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Avatar f tn No. HIV is transmitted by having unprotected vaginal/anal sex with an HIV positive person or sharing needles.
Avatar n tn Your chances are zero. HIV is not spread in this way. Silva does not spread HIV and is actually known to inhibit the transfer of HIV and so the mouth is a very hostile place for HIV. You had no exposure and there are plenty of posts on this forum that will further reassure you.
Avatar m tn I kiss a prostitute a normal kiss of lovers with afraid because i have a gum problem not so serious.. So i took a hiv Ag Ab (CMIA)after (87 days) ..the result is NON reactive or i have to take again?? is there any chance to be positive??
Avatar m tn i posted on the doctor forum about french kissing and he said you can not get hiv through kissing but when he found out she had hiv he change the answer from the one he gave me first and then he started talking about viral loads and if you kiss her alot you would have a small chance of getting hiv. if you cant get hiv from kissing it should not matter if she has it or not they should give the same answer. what do you think about it ?
Avatar n tn I am from China's fear of friends, English may not be good for a doctor to help me look at my behavior. My behavior was half a minute with foot technician tongue kiss, very hard nipples sucked half a minute of each other, no other act, she detected 11 days 22 days testing overcast overcast I also continue to test it with?
Avatar m tn 6) The girl that kissed me was very sketchy and probably very high risk for other STDs – Am I right to assume near zero risk for HIV from a deep / french kiss? The fact that I may have gotten HSV doesn't change that does it? Guess I am a little worried about that too – if I had a kanker sore at the time might that increase risk for HIV transmission? My concerns may seem extreme for a kiss, but I am very worried about how this might affect my life - worries about spreading this to others.
Avatar n tn i kissed someone hiv positive....was a french the time i didnt know he was positive so i am not sure i had any sores in my mouth but i really dont think so... we only kissed twice... whats my risk of having contracted Hiv?
Avatar n tn Testing would be a waste of time. All you did was kiss a girl. You really need to learn about HIV risks if you want to stay sane and have any kind of relations with the opposite sex. HIV is transmitted sexually through unprotected penetrative sexual intercourse. It can only be transmitted this way because HIV is not active and does not survive outside the body. It is also not present in infectious quantities in saliva and saliva has over a dozen proteins that inhibit it.
Avatar n tn hello What is the risk of hiv from a kiss. I'll try to explain it the best I can. I do not know the hiv status of the other person just know she was a stripper. And gave me a small open mouth kiss not deep, just a kind of lip touching and a few bumps the the tongue can't remember if my tongue was in her mouth or not kind of outside kiss if you get it. Tongue touch I guess you could call it, lasted about 20 -30 seconds or so. Both where drinking so hard to say if there was blood or not.
Avatar m tn There is absolutely NO RISK for HIV transmission from kissing. Period. No ifs, ands. or buts. NO RISK and NO NEED TO TEST.
Avatar m tn dear sir last friday i just went to a night club i drinked till i got drunk and then i danced with a lady which i did,nt know her before and while dancing she gave me a strong hug and she kissed and licked my neck around my ear two times for less than aminute ,,,, when i came back to my home i noticed two very small scraches on the lower part of my neck because of shaving 6 hours before the kiss ,,,,,,,, and i am not sure if she kissed there also ,,,, even i dont know if she is hiv postive
Avatar n tn KISS WITH HIV, Dear: last night i have french kiss with a girl. i don't konw her is hiv postive or not. from medhelp i know,it is no risk with kiss, even blood or canker. but i just want konw, if both i and the girl have blood in mouth and exchanged. so why it is no riks for hiv? or maybe just theoretical?
Avatar n tn hello Dr ,am so worried as am writing this incidence to you,my incidence goes this way , I had a protected sex with lady,and i did have a wet lips kiss with her and i have gum sores and some cuts in my lips and inner mouth which was not bleeding but did not heal because am experiencing pains,latter she told me that she is HIV positive.
Avatar m tn This week, I got very serious diarrhea, so that is why I am so worried about my HIV status. Are there any risks for HIV infections from those kisses. I am going to get tested next weeks, 2 weeks after exposure to ensure that I am not infected by HIV. Thank you very much for you answer in advance.
Avatar m tn This week, I got very serious diarrhea and sort of fever, so that is why I am so worried about my HIV status. Are there any risks for HIV infections from those situation. I am going to get tested, HIV PCR test, next weeks when it is 2 weeks after exposure to the risk to ensure that I am not infected by HIV. Moreover, I am going to have Antibody test when it become 4,6,12 weeks as well. Of course, you advise is needed. Thank you very much for you answer in advance.
Avatar m tn is there any chance if i kiss a girl who have HIV? mouth to mouth kissing cause the reason for getting HIV? also if i use my toung in her vagina.... is there any chance?
Avatar f tn Good Evening, Is it possible to be infeceted with hep B or hiv performing a french kiss?. I made french kiss to a girl and I dont now if her gums were bleeding or something like that.
Avatar n tn if the her saliva gets into my cuts inside my mouth . would it give me hiv?
Avatar f tn Everything was happy till 3.5 weeks before , then i kissed a girl was just a french kiss briefly & got oral HSV , its really making anxious, the more important issue is of HIV, i asked, read every forum where they say no but theoretical risk, never know that blood was involved or not, DOCTOR suggested to go for DNA PCR test after 28 days , this really makes me worry? i really dont know what to do?/ can some body help as i got HSV its makes my mind to have HIV too. really **** life......
Avatar m tn Hi I french kiss a unknown girl for 2 or 3 hrs at a bar, myself having a gum disease for 1 year which is fairly deep at tonsil area kindly advice any risk if she had blood in her mouth and pass on to my mouth
Avatar m tn NO risk.
Avatar m tn You cannot get HIV from a handjob or kissing. So you didn't need an HIV test, although anyone who is sexually active should get one. So you can get on with your life and get married.