100% sure, consider another test in a couple of weeks. In any case, lots of other viral infections (e.g., mononucleosis) can cause the sort of symptoms you describe.
Avatar m tn And you can always have an HIV test, if the negative results will help reassure you.