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Avatar n tn I had possible exposure four months ago. I tested negative for HIV at 3 months (83 days exactly). I had no symptoms before I tested negative. Over the last month the anxiety has really gotten to me and I am stressed out beyond belief. I've lost weight (no appetite because of OCD and constant searching), had headaches, developed a rash on my legs on my hips, I have always had geographic tongue but now I swear it's thrush, had fatigue......etc, etc.
Avatar n tn 1- If I got once positive ( Rapid )and one Negative ( Elisa ) 4 weeks after the exposure and 3 months later I got another Negative ( Rapid ) four months after the exposure shell consider my self 100% Negative. 2- from the blood result where I got my lymphatic Lymphoticute : 34% Neutrophis : 60% Monocyte is :6% is the result guarantee me that I don’t have swollen lymph?
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I had a risky( not so high)encounter -unprotected sex with a status not known Indian woman-in October 2005.I am 42 year old Indian working in Middle East . In November I had a flu like symptom from where i got freaked , I was going through a lot mental deprssions, pressure . My marriage was on doledrums because of this and that also added to lot of mental stress that i had to take antidepressants and other medications .
Avatar f tn I received negative ag/ab hiv test 3 months post pep or 4 months post exposure so I am pretty much hiv negative (I think).
Avatar f tn Last question doctor Hook. Is delayed seroconversion, for example between 4-6 months after exposure only a fiction? Urban myth? Idea of being infected is very scary but I am trying very hard to thing rational and collect all the evidence against HIV. Thank you doctor, wishing you good health, good bye.
Avatar n tn (i was negative at 4.5 months of last exposure....but was at risk throughout the entire 6 months atleast 4 times a week).
Avatar m tn Welcome to the STD forum. But apparently your concern is primarily HIV, which belongs on the HIV Prevention and Safe Sex forum (as it clearly states at the top of the forum). So my reply will be quite brief, with no follow-up discussion or comments. Like a lot of young people today, you have a hyper-inflated understanding of HIV and its risks. Heterosexual HIV transmission remains quite rare in most populations in the US and other industrialized countries.
Avatar f tn pdf Page 11 #4 In an adult, a positive HIV antibody test result means that the person is infected, a person with a negative or inconclusive result may be in the “window for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure.
Avatar f tn I also took Hep A,B,C and syphilis tests at 4 months mark and they were also negative. My doctor says that I am conclusively negative after 6 months HIV test but I am still thinking about HIV. Thank you guys.
Avatar m tn org/posts/HIV-Prevention/4-month-negative-rapid-hiv-test-but-still-having-symptoms/show/1512470?personal_page_id=2152441#post_6871621 take it to the hiv anxiety community...a link is provided in the lower right hand corner of this page. you have CONCLUSIVE tests...therefore this forum has nothing left to offer. your problem is anxiety...not hiv !
1883607 tn?1320772162 Hi Doctor, I had exposure last 4 months back. I did ELISA test after 3 months and got negative. still i have some white patch on tounge. Is this test is conclusive? I also did PCR test after 2 weeks of exposure also negative. very much worried because I read that it will take 6 months in rare case. So what are the rare case situation?
Avatar m tn You were already advised that 3 month test would be conclusive.
Avatar m tn then started neck stiffness and pain But I did not take it serious because it was low risk . But now 4 months 120 days after got high fever next day started red pimple like Rashes after some time some of them filled with water . look like chicken pox. but not like typical chicken pox rash. only in my face these rashes are different type . its look like hard bumbs. not blisters.. please advice me am I at risk of hiv.. how long it will be present.
Avatar m tn iive read alot on this and medhelp is the only site that says that 3 months why does every else say 6 months i no 4 a fact he has hiv i feel so sick everyday .
Avatar m tn She had a room in the hotel, she put the condom on my penis, we had vaginal sex, she removed the condom and we showered. Months after this, I began an exclusive relationship. I had no HIV concerns before developing these symptoms 1 month ago: 4 small spots on my lower gum, front of the mouth; sore throat; mild fever; swollen nodes in my neck. My GP said it was a virus. The fever lasted a day, the sore throat largely passed in 7 days, the spots remained.
Avatar m tn The result was negative and my life changed from that day. The test was done around 3.75 months after the possible exposure. My questions: 1. The nurse told me that it is 95% accurate? Does that mean I have to re-test after 6 months? 2. Are blood Rapid tests as accurate as other standard HIV tests? 3. Can it be a false negative? 4. Can I move on and have a regular physical relation with me wife?
Avatar m tn pdf Page 11 #4 In an adult, a positive HIV antibody test result means that the person is infected, a person with a negative or inconclusive result may be in the “window for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure.
Avatar m tn dear sir i had an expossure with 3 csws all vaginal protected in malaysia i tested at 3 weeks 6 weeks and 12 weeks after exposure using ECLIA test all came back negative i felt slight itch then ihadfeelingstill now like burning in feet tingling and ear pain some sortof neurlgia is12 weeks is sufficient in malaysia or shuld i go for another testing iam not understaing what is this problem i gone for all medicalcheckups but doctors cannot diagnonize what it is still having pinsand needlessensati
Avatar n tn You dont even know if the guy was infected with HIV. Most people arent. Your 4 week test is definitely encouraging. Get tested at 3 months mark to be 100% sure. But you can realx meanwhile. Please read the following response by Dr.HHH to a question similar to yours. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn 1. My Six month negative test is conclusive? Or I need to Take Another HIV Test? 2. You have any idea which hiv test is using in Philippines? 3. There is a possibilities that my symptoms is related to HIV?