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Avatar m tn org/wiki/HIV#Prognosis quotes studies showing a life-time expectancy of as much as 50 years from infection. There is undoubtly going to be great further advances in HIV treatment in the years to come. And some scientists haven't even given up on finding a functional cure or even drugs that would allow full erradication of HIV from the body.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what is the life expectancy of someone who has chronic hepatitis B?
Avatar m tn Only her doctor can give you an idea of what her life expectancy is. For me, I think it's about quality of life. I don't know if I'd put her through radiation at her age. This is a very personal thing, but I feel very strongly about this. I've known many much younger people who endured all the chemo and radiation for cancer, only to still die from the cancer. So what life they had left was spent being miserably sick. It's a big decision for you. Take care....
Avatar m tn - worse things happen to people than becoming positve, everyone will be faced with some sort of challenge or tragedy in their life, you cant expect to escape it and it is what make us appreciate life more. life expectancy with hiv is about 50 years at the moment and new treatments have recently been devoloped that are started to attack even the dormant progress is still happening AIDS will just be a minor ailment soon maybe even totally cured.
Avatar n tn What is the projected life expectancy of an 81 year old in good health except for COPD?
Avatar m tn I was wondering what the average life expectancy is for someone who is bipolar? I've done some research online and I was unable to figure out if having bipolar affects your life expectancy or not. There wasn't a lot of information available about it, but I imagine that's because there are a lot of factors that go into determining that.
Avatar f tn severe hypoxemia, 80 -85 % blood oxygen. what is the life expectancy? female 58 years old.
Avatar f tn I doubt very highly he is a transplant option. Any advice or helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Even a life expectancy - whether good or bad would be nice. He's not on oxygen at this time.
Avatar f tn Since I cannot speak with doctors and I cannot take time off from work to visit on a regular basis, what would her life expectancy be, since she is refusing to stop the drinking?
Avatar f tn I believe each person is different. But, if you have been diagnosed with cancer it is important to start treatment as soon as possible to stop progression of the disease, it can only get worse not better. And survival depends on many factors such as, the stage, the grade of the cancer cells (1, 2, 3.....
Avatar f tn what is the life expectancy of a person who was just diagnosed with alzheimers at 90?
Avatar f tn Since we have a similar hx and tx, I wanted to respond. Drs dont like to give us life expectancy answers, do they? We know they are right when they say it is all relative, it all depends on so-and-so, etc etc. but we still want a statistically based ball-park figure, right? I want to hear things like "You have a 70% chance of recurrence within 3-5 years," or "56% of those who have a similar recurrence will die within the following 2 years.
Avatar n tn Hi, The chemotherapy would have immediate and delayed effects. Some of the immediate side effects like nausea and vomiting already have fairly good medications to counter the adverse experience of treatment. The other symptoms such as fatigability still need much work (put another way, this is something the patient has to deal with). The best demonstration of the treatment working would be to identify some of the symptoms before.
Avatar n tn I am interested in finding out what is the average life expectancy of people having HBV? I acquired the infection at an age of 29 years.....I am now 31 years old.....I am Hbeag -ve, Hbsag +ve, Anti Hbeag +ve, HBV load 3400 copies/ml how bad does this look?
323615 tn?1226193396 Hi Bev, I am sorry to hear that your mother is not doing well. I find estimating life expectancy to very difficult. I have seen people be given months to live and make it more than 10 years and others be given years and make it months. It is a very humbly aspect of medicine. Your doctor probably thinks life expectancy is less than 6 months because they have ordered hospice. I can't give you a good answer on the question of how long and if she will be here for Christmas.
Avatar n tn You really don't want to look for a specific answer to "life expectancy" you need to find out what his doctor plans for treatment and follow that plan. For some folks the time is long and others not so long.......depends! Best of again.
Avatar n tn I want to know, and cant find any information on what I can expect as far as life expectancy of this child with this severe and rare defect. Would you guide me to a website, or share with me any studies you may know about that will give me an idea of what I can expect? My daughter is in complete denial and is holding on to believing this little girl will live a long and productive life. The little I've been able to find on the subject indicates this is not the case.
Avatar n tn There truly is no range, no life expectancy, nothing. It can steal your life at any time, with or without warning. It might be today, tomorrow, years down the road? My suggestion...RECOVERY!!
Avatar f tn If you start taking available medications if required and regularly monitoring your liver, it doesnt affect your life expectancy. No need to worry much. I know few people who has this disease since 35 years and they are mire than 75 years.