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1883607 tn?1320775762 Hi Doctor, I had exposure last 4 months back. I did ELISA test after 3 months and got negative. still i have some white patch on tounge. Is this test is conclusive? I also did PCR test after 2 weeks of exposure also negative. very much worried because I read that it will take 6 months in rare case. So what are the rare case situation?
Avatar m tn 1. Cancer does not suppress antibody protection it's the Chemo drugs that do. 2. The only way that could have happen is that she had another exposure.
Avatar n tn With modern HIV tests, a negative result 4 weeks after the last possible exposure almost certainly means you didn't catch it. This depends a bit on the nature of the exposure, but if typical of most on this forum, you can be virtually certain you don't have HIV. Now I have read the question. Guess what? As you already have read, your symptoms make no difference. (Thank you for not listing them all!
Avatar m tn Today, after 4 and half months I received back my TEST NEGATIVE!!. Are enough 4 and half months and can i move on from this nightmare?
Avatar n tn I had possible exposure four months ago. I tested negative for HIV at 3 months (83 days exactly). I had no symptoms before I tested negative. Over the last month the anxiety has really gotten to me and I am stressed out beyond belief. I've lost weight (no appetite because of OCD and constant searching), had headaches, developed a rash on my legs on my hips, I have always had geographic tongue but now I swear it's thrush, had fatigue......etc, etc.
1163575 tn?1339482217 hello there..i did a tridot test after 4 mths of exposure... it came bk as negative..i am so relieved but i am having a terrible cough fr 1 mth and nw breathlessness fr a few days now i am so very worried... my question: 1) is TRIDOT test done after 4 mths conclusive? 2) if the answer is yes fr my 1st question...must i repeat the test after 6 mths? pls reply as i am so worried thx god bless!
Avatar n tn How accurate is the test at that time? Can you tell me the odds of testing negative 4 months after, because i heard that a test after 3 months has a 97% accuracy rate.
Avatar f tn Is delayed seroconversion, for example between 4-6 months after exposure only a fiction? Urban myth? Idea of being infected is very scary but I am trying very hard to thing rational and collect all the evidence against HIV. Thank you doctor, wishing you good health, good bye.
Avatar n tn (i was negative at 4.5 months of last exposure....but was at risk throughout the entire 6 months atleast 4 times a week).
Avatar m tn 07 Hepatitis a, b, c r negative Tpha, Vdrl r negative Cylmadia negative After that I went to test after 4 months my reports was like negative (tridot method) I again went to test after 6 months My reports was like Hiv-0.03 Hsv igm-0.48 Hsv igg/0.
Avatar m tn I had protected anal sex 8 months ago, i inmediatly took the HIV Chemiluminescence test after 4 months and it came out negative. I'm a worried because at the moment i pulled my penis out, the condom stuck inside and i'm not sure if there was any direct contact. The guy i slept with said he was clean and tested regularly. I've had no symptoms or any other thing after i had sex. Should i calm down now and leave this paranoia behind?
Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
Avatar m tn org/posts/HIV-Prevention/4-month-negative-rapid-hiv-test-but-still-having-symptoms/show/1512470?personal_page_id=2152441#post_6871621 take it to the hiv anxiety community...a link is provided in the lower right hand corner of this page. you have CONCLUSIVE tests...therefore this forum has nothing left to offer. your problem is anxiety...not hiv !
Avatar n tn In your own case, your negative test at 4 weeks is strong evidence that you were not infected with HIV. At 4 weeks standard blood tests for HV would detect over 90% of recently acquired infections. At 8 weeks virtually all persons with recently acquired HIV will have positive tests, thus you can re-test at 8 weeks. A negative result (which is the result I anticipate you will get), should give you confidence that you did not get HIV from this exposure.
Avatar m tn You had no risk for HIV so your test was a waste of time - which is a good thing so you can move on from HIV. 2. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV since you don't have HIV. Maybe someone coughed germs on your lips, food or a door knob and you got a flu like everyone else does. 3. HIV is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching or oral activities.
Avatar n tn How much I can trust the 3/2 and 4/12 month HIV test results? 2. Do I need to still go for HIV test after 6 months? 3. What are things could cause above symptoms? 4. Any recommendations to see the type of doctor and the type of blood work to be done? 5. Where would be the best place to check the HIV / STD details.
Avatar f tn first i got nausea and white liquid saliva in morning then seizures,low level fever diarrhea rash it all takes 4 months now i am fine have no symptom except liquid saliva in morning which was first symptom i got hiv test that was negative have 1 and 2 antibody elisa i have no autoimmune disease no flu symtoms .Can hiv positive person gain hiv negative test after several months?
Avatar m tn I did have symptoms of a rash on my testicles and sore lymph nodes in my neck and a sore throat for about 3 months as well. So are those western blots at 4 and 4 1/2 months conclusively negative or could I be seroconverting early or showing symptoms after a quick asymptomatic phase. I have just went and got tested using an anti HIV 1 and 2 test. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn back in beggingin of october, i ad given a guy oral and swallowed, 3 months later he infomred he he was hiv+ in january, tested positive 2 weeks after we got together. Tested at 3 months via health departent Oraquick negative, and beginning of February, 4 months negative... I am a heavy smoker, and am wondering, if the chemicals in smoking can skew the results? The reason i ask, is i have read 6 months is rare...more for cemo and needle users. Ciggarretes have tons fo chemicals in them.
Avatar f tn pdf Page 11 #4 In an adult, a positive HIV antibody test result means that the person is infected, a person with a negative or inconclusive result may be in the “window for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure.
Avatar n tn I have explained my history and concern to my dermatologist and told her that I'm afraid I might be HIV positive. Unfortunately, I can't get tested for HIV where I live, else I'll lose my job and get deported. She suggested that we do a full Full Blood Count + WBC and Syphillis just to be sure and fortunately the results came out normal, nothing was detected. Last month, I had what I think was food poisoning (all the people I ate with had the same symptoms).