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Avatar m tn I'm HBV +ive but have not done HCV test and my HIV test is negative. its sad what HBV patient are experiencing. Initially, i only thought a HBV carrier is the only status not know they come together. its really sad. i pray i dont have such.
Avatar n tn and after 3 days i paniced , and i told here to do the hiv thesr she did it , and it gave 0.
Avatar m tn Me and my new boyfriend went to the clinic. We both got rapid hiv and std test. All were negative. We had unprotected the first time last nite. Can I expose him to hiv? Also can I trust that I havent given him hiv. Also if you are just a carrier, will you show antiboties? Is the rapid Unigold test accurate?
Avatar n tn Can I be 100% sure that i do not have the dreaded one ..even with the white hairy tongue-is there possibility of a medically unreconisable/undetectable strain of hiv?....i know ive buggered my self up..can I be sure I will not ruin someone else's life?......the symptoms came about after my enconter at 2 weeks (sorry not 2 months) could not be a coincidence....
181575 tn?1250198786 t understand why you are so concern about HIV and HepB when your test came back negative. I would think no amount of assurance is as good as negative labs. Try not to think so much about it. If you continue to be preoccupied on these issues, perhaps you should ask your doctor for a referral to someone who you could talk to face to face. I wish you well.
Avatar m tn So would you assert that it is biologically impossible for the virus to linger in the urethra and then be passed to another person 2 hours later and the 'carrier' not become infected?
Avatar n tn Hi. In the unlikely event that you contracted the hiv from your exposure above, you are indeed a carrier already and can pass on the virus. As a matter of fact, newly infected persons have very high loads of the virus and therefore more likely if anything, to pass it on. Unfortunately guidelines say, that for hiv tests to be conclusive, they have to be taken 3 months (12 weeks) past exposure. On the other hand 6 weeks test is considered highly convincing (95%).
Avatar m tn Hello, If I had sex with another male and his HIV blood test 6 months following our sex was negative, there's no way I could have contracted HIV from him right? You can't get HIV from someone who doesn't have it can you? He couldn't be a carrier or have HIV virus in his foreskin right? It was only one episode of sex.
Avatar f tn 2) I still feeling my body is a bit weak and one of my lymph nodes is still swollen and my lips having a cold sore, is it a sign of HIV ? ( I went for HIV test but it shows negative for HIV ) 3) Can HIV silence or hidden for many years , and shown up several years after ?
Avatar m tn you are conclusively negative and you don't need more testing. a false negative can only happen if you test too early in the window period. not after 200 days. your result is accurate and reliable. take care.
Avatar m tn Hello respectful doctors, 6weeks ago i had encounter with a csw who might be a potential hiv carrier. I licked her thigh, touched her boobs, she touched my penis including foreskin, urethra with her nipple for no more than 3 seconds. That was all i did. Before this encounter i masturbate with some baby oil. I got tested after two weeks and it got back negative.
Avatar m tn Having protective sex with a women and after a week get her tested for antibodies and reports are non reactive ... Could she be a carrier and still be negative and transmit the virus via sex ?
Avatar m tn About 7 and a half months ago, I had two potential risks - blowjob without condom and intercourse during which the condom broke (no ejaculation), and I pulled out immediately once I heard it break. I got tested on Monday, August 6, You've tested conclusively negative for HIV. You do not have an HIV concern and don't need any further testing.
Avatar m tn I know about the window period so I dont mean that time period, this is a more long term question. I think the way to describe it would be an HIV+ Carrier that repeatedly will test neg on the antibody test.
Avatar f tn No. their is no such thing as an HIV carrier. You either have HIV and will always be positive, or you dont.
Avatar m tn i am so afraid that this action will cause hiv transmiting´╝îif hiv carrier droped their blood in tap water . Even several doctors and stuff from cdc told me this action have zero chance to transmit hiv, i still in a panic. i have 2 questions, will this action have a chance to transmit hiv? what should i do to stop this panic?
Avatar f tn After my exposure , i tested negative at 14 weeks, but still i have symptoms of itchy skin, utricaria, and my skin has shrinkages all thru my body. my lymph nodes behind the ears are swollen. I am hep B carrier and my cd4 count is 350 only. do i need to get tested after 6 months? is there any other STD that causes the same symptoms? im scared to meet a doctor and get tested. can someone advise.
Avatar n tn I got worried about HIV infection....after 10 days I had a HIV antibodies test which came negative....but in this entire period i use to feel very tired and nowadys I m feeling that I have swollen lymph nodes....Is there any possibility of having HIV??Can i trust on that test that I m HIV negative??Plz help me.........
Avatar m tn I read up on Magic Johnson a basketball player and learned that he has HIV but he remains a carrier so far which is pretty rare for his case so is this a immune issue that you are talking about?
Avatar n tn I am concerned if I could have caused a tear or break along the skin of my penis that could allow a transfer of HIV. I have been screened three times for HIV and all of my exams have returned negative. However, my exams where screened roughly eight weeks after the potential incident. My doctor advised me the risk was remote for HIV and also stated that by taking the exam within this time period would definitely show if whether I had contracted the STD.
Avatar m tn Also, will some unconverted hiv infected eventually seorconvert to antibody positive at some point or stay a HIPS (Hiv-1 Infected PERSISTENTLY Seronegative ) ? Finally ,would they remain seronegative for viral loads also ,i.e., RNA or DNA PCRs ? What testing assay would be revealing of infection ,bdna which is not PCR technology ,reverse transcription ,Pert ? Pray tell share . . .
Avatar m tn I was doubt that im hiv carrier in the last 1 year. Though i did test early time but i was not confident. Now my wife have made Hiv test and she got Negative result. Iam 100% sure that my wife was th last person i made sex with So can i say im free from Hiv aids?
Avatar m tn All LFT is ok, KFT is ok, CBC is also ok. HIV is neagtive, Anti HCV is negative. I want to know that am I still an inactive carrier or I have become active now? Am I prone to spread the disease to others in my contact ? I am feeling very insecure. I used alcohol also in last 5-6 years many times. Please let me know of any possible treatment.