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Avatar m tn I kiss a prostitute a normal kiss of lovers with afraid because i have a gum problem not so serious.. So i took a hiv Ag Ab (CMIA)after (87 days) ..the result is NON reactive or i have to take again?? is there any chance to be positive??
Avatar m tn i posted on the doctor forum about french kissing and he said you can not get hiv through kissing but when he found out she had hiv he change the answer from the one he gave me first and then he started talking about viral loads and if you kiss her alot you would have a small chance of getting hiv. if you cant get hiv from kissing it should not matter if she has it or not they should give the same answer. what do you think about it ?
Avatar n tn s fear of friends, English may not be good for a doctor to help me look at my behavior. My behavior was half a minute with foot technician tongue kiss, very hard nipples sucked half a minute of each other, no other act, she detected 11 days 22 days testing overcast overcast I also continue to test it with?
Avatar n tn if the her saliva gets into my cuts inside my mouth . would it give me hiv?
Avatar m tn You cannot get HIV from a handjob or kissing. So you didn't need an HIV test, although anyone who is sexually active should get one. So you can get on with your life and get married.
Avatar n tn Testing would be a waste of time. All you did was kiss a girl. You really need to learn about HIV risks if you want to stay sane and have any kind of relations with the opposite sex. HIV is transmitted sexually through unprotected penetrative sexual intercourse. It can only be transmitted this way because HIV is not active and does not survive outside the body. It is also not present in infectious quantities in saliva and saliva has over a dozen proteins that inhibit it.
Avatar n tn i kissed someone hiv positive....was a french the time i didnt know he was positive so i am not sure i had any sores in my mouth but i really dont think so... we only kissed twice... whats my risk of having contracted Hiv?
Avatar m tn * This HIV Community is a place to discuss HIV Prevention based upon the criteria established by MedHelp’s doctors. * Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusively negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to action by MedHelp. Conclusively negative results or a no-risk situation will be based upon the criteria established by MedHelp’s doctors.
Avatar m tn It doesn't matter even if she is positive because what you engaged in is not a risk for HIV transmission.
Avatar n tn I kissed him after he touched his mouth and his dick. I was worried about I would be dangerous to kiss him if there is some percum om his lip. And after he cum , he washed his hand and mouth, we kissed again . I am afraid that may there was some blood in his mouth. Anytime we kissed was not French , just use our lip without tongue. Is that dangerous ?
Avatar m tn as ı was tested one year ago for another kind of suspicion about hiv and got negative and as being experienced!!! about hiv, i did not kiss her after brushing my teeth, or ı think so.. she is not CSW, pros. or etc. but i do not know her sexual activities before me. now, ı have fever for one and a half week and in this period of time ı am also weak and ı have sore throat..these symphtomps began to occur after 9 days from the first deep french kiss.
Avatar m tn I had a negative HSV test years ago, so I am concerned that this exposure puts me at risk for primary HSV infection (likely HSV-1). I washed my face and lips with soap and an alcohol hand wash 2 hours after the kiss. I talked with my physician the next day and he thought I had relatively low risk of getting oral HSV infection and started valcyclovir 1g tid for 7 days and said I could get another blood test for HSV titers two weeks after the exposure.
Avatar m tn hi guys i had a massage she suck my dick, and i kissed her a french kiss i pit her nibbels and kiss her possy but i kiss her possy over her underwear i was drunk and i'm very worried from HIV some one advice me please
Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum. I'm happy to help. I understand your concern, given that your partner has HIV. However, you really need not be worried. These events were exceedingly low risk, if there was any risk at all; most likely there was truly no risk. Do you know anything more about your partner's HIV infection? When was it diagnosed? Is he on treatment for HIV? If on treatment, do you know how well controlled his infection is? If he is on treatment and has a low viral load (i.e.
Avatar m tn I know kiss (not deeply) is considered to be no risk for HIV infection,but what about some people's lip will crack in winter because of dryness?it may be bleeding ,so is it still safe to kiss between two pelple both have their lip cracked,one of them is HIV positive, that's my question,thanks!
Avatar m tn There is absolutely NO RISK for HIV transmission from kissing. Period. No ifs, ands. or buts. NO RISK and NO NEED TO TEST.
Avatar n tn this is most likely a silly question, but just wanted to make sure. would a kiss on the cheek from someone with a cut or blood on their lip be a non- risk? my thought would be that it would be a non risk. just would like to know if this is the same non- risk situation as kissing in general?