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Avatar n tn I have been symptom free but today I too experienced frequency in urinating and immediately went to a clinic for treatments. Is there an incubation period where she should be ok since it was so soon?
Avatar m tn Was originally thought that the course of true incubation period of the virus in the HIV genome into the host passively placed. Later it was found that certain cells ( DCs ) in the context of institutions are covered by a virus , and thus can not be seen even at the stage of virus in the blood , high levels in the body . Whether this is the case ?
Avatar n tn As it is so long ago, i have forgot the details. Now, 13 years passed ,i fell all right now. can i be a hiv+ ?how long will the Incubation period be ? need i have an test ?
Avatar m tn Hello, Oral sex is a negligible risk for HIV. So in that case, no test is needed. The window period for HIV is 28 days if you go for a duo combo ag/ab test (4th generation). For the rest of the STDs is a different story. Oral exposes you to Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. They all have a window period of three weeks.
Avatar m tn 1.What is a usualy period of incubation of STD? 2.Can it be more than 3 months? 3.Can sore troght (no painfull, just red)be a symt tof Gonococcal pharyngitis? 4.Can it tell on ordinary swab test or must be said to be specialy done?
Avatar n tn I stand at a safe distance to avoid her coming back on my genital area, plus I only used enough penis where I can safely monitor the condom so I don't go passed the rim of the condom. I've read online that the incubation period/ first episode of HSV2 is 2-12days and 2-20days for symptoms to first appear.
Avatar m tn Do you think I should also take penicillin 2.4mU for syphilis. Can it be effective during incubation period. And also should I take HGIB for hepatitis B. There is no way that I can tell anything about this situation to my wife. And I don't want to transmit anything to her also. I will turn back home 8 days later (on the 12th day of intercourse). Do you think all of these precautions I take will prevent transmitting possible STD to my wife.
Avatar m tn Can one transmit HIV when he or shes in incubation period?
Avatar m tn can a person be infectious in incubation period before becoming HIV positive This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV---Prevention/Risk-of-petting---contaminated-fingers/show/1056274">Risk of petting / contaminated fingers</a>.
Avatar n tn If a person has contracted herpes very recently and is still in the incubation period (meaning they themselves had not yet shown any signs of the first initial outbreak to come)...can they pass the virus to a new partner? It sounds crazy, but I found out this guy had sex with a woman who does have herpes,,,before he had sex with me a week later. I don't know if she was in an active outbreak or for sure infected him, but I want to know my risk if he did catch it and not know it yet.
Avatar m tn As for HIV, it's not a serious consideration in this situation, unless you (male) friend is bisexual, or if either he or your (female) friend use drugs by injection. If not, I really wouldn't worry about HIV. But since you ask, here are two threads on the HIV Prevention and Safe Sex forum that go into detail about timing for reliable test results. The bottom line is that for an antibody-only test, 6-8 weeks is enough time; for the antibody/p24 "combo" tests, it's 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn Now, 13 years passed ,i fell all right now. can i be a hiv+ ?how long will the Incubation period be ? need i have an test ?
Avatar n tn Chlamydia The incubation period for Chlamydia is usually 2 to 6 weeks, but can be longer. Syphilis The incubation period for Syphilis is usually 10 to 90 days. HIV The window period for HIV is usually 2 weeks to 3 months, but could be up to 6 months. Hepatitis A The incubation period for Hepatitis A is 15 to 50 days. Hepatitis B The incubation period for Hepatitis B is usually 45-180 days, with an average of 60 to 90 days.
Avatar m tn There is no such thing as a incubation period in either adults or children with HIV. There is a window period were test may not pick up the virus, this is up to 13 weeks. In terms of HIV leading to Aids, this is on average without treatment is 7 to 10 years.
Avatar n tn I think there is very low chance of acute HIV in your case. incubation period of half a year is too long. in any case, you can check your HIV status now because after half a year results will be very accurate an enlarged tonsil reqires evaluation by ENT physician the most probable diagnosis in your case is two simple upper respiratory infection that occured in the same month, which is not rare.
Avatar m tn 3bouda, HIV-1 has an incubation period of viral replication of approximately 2-4 weeks with 98.3% or seropositive conversions happening around day 22. HIV-2 has a much longer incubation period, but you said you're from the Middle East and it's extremely unlikely you would have been exposed to HIV-2. Do you have access to a medical facility that can administer a HIV-1/2 RNA Polymerase immunoassay test? At 40 days, if you were exposed and seroconversion occurred there would 98.