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Avatar m tn Have the results of the British Medical Journal study of 2000 on circumcision been validated or is there new information on transmission and circumcision??? As always would app. Teaks answer... New member..
644974 tn?1312758070 Are you trying to write a journal through the Journal interface or through the Tracker interface? On My MedHelp, on the Journals panel, you should see a link that says, Write a new journal entry. If you click that, you should see a form that has text boxes for Title, Journal Entry and Tags. Do you see that?
976084 tn?1270872439 I don't want to copy and paste what I wrote in my journal but if someone thinks they might want to help me can you please read it. Thank you for anyone who actually does...
Avatar m tn anyone else doing a pregnancy journal for their child to read once they're older?:) I've been pretty loyal to mine.:) I hope my son will enjoy and appreciate it once he is older.
Avatar f tn I have a quick question about this particular part of the journal by Nursegirl. "Medical Exposures. You cannot and will not EVER be infected by a medical procedure, like having your blood drawn, or an IV inserted. Medical professionals do NOT re-use needles, period. Mainly because if they did, they would be placing themselves at risk for all kinds of infections, and they simply wouldn't do that.
3610552 tn?1408573039 Is anyone buying their baby a journal and writing to them I am this is my third baby and I cant wait to start ♡
Avatar n tn What's the best pregnancy journal out there that you have used or recommended? Walmart has a my belly book looks nice!! I'm six weeks almost seven so need one now..
Avatar n tn What's the best pregnancy journal out there that you have used or recommended? Walmart has a my belly book looks nice!! I'm six weeks almost seven so need one now..
Avatar f tn My mom kept a pregnancy journal when she was pregnant with me and the twins. I've been thinking about starting one for my first pregnancy (11 weeks now). Have any of you ladies started one? What do you write? How often? Looking for some creative ideas-I'm really bad at writing in a journal every day but I want to create something to look back on!
Avatar f tn I think so...I think if they want the journal private...there is a box to click...i have never read anyone's journal so really not sure...
147426 tn?1317265632 Often when I am doing a deep analysis of someone's question, I go to their journal and look at the posts they've done. I know other people do this too. I would love to see an indication of which posts were "initial questions" that is, started by that person. Those are most often the ones containing the most information.
Avatar m tn I thought I would make a journal about my recovery so everyone can see if they want to or not lol... This is just a way of expressing myself. Love peace and for the love of god stay clean... Journal by CK Monday August 13th- A day after going on a coke bing I decided to go to my first N/A meeting. At first I was a little sckepitcal about it. I had invisioned one of Emiem's videos where he gets behind a podemn and tells his life in music video.
349465 tn?1289081764 I don't know what is wrong with me. I cannot find how to make a Journal Entry now in my profile area. Any help would be appreciated.
644988 tn?1236364548 Hi, I would like to be able to access my journal by tracker, fot example to print off a summary of all my "mood" related tracker journal entries. It helps to take my mood tracker to my CPN and would be helpful to print off the relevant journals, likewise am using the sleep journal as a dream journal and would like to see these in isolation, rather than mixed up .
535822 tn?1443976780 To our members here would you read gymdandee's journal it is something we should all know about,
1285110 tn?1420147378 I dont seem to be able to see where or how I can add journal entries to my weight tracker - its all a bit different since the last time I was here.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know where I can buy a pregnancy Journal? One that has prompts and asks questions, not a blank one!
5071698 tn?1436498808 is there an issue with it? It used to be that you could choose between a tracker journal and a general journal entry. Has something changed?
Avatar m tn in that journal it is said hiv can be transmitted by a single is opinion based journal, not completely fact based.
Avatar m tn Just wondering why and how it is not possible to get hiv from giving oral sex to a man. I know I am negative but just curious why it is not possible. I took my final in home test at 6 months and negative.
Avatar n tn Tejomae - you have posted to questions asking if you can catch HIV from someone who ISN'T Hiv positive - For starters - you can only aquire HIV from someone who is HIV positive themselves. Also - oral sex and fingering a girl are NO RISK situations. For you to catch HIV you would either - - have unprotected sex (vaginal or anal) with a person who is HIV positive or - - share IV injecting equipment with someone who is HIV positive. Hope that clears up your confusion.
Avatar n tn I read a medical journal from 1994 saying that beta2 microglobulin can be used as a proxy for hiv infection when hiv tests are not available (90% of hiv+ patients had high levels of beta2). my beta2 is at the low end of the normal spectrum. is it safe to assume that i am hiv- considering that i had a risky exposure approx.
Avatar m tn t find such the case on internet (journal,articles,etc) 2) It might be occured in hiv positive but with clinical sympthom (based on journal) but my case, I am not HIV positive and I didn't suffer from any kind of clinical sympthom during my seroligical relapse 3) If it was neurosyphilis then my previous syphilitic titer would not decreased that well.
Avatar f tn I wrote a journal on this very subject and co-infection between Hiv and HCV has no effect on the Hiv window period or delayed seroconversion.