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Avatar f tn ok i did hiv test at 8 months and 12 days it came negetive bu my legs and abit my arms are becaming skiny before i ws a body builder and i never worked on my leg it was big enough before now its becomeing so thin and i have fat only on my chest and stomace im sacerd that if i have HIV/AIDS and Lipodystrophy i dont have fat at the back of my neck tiill now and my face no skin problem only my chin is becoming more i never had skinny legs ever fat in my body is messed up legs are small upe r
Avatar m tn did you have a risk that you would like to ask about?
Avatar m tn I am also aware that HIV is not diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, but I was wondering whether face fat loss and redistribution of fat is caused by early HIV infection, anti-retro viral medications or long-term HIV infection that has progressed to AIDS?
Avatar m tn You never had an HIV risk and your negative tests prove it.
Avatar n tn While you wait for the doctor's reply, thought I'd just mention that 1. you don't have HIV, as evidenced by a negative test at 15 weeks, and 2. lipodystrophy isn't associated with HIV, but with the meds used to treat HIV. I also wonder if anyone actually diagnosed you with lipodystrophy. Sometimes our perception of our bodies and what's normal doesn't mesh with objective reality. As for the weight gain, some people eat more when they're anxious/depressed.
Avatar f tn I am pretty sure from self diagnosis that i may have a wart or two but not completely sure. But i am really worried about the HIV. Can you help me in any way? I do not get tired just on the train i knock out because i wake up at 5 in the morning everyday for work. I have had diahreea a couple of times in that month period but i really think it was from food i ate because it lasted only for a day but am scared about that too....
Avatar m tn 1/ could it be a new strain of hiv virus causing my symptoms and the hiv A/b test coul not pick up?I had done PCR RNA Hiv1 It is <20 undetectable, should I do PCR RNA Hiv2 test to make sure it is not hiv2. 2/ If it is not Hiv then what other pathogens which I could get infected from cunilingus causing the Hiv unique Lipodystrophy ? 3/ Please help me to advice me what I should now ? Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I read that only HIV was found to be responsible for lunula recession.Worst of all I suffer lipodystrophy and I read on a forum that not only hıv drugs but hiv itself can cause body shape changes.I read the complaints of poz people who are not taking treatment.What do you think? What can I do? Are there any tests I sould get? Please help!
Avatar m tn Hi Teak are you for real? I sure hope so :( I am sitting here so worried should I take the Combivir if I can get it filled tomorrow?
Avatar m tn Hello again people, Well I think I am out in the clear but i stll can't shake a couple of things that keep me wondering.I went and had an HIV test in June and it came back negative or so they said.My worries are this! 1. Has anyone ever heard of a doctor telling someone they are HIv negative just to give them peace of mind so they would stop worrying about it.....and risk a malpractice law suit? 2.
7510956 tn?1411671417 I had some anxiety when I started since I read couple of negatives towards second generation protease inhibitors( diabetes, cholesterol issues, lipodystrophy) hope all turns out okay. Another concern is my knee and shoulder, I had several surgeries and they been good for years but I read that Olysio can cause muscle pain and inflammation of the joints. Has anyone had issues with joints?
540876 tn?1213923697 Hello. My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with ALS. Of course we all do not want this to be true, but I am truly skeptical. He is now 50 as of this year. Here is a little history that may have some affect: In the 1970's he was hit over the head with a steel pipe & had brain surgery. Shortly after that he developed a large fat deposit at the base of his neck on his back. Doctors have always dismissed this as a "fatty tumor" or other things.
Avatar m tn One well-regarded dermo I saw mentioned lipodystrophy or possible connective tissue disorder and thought a biopsy might make things worse. I think others may be recommending a biposy as the only possibility for diagnosing this, but I have not been told what they hope to find, so I am holding off and trying to get more answers from endocrine tests, etc.
Avatar m tn 2)I’ve danced with about 30 to 40 woman in the space of time of 6 months in discos / pick up bar where people dance like ballads, and two of them looked to have lipodystrophy (thin arms, neck and cheeks) so I assume they all have HIV and are on antiretroviral drugs. Since I’ve danced with those girls, holding them and rubbing my penis on them with our clothes on, is there any transmission risk?
Avatar m tn In general, facial loss of fat is manifested by sunken cheeks, hollow eyes, even indentations. It is called facial lipodystrophy/lipoatrophy. Mild to moderate clinical forms are seen in advanced age, and sometimes in healthy, young individuals (for example: marathon runners). More severe forms are associated with HIV infection and treatment of it. Nowadays, there are effective treatment options for correction of signs of facial fat loss. Wishing You Optimal Health, Dr.
Avatar f tn Insulin, heparin, just about any subQ injection can cause lipodystrophy. You need to use lots of injection sites and rotate them on a regular basis. Try not to go back to the same spot for at least a month.
Avatar m tn I found out 6 months ago that I was HIV positive. The news came as a complete shock to me as I have had very few sex partners and always had safe sex. Since I found out, I had be incredibly sad and indescribably lonely. I've been forced to change career paths (the one I had dreamt of my entire life requires a medical clearance), I can't bear going out, and I cry virtually all day long.
Avatar m tn A choice was made to treat hiv because at that time thrre was nothing to slow it down also. Hiv has thevability to enter every cell not just cd4 lymphocytes and cause damage. With hbv there was no need to give us these hard drugs. They did it to make even more money. Despite the fact that interferon was and still is best for us. It is the truth. Google the facts on nucs what they were originally developed to treat for.
Avatar m tn Honestly it looks like I have lipodystrophy of the face, similar to what HIV meds cause. My temples, cheeks (below the zygoma) and undereyes have gone concave. My zygomatic arch has become very prominent. I have read that Rhabdomylosis is common with MDMA. That is the only answer that I can come up with here. Possible my muscles of mastication atrophied, but this doesnt really make sense either because it looks like I have lost fat from all over my face, much more like lipodystrophy.
Avatar m tn There are attached, subcutis no convincing picture of lipodystrophy, no pannikulitpicture, no fatty acids or elements of foamcells. The dermal dyeings can be consistent with localized scleroderma, on the other hand patches of "busy dermis" similar image with increased number of fibroblast-like cells and possibly histocyter interstiellt between the collagenous fibers, changes also seen in the deep part of the dermis. This image recalls that seen in interstiell granumatös drug reaction.