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Avatar n tn I had unprotected vaginal sex one time with a coworker, 20 hrs later I had unprotected vaginal sex with my partner, I've tested negative a 6 months. But could i have given the virus to my partner? Could my body fought it off after i passed it on?
Avatar m tn I know about the window period so I dont mean that time period, this is a more long term question. I think the way to describe it would be an HIV+ Carrier that repeatedly will test neg on the antibody test.
Avatar m tn Hello, This is my first time posting or even opening up about anything of this nature anywhere, I am greatly concerned about being an HIV carrier, this is a delicate subject for me as I have always been afraid of doctor visits throughout my life, mostly because of fear of receiving negative information. My job requires me to deal with many different walks of life, I have been a professional tattoo artist for the past 2 years.
847050 tn?1240137379 hi i have heard a term "carrier hep c virus" people say that a person with negative pcr can still spraed the virus to others, and in that carrier hep c virus that person cant harm himself but all the people around him. is it true?
Avatar n tn My all results became negative apart from this bloody virus at least i am thankful that it’s not HIV. There are many question passes through my head in ever seconds. One, its about my girlfriend. When i told her that i have chronic hep b, she tired to cheer me up and she told me that she will never leave me and she even said that she will def marry me as we planned it but i just still have a doubt if she will change her ideas or something????
Avatar m tn please can you help me with my case i am an inactive carrier of hep. b so where can i start from..
Avatar f tn 2) I still feeling my body is a bit weak and one of my lymph nodes is still swollen and my lips having a cold sore, is it a sign of HIV ? ( I went for HIV test but it shows negative for HIV ) 3) Can HIV silence or hidden for many years , and shown up several years after ?
Avatar m tn Having protective sex with a women and after a week get her tested for antibodies and reports are non reactive ... Could she be a carrier and still be negative and transmit the virus via sex ?
Avatar n tn Now the guy i slept with in 2006 tested negative 2 weeks ago. Is that possible to have HIV and test negative. another question is if he tested negative and i got sick like 2 weeks after sleeping with him then did i really get infected from him. Because i read that these symptoms of malaise, fever, flu, skin rash were the early symptoms some weeks after infection. Is there such a thing as having HIV, that is be a carrier and still test ngative on a elisa test?
Avatar n tn Your results are conclusive. 2. Do I need to do another HIV test on May 18 to know the February encounter is indeed negative? There is no need for further testing. 3. Can I trust my April 18 test a conclusive one? Repetitive question. The answer is the same as the last two times I told you- your results are conclusive. Take care.
Avatar f tn Hi, I want to ask like I finished chemo on 12 Feb so is it okay to get tested now should I go for instant HIV test or p24 antigen test...
Avatar n tn Hi. In the unlikely event that you contracted the hiv from your exposure above, you are indeed a carrier already and can pass on the virus. As a matter of fact, newly infected persons have very high loads of the virus and therefore more likely if anything, to pass it on. Unfortunately guidelines say, that for hiv tests to be conclusive, they have to be taken 3 months (12 weeks) past exposure. On the other hand 6 weeks test is considered highly convincing (95%).
Avatar n tn 1) yes 2) probably no 3) yes, it should stay negative for life unless a person will take some immune suppressive therapy, anti-cancer drugs or will get hiv and than aids ...
Avatar n tn My dad, he is a blood donor all his life and my mom is a carrier. Recently, I met a guy, he stopped relationship with me after he knew I am the carrier. He is afraid that he might get it. Is there any chance that he might get it even though he take the vaccination. Please help...
Avatar f tn My psychiatrist wanted me to have some tests done seeing as I had several other partners before him. I came back negative for HIV, and because Red Cross never called me back I figured I didn't have any other std. Then about one to two weeks ago, I developed a cyst. At first they thought it was Bartholin's and then I followed up with my doctor. I went to the emergency walk in first. My doctor then said it was a basic cyst and wanted to test me for chlamydia and gonneria.
Avatar f tn While hep c is not easily transmitted sexually for those who have multiple partners, engage in rough sexual practices where there is a risk of hep c infected blood entering the blood stream of an uninfected person, or in the presence of HIV there is an increased risk of transmission. Wait 12 weeks and get tested for hep c antibodies. If that test is negative you are fine. If the hep c antibody test is positive the next step is to have the HCV RNA by PCR test.
Avatar n tn you have a conclusive negative and do not need to test again UNLESS you have an exposure in the future.
Avatar m tn This spring i found out that i have a blood disorder, Beta Thalassemia (an iron deficiency) and I was wondering if that could have affected the results of the HIV test, or caused a false negative with the antibody test used. Is my negative results truely negative given the length of time between my last possible chance of exposure and when the 2nd test was done?? Thanks a lot for whatever info you can provide.
Avatar n tn what about a woman's chance to catch hiv form a hiv carrier?? from a man in early stage of HIV, when the VL is higher?? do you know about this 101 fever translated in celsius degrees?? I ask because i am not a native and in my country they use like 36-41 celsius degrees. And i do not know how to translate it. Is it true oral thrush is the most common in hiv carrriers? I have it for 3months now and my throat still hurts,as well as white spots on my tongue......
Avatar m tn I completed my Hepa B vaccine last 2006 and at the same time did my blood work resulting negative for Hepa and HIV. Fast forward now, Last two months I donated blood thinking that I'm healthy and there's nothing going on in my blood. Couple weeks after I received a letter saying that I'm Hepa B positive. I was in shocked and confused at that moment because I thought that I'm protected and would never get this kind of infection.
Avatar f tn I've been struggling ever since my boyfriend got diagnosed with Hep B and now he's been confirmed as a chronic Hep B carrier and his parents don't have Hep B. The doctors said that how he got it will remain a mystery: it's either from his childhood years or a sexual contact in his teenage years (he has had no transfusions, no tattoos or piercing). As far as I know my boyfriend's sexual past is very small with no risk partners (but you never know).
Avatar m tn What about the result on my HBs Ab test? Is this enough evidence that I'm clear of Hepatitis B, or do I need an HBsAg test as well? Just want to be completely sure that I'm free of all worries about HIV and things like delayed seroconversion...
Avatar f tn 20 years ago, not much was known about HBV. And there was a crazy time in the world with the discovery of HIV...there was a learning curve when it came to attitudes towards these viruses. I didn't even know about mine until I was 28. cajim was even a skosh older than that. Your resentment is understandable but your parents probably thought they were protecting you and probably did not understand how important it was to monitor your illness...
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