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Avatar m tn hi good day iam so sick i just belive i contract hiv my live is hell here am from jamaica ni think i have from the 16 of july 2013 i do a test n the 28 of oct last months n it came negitive but iam worried about the six months mark my life seem dead here
Avatar m tn 3 from antobody/antigen and he told me he was almost hiv and he got some hiv but not all of it. is there something like getting hiv a little bit but not fully? or should i believe my 5 month 0.18 result after this very risky exposure to jamaican CSW. Also could you explain me what this 0.18 stands for because it makes me nervous about my hiv status. Last question: do i need to get tested again or should i trust my result completely and have unprotected sex with my future wife.
Avatar n tn and if you are worried or something make an HIV test and wait for the resaults goodluck from stephanie
Avatar n tn It's not HIV related. If you were to have ARS you wouldn't have just one symptom.
Avatar m tn hi iam from jamaica n i think i contract hiv from the 16 of july 2013 iam so worried i took a test at the healt centre n the 28 of oct last months n i came negitive but it was the finger prick test but i just dont know if it is ok or the test dont do good i was feeling a better but i came across the internet that say it take six months to show in blood n same time i started to feel sick sick again n right now iam so sick low energy headaces my jaw hurt from about 5 days now i check my blood p
Avatar m tn thanks rain i realy did want know that that mean my 14 n 16 week test is good then two test can wrong i dont think iam that bad luckied because i realy want want to have a great christmas so you think testing is done for me then iam good because if i realy go n take a next test n it came hiv + i know i would walk in to fast driving truck n end my life because people is watching me hard here as i walk people start talk behind my back look at him you seem a walk a big hiv victim him in jamaica h
1704176 tn?1308050014 Hi Dr, I have already tested positive for the HIV...however, I have lots of questions and no one to ask. Is it possible for a circumsized man to be a carrier of the virus and it not affect him in any way shape or form but he is able to transfer or infect whoever he comes into contact with? I have read that sometimes the first signs of the infection can be mistaken for flu which is then ignored and when it goes away, that person is none the wiser to knowing that they are infected.
4449049 tn?1354743999 it will be a viral infection..but takes up to 4 or 6 months to show u have hiv.. but its hard to have transmitted hiv wit a condo m so u should be safe.
Avatar n tn I was kinda drunk in jamaica and if i dont remember wrong it was a vaginal exposure in jamaica to a CSW for probably a minute or 2, ( due to condom broke ) I got very anxious. It also could be anal exposure but i am not sure. Same day i had burning feeling in penis and next day i had pain at the tip of my penis. the pain lasted for 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn The headline to your question is "is it HIV?". The answer is no. I say this with confidence because of your test results. A negative blood test at 10.5 weeks proves that you did not get HIV from the exposures you describe and there is no need for further testing. Given your test results, your questions about symptoms and their relationship to HIV are irrelevant and if they are troubling you, you should discuss them with your own doctor.
Avatar m tn Hi there, I have become extremely worried (actually obsessed) with the fact that I may have HIV.... I am American but traveled to Jamaica on vacation where i had a one night stand with a bartender. I was intoxicated (really not proud of this) and cannot completely remember if he kept the condom on the whole time. I got an extreme case of diarrhea which lasted for about two months upon my return.
Avatar f tn I am a circumcised 29yo male living in Jamaica. On March 25,2008, I was about to have sex with my 23yo coworker in the bathroom. I tried to enter the vagina repeatedly without a condom. I am uncertain whether there was any penetration. We stopped since the space was cramped and we were standing. I had protected sex three times with this person. Since then I have been anxious and stressed about my HIV status.
Avatar n tn There is no scientific evidence that HIV is spread through oral sex. The quoted figure for HIV risk, if one has oral sex with an infected partner is less than 1 in 10,000 and, in my estimation that is too high. This estimate is theoretical. Some experts, including us, state there is virtually no risk at all from oral sex. Neither of us on this site have ever seen or reading the medical literature of a convincing instance in which HIV was passed by oral sex.
Avatar m tn It happened in jamaica with a girl of unknown hiv status...she said she was negative.... Approximatly 5.5 months later i got a cold for about 2 days....and about 3 weeks after this got a redness in the throat and back of mouth area that has not gone away after 3 months. Sometimes my muscles are sore but this could be the football, squash, and running i do every week...maybe...i went to the doctor and he thought it might be an allergic reaction buts the medication did not work...
Avatar n tn I definitely did not have intercourse or oral sex with her but, at most, I MAY have fingered her (I say MAY because I was blacked out drunk and do not remember... hence this post). And, as you know, Jamaica has fairly rampant HIV/AIDS... I could only imagine the statistic for strip club workers. Would this have possibly exposed me to HIV? The next day, I knocked the cut and it began to bleed again so I would imagine that, if I did finger her that night, it would have split open again.
Avatar n tn While rates of HIV may be relatively high in Negril odds are still that your dancer friend did not have HIV. Remember, in the Caribbean, the highest rates of HIV among high risk groups is 10%. Thus odds are strong that she did not have HIV, even if you did manage to stick your finger into her vagina.
Avatar m tn Hi doctor.I'm from Jamaica and sometime ago a guy who is hiv positive performed unprotected oral Sex on me for about twenty minutes.Well I didn't ejaculate in his mouth but I think he had blood in his mouth and after when he told me of his status,he said I couldn't catch hiv from being sucked.But I became sick two weeks after with a sore throat,fever 38 and swollen lymph nodes in my neck and weight loss.I was very worried and was placed on xanax and paxil for anxity.
Avatar f tn It seems that several things are worrying you- that you had sex with a partner whose partner is promiscuous and that you and afterward, at varying times, each of you has had a flu-like illness. To be honest, none of this is particularly high risk and when you also inform me that she had a negative HIV test five weeks after your exposure, the risk that either of you becomes vanishingly rare. let's look at some of the details. 1.
Avatar n tn I would check an HIV/AIDS support forum. This here's for HCV folk. Please excuse me if you do have HCV, just wasn't sure by the sounds of your post. But as was mentioned above, candida (yeast) is the cause of oral thrush most...all?... of the time, so maybe you should check that out. Good luck finding your answers!
Avatar m tn 4 - Could a UTI have caused listed symptoms or is it definitely an STD ? 5 - What are the chances of contracting an STD from an HIV infected partner yet NOT contracting HIV ? how much different is the transmission and yes I do know that an STD makes passing it easier but its the same vaginal fluid that would cause the STD right? so it needs to enter my body just the same, so could the STD enter yet not the HIV ?
17584949 tn?1458073942 I had sex May 4,2016 we use condom but my mind have thé best of me about thé condom burst i ask him hé told me no but i did à SD Hiv 1/2 test yesterday which is négative that would be 7 week n i read something that doctor told someone that 4-8 weeks can be relible. Right now i have thé flu so please let me know If Texting early with that result is à good start.
Avatar f tn does heat rash is a port of hiv syemtoms,can I catch hiv by a condom burst?...
Avatar f tn here is my story i have a boyfriend who cheated on me last february with a prostitute in jamaica (vaginal sex ) and the condom broke he confessed to me and tested negative for hiv after 10.
Avatar m tn A quick search indicates HIV is endemic there and that as many as 20-30% of MSM in Jamaica are HIV+. I gave him oral sex for around 15 minutes, which was fairly vigourous! There was no ejaculation in my mouth. I have pretty poor dental health. Over the past few days I have had diarrhoea (which up to now has been cleared up by a few over the counter pills), a swelling in my throat and intermittent headaches.
Avatar f tn I had a HIV blood test 3 weeks after possible exposure and it was negative. About 3 years ago I went through this same experience after a trip to Jamaica and sex with a sex worker. Had prolonged diarrhea and drove myself crazy with hiv test and symptoms. It turned out to be a bacterial infection after a endoscopy. I am taking antibiotics for my current bout with diarrhea. I have been worring myself sick and have been having headaches. I plan on having another HIV test soon.
Avatar m tn Hello, I live in Jamaica and had a HIV test done at exactly 49 days after becoming worried about the status of a girl I had been with. The results came back negative. But the lab told me that I should come back at in a couple weeks time. 1. Would a test at 49 days be conclusive? 2. Is my result likely to change at the next testing.
Avatar m tn the exposure you describe is low risk. Most commercial sex workers in Jamaica do not have HIV. Even is she did, the risk of the expsoure you describe is very low risk - effectively no risk from receipt of oral sex or from rubbing and, IF she was infected (doubtful), a single episode of vaginal intercourse with an infected partner only leads to infection once in every thousand acts of intercourse and in your case, the risk would be even lower, given how short your exposure was.
Avatar n tn I assume you are a woman and are speaking of vaginal sex. Your risk of HIV is extremely low; even if your partner had HIV, from the exposure you describe the chance you would get infected is well under one in 1000. And since the odds are he wan't infected, the risks are even lower. That said, most people who get nervous about such circumstances benefit from being tested for HIV. The negative results often are more helpful than any verbal reassurance.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. HHH 44 days ago I had a brief vaginal exposure to a Jamaican CSW. I was the insertive partner however condom broke. After I heard a sound and felt that something is wrong I took my penis out of her vagina. 50 hours later the exposure I get into tests for chlymadia and geonerhea. Do you think that 50 hours is enough to get tested negative for those STDs ? Also I get tested for HIV, 3 and 6 weeks after the exposure. They were both non reactive.
Avatar n tn Your negative test is proof that your exposures in Jamaica did not give you HIV. There is no need for re-testing. Ear infections are not suggestive of HIV. Blood lymphocyte levels are highly variable. I would not worry about your minimal elevation of lymphocytes. In addition, it may be comforting to point out that in HIV, if anything. lymphocyte counts get low, not high (and this takes years to occur). You need not worry.