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665881 tn?1248930597 Started after my possible risk of contracting HIV about 1 yr ago. i got panick, stressed, anxious and guilt tho tested -ve numerous times until 9 mnths mark which were more than required according to experts in HIV forum. my condition worsen when i quit smoking 4 mnths after the incident. i experienced many symptoms related to anxiety even i can add to your list there.
3624762 tn?1349398652 A study that examined selenium levels in HIV-positive people showed people coinfected with HCV and HIV had lower levels of selenium than those who had only HIV.19 HIV infection is more likely to be fatal in a person who is selenium deficient.20 Clearly, having HCV, HIV, and low selenium is not a good combination. We know coinfected people experience an accelerated rate of disease progression.
144210 tn?1273092382 A study that examined selenium levels in HIV-positive people showed people coinfected with HCV and HIV had lower levels of selenium than those who had only HIV.19 HIV infection is more likely to be fatal in a person who is selenium deficient.20 Clearly, having HCV, HIV, and low selenium is not a good combination. We know coinfected people experience an accelerated rate of disease progression.
13100769 tn?1445372717 My only insurance is medicaid and I'm concerned that being on state insurance they will want me to take the less expensive medication with harsher side effects. Can anyone help me with this? I just want to know what I can say when I go in and if I still have the option to ask for one of the newer medications being on low income insurance. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn And my question isnt about when is someone on the verge of AIDS, but when would someone start noticing side effects of the progressing HIV. I've noticed on web sites they'll list a set of ARS symptoms and then symptoms of further HIV which also include similar things like weight loss, diarhea, headaches, muscle aches. But this time, these symptoms aren't because of ARS because they've already been infected for some time --but how long?
Avatar f tn, I don't think you have anything to worry about. You said you passed this person on the street, but this person did not bump into you, or lunge at you or even touch you, so I don't understand how you could think he'd have been able to jab you with a needle. You must have walked past many other people that day and weren't concerned that they had stuck you. Was it simply because this man was "grubby?
Avatar f tn I am now on medication for anxiety, but I have a fear of stepping on needles in the environment,however I read on these threads that even in a needle HIV wouldn't live long? Would that mean that in a number of hours HIV would die in a needle?
Avatar m tn are the trying to find out how far along I am with the HIV and what medication they are going to give me. I have read that just because I am HIV-postive and if I take my medication I may never have fully blown Aids is that correct if you know.
Avatar f tn So I decided to post this in order to provide hope and reassurance to those who have found themselves preoccupied with HIV due to a list of unrelenting symptoms during that anxiety-provoking window period. My story started following a brief unprotected sexual encounter. 3 weeks later I came down with a viral illness which hit me like a tonne of bricks - I had honestly never experienced illness like it before and was absolutely 1 million percent convinced I had contracted HIV.
Avatar f tn I have been on Atorvastatin Tabs 10mg for over a year and now my liver enzymes are high - ALT 79 and AST 41, along with numerous other lab test, including Hepatitis and HIV to rule out those. I am of the understanding that cholesterol meds cause damage to the liver. Should I worry? Now the doctor wants to order ultrasound to make sure there is nothing else going on that may be of concern. I am 56 and have had high cholesterol for the few years it has been checked, about 4 years now.
Avatar n tn Reading everyone's concerns on this message board (along with my concerns) I thought it might be a good experiment(and a helpful reference guide for everyone) to list ALL the symptoms they have had and ALL the tests that have come back normal and ALL the specialists they have seen that have concluded that it was all anxiety. If you can put it in a LIST FORM with no back story so it is easy to reference that would be great.
Avatar m tn However, you have already been tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea so there is no reason not to add HIV to the list of things you can be sure you don't have. At this time, 9 weeks following exposure, a single, standard HIV test will provide you definitive answers to whether or not you got HIV during your escapade. I predict it will be negative. Hope this evaluation and suggestion is helpful to you.
Avatar m tn That would be low on the priority list. Be sure to remain compliant with your regimen, take ALL of the medication, and keep in contact with your doctor. Once you get through this, I would recommend doing some thinking about your alcohol consumption. It sounds very much like you're drinking to excess, to the point where you're making very irresponsible decisions. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn One, because most people have very very overinflated views about HIV. The FACTS are, HIV is actually much rarer than people think, and is VERY difficult to get. The vast majority of people who end up infected consistently and frequently engage in very high risk behaviors (IV drug abuse, men having unprotected anal sex with other men). While it's POSSIBLE for someone to get infected by a one time heterosexual RARELY happens.
Avatar m tn First of all, do you know the status of the person?. Most sexual workers are not infected with HIV. You can contract HIV from a single exposure, it's that too frequent?. I don't really know but the thing is that if you were (indeed) exposed transmission depends on many factors the most important would be viral load (the quantity of virus in blood or sexual fluids).
Avatar m tn So in all you have a better chance of getting in a car accident in your lifetime than catching hiv from a sex worker. In addition, your already on medication and that would have cured most forms of stds. Also I think its too early for symptoms to show up from hiv and your more than likely feeling guilty and putting these ideas in your head which can cause headaches and lost of sleep.
Avatar n tn I have been reading on the internet and i feel like i went through the whole list of symptoms for an early hiv infection and I am becoming SERIOUSLY PARANOID ever since I found out hiv had flu-like symptoms!! thank-you in advance! P.s. I have not had any unsafe sex since then.
Avatar f tn If your penetration was unprotected, an antibody test at 3 months would be conclusive.
480448 tn?1426952138 I want to discuss the great oral sex debate. This is probably THE most common topic we see on the HIV forum. We get criticized a lot for stating that oral sex is "no risk". What people fail to understand is HOW we came to that conclusion. You have to look at the SCIENTIFIC facts, along with the statistics. I'm going to try to explain them to you...
Avatar f tn the tests to determine this was an ELISHA TEST and a WESTERN BLOT TEST. same tests used for HIV. could it be at all possible that I could have HIV and not Lyme disease and they were diagnosed wrong? Im freaking out and very worried.
Avatar n tn I know that I have asked some odd HIv questions, but I'm worried I could have gotten HIV from scratching someone. I was at a local minimart last night. When I reached to grab my change, I accidentially scratched the lady behind the counter. It appeared that I could have caused a cut on her hand. Ever since then I have been looking under my finger nail to see if I had an open wound and see if her blood could have gotten under my fingernail and into my system.
Avatar m tn Another very important fact now is that HIV,although a chronic disease is very manageable with ARV medication--it's not a death sentence anymore.
Avatar m tn But the OraQuick Advance package insert confirms that this is not true. The seroconversion panels list instances of plasma that were non reactive until 48, 61, 112 days. I've also read many personal accounts stating that they did not test positive until past 2 months using EIA/Rapid antibody tests. There are also studies that confirm a 6-8 week window period is not sufficient, ie Steckler, Swenson, etc "HIV Testing in a High Incidence Population: Is Antibody Testing Alone Good Enough?
Avatar f tn i am high risk for HIV, and i have some symptoms (some of these aren't your standard symptoms you hear about, but i found them on a site as symptoms and i do have them so i will list them): 1) thrush 2) genital warts 3) had a white spot in mouth once, after taking a drink, and it went away about an hour later 4) last time i was sick was shortly after last summer, during my promiscuous times, and it took me 4 months to recover (bronchitis & pneumonia) although i kept smoking (weed) the whole
Avatar n tn See, it is told by many hiv specialists that and hiv-2 infection is often caught even by hiv-1 elisa. It may give an indeterminate results. Is it possible that same thing applies for all the Group M strains while performing a PCR test. I mean that the PCR may give an indeterminate result if the person is infected with a Group M subtype but the test in particular does not look for it. I have tried asking you this question before but never heard back.
Avatar m tn They also send people for xrays to find out the state of their lungs if the problem is not resolved within a few weeks and after medication. In my view you are too obsessed with this China HIV type of illness. You are going round in circles. I have already made it clear to you that the researchers (like you said) do not know anything about this illness and it says that on the web site too. I already explained to you the reasons what have contributed to your depression.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. You don't mention HIV testing. Considering your concerns and your doctor's, presumably that's in the works. If so, you can expect negative results. (If testing hasn't been ordered, of course that's the thing to do.) Contrary to your statement, you have not experienced symptoms that suggest HIV; for sure you have not had "every symptom of HIV".
Avatar m tn After some reading online, it seems that this medication may delay the HIV seroconversion. Does this mean that HIV symptoms would also be delayed or minimized? I understand that I will not be sure until I take an HIV test, but I am hoping for some peace of mind until I get tested at the 3 month mark.
Avatar m tn how long does it take for the virus to transfer finally, 5. if its not HIV, I certainly wish it is not HIV..then what could it be ..?? these usual appearance of rash all suddenly. they don't itch neither are they accompanied by fever. I have lost sleep, not able to concentrate on work ..tough times ahead. 12 weeks is indeed a long time. any help will be highly appreciated. ya lot are doing some wonderful social work.