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Avatar m tn has updated, modified, or improved their Orasure Oraquick oral HIV-1 test recently in 2009-2010 due to the false positives that were reported at around 1.2% in New York, San Francisco, and one or two other major cities in the past; around 05, 06, and maybe even more recently. So if I am repeating a question that has been discussed before, my apologies.
Avatar m tn Two Rapid Tests on January 7th of 2009 - ALL NEGATIVE ELISA 4th generation (antigen/antibodies) on January 19th of 2010, February 13th of 2010, March 9th of 2010 - ALL NEGATIVE RNA PCR Ultra-Sensitive and ELISA 4th generation on March 31st - INDETECTABLE / NEGATIVE **So, that last testing was about 158 days after oral sex and 165 days after anal sex (as mentioned above). My questions are: 1) Am I HIV negative for sure?
Avatar n tn The lady told me not to worried since she is a working lady and does this only 2 times in a week, what are my chances of getting HIV? Can i get tested after 25 days or should i wait for 3months.. The CDC wedsite said even a 25days result accurate, is this true?
Avatar f tn Went to my doctor today and she told me that new guidelines are about to be approved that would say you have achieved SVR if you are UND at 12 weeks post tx, instead of 6 months. Anyone else hear this?
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I had a sexual encounter on 1July,2010 which was an unprotected vaginal. I tested for HIV-1,2 in the following dates. 1st August ,2010 -- HIV-1 and 2 Rapid card Test (Dot Immuno assay) -result Non-reactive. 2nd October,2010--ELISA for hiv-1&&2(Solid Phase Sandwich enzyme immunoassay)-- result --OD ratio--0.042 27th December,2010(thogh blood was drawn on 25th december,2010)--- ELISA for HIV-1&& 2(Solid Phase Sandwich enzyme immunoassay)--- OD ratio -- 0.
Avatar m tn As from previous post that i'm posted on february, i was been told by Teak and Lizzie Lou that i'm not exposed to HIV related. Due to anxiety, i still did a few test until last week was the 10th week. I did EZ Trust Rapid Screen Test which provided by my country here. It was all negative. I did it on 7th-10th weeks and it all came negative. Teak and Lizzie, do i still have to make any further test or you guys still stick with 3 months(12 weeks) conclusive results?
Avatar n tn BASHH Statement on HIV window period 15 March 2010 HIV testing using the latest (4th generation) tests are recommended in the BHIVA/BASHH/BIS UK guidelines for HIV testing (2008). These assays [tests] test for HIV antibodies and p24 antigen simultaneously. They will detect the great majority of individuals who have been infected with HIV at one month (4 weeks) after specific exposure.
480448 tn?1426952138 I am very honored to be a regular contributor on the HIV Prevention Forum here at MH. The forum is very busy, and we often get the same inquiries over and over. I figured that putting together a journal entry covering the most popular topics, and just laying out the facts may be helpful. I also invite Lizzie Lou and Teak to share their thoughts, and to cover anything I may have missed.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a sex worker on Dec 11th, 2010 and after 2 days on Dec 13th, I had a sore throat which lasted for 8 - 9 days till dec 20th (no medications taken) and then again I got it exactly 2 weeks after the day I had unprotected sex (Dec 27th) and this time it was bad - Throat was red, inflamed and had pus but no fever and any other symptom. I went to the doctor and he gave me antbiotic and it went away in 4 days..
Avatar m tn Those who sign an organ donor card and have had sex with two or more people in the past year would be considered high risk for transmitting hepatitis B and C in addition to HIV, according to proposed guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you’re not monogamous, you’re not an ideal organ donor, according to a new set of health guidelines proposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Avatar f tn The first is an ex-boyfriend that we had unprotected sex. The last time we had sex was 4/17/2010. I stopped with him because he was seeing multiple people and I'm not sure of who he had sex with. The next was another ex-boyfriend in the beginning of May and that was protected. The last partner was a guy I met on Friday night. We had sex. It was unprotected for about 5-10 seconds and he insisted on using a condom. I gave him oral sex later that night and he ejaculated into my mouth.
Avatar m tn the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV and the British Infection Society have published new testing guidelines for HIV in the UK. The consensus advice recommends the use of an HIV DUO test (4th generation combination antibody and p24 antigen) as a first line test because it has the advantage of reducing the window period to one month (28 days). visit:
Avatar m tn You are HIV NEGATIVE slot of ifs and buts about 4th gen test at 28 days is over 98% accurate at 5 months 100% Medx
Avatar n tn The negative test that you had at 8 weeks is certainly highly reassuring and a very good indication as it is possible to detect the HIV antibodies already at that stage. However current UK guidelines still recommend to have a final test at 12 weeks for it to be considered final and fully conclusive. Having said all that, and speaking out of my own clinical experience, I have never come across anyone testing negative at 8 weeks and then positive at 12 weeks.
Avatar m tn WHO/UNAIDS global guidelines recommend routine HIV screening in health-care settings 2010: First HIV diagnostic test approved that detects both antigen and antibodies5 2012: First rapid oral fluid home test
Avatar m tn however i have had unprotected oral sex 6 days ago, and i may have come into contact with infected bodily fluids when ive had a fight.
Avatar m tn negative My doctor will perform an HIV DUO test (the test was approved in Canada in July 2010) this coming Monday July 11. Will my cortisone injection from June the 6th affect the results of my DUO test? Thank You for all your hard work.
Avatar m tn Sometimes the doctors may say a 4th gen test is conclusive at 4 weeks or may consider a combination of tests as definitive at certain timeframes, but the guidelines for high risk exposures are still 3 months. Since we are not doctors here, we consider all cases as high risk to be absolutely sure and safe, and that is why we advise testing at 3 months.
Avatar m tn I had sex with an escort last night who got tested negative for HIV on 24 Dec 2010 as told to me by the agency when I called them after freaking out. We had only vaginal sex. I was wearing a condom for at least half the time until I realized condom slipped and pulled out my penis, the condom was not on it. It (the condom) was totally inside the escort's vagina, not even hanging out. I then washed my penis head thoroughly with soap.
Avatar f tn The test was for both HIV 1 and HIV 2 tests. The test came back negative. Does being pregnant effect a negative result? Are my test results conclusive? 3. Do I need further testing? 4. Did I have any risk that testing was needed? Thank you and have a great day.
Avatar n tn I had a possible HIV exposure on the 18th of September 2010? The UK Guidelines on HIV testing from September 2008 state that a 4th generation test - the HIV DUO - should be used as the test of choice across the UK. I don't trust antibody testing in the UK because I recent times it has known to have somewhat of a higher-than-before false positive rate (besides I don't want to go through the rude shock of being falsely tested positive of HIV).
Avatar m tn In 2010 i had a condom broke and was under Pep (vaginal course with thai sex worker) and i followed the guidelines received by hiv specialist. Everyhtihing was negativ after that sad episode. I am still going to clubs with girls ( do not make usage of drugs nor do i do any anal things). I always make use of condoms but now i that freaking feeling of the what is there a little hole, a breach i haven't been aware of....
Avatar n tn If I had exposure myself, I would only test once more for HIV at 12 to 14 weeks weeks, to confirm the 8th week result. However, a negative for HIV at 8 weeks is pretty good news in itself, and I am very optimistic that your next test will be negative as well. Yes, it's very well known around the internet that the anti-bodies for HIV take a long time to show up. However, there are usually no statistics included to give the person reassurance that this occurrence is regarded as quite rare.
Avatar m tn Had another rapid test 33 days after exposure. The result was negative. The reason why I did a rapid test was possible early hiv symptoms (exactly after 3 weeks had sore throad for the 36 hours, had axxilary body temperature of 36.8C - 37.1C for the next 10 days instead of 36.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the HIV forum. Directly to your questions: 1) It is extremely rare to catch HIV by receiving oral sex. Some experts believe it never happens; others calcuate the risk at 1 infection for every 20,000 exposures-- and that's only if the oral partner has HIV. This part of your exposure should not be cause for worry.
Avatar m tn Yesterday I received a blowjob from a homosexual HIV + man. I came in his mouth. I would like to know if i was at risk during this practice, and if yes what should i do. Thank you all !
Avatar m tn I previous had sex with a guy who status is negative as of August 3, 2010. (He showed me his papers) I recently had sex with him and the condom broke while trying into insert his penis in my anus. There was no pre-come in the condom and he did not penetrate me I dont think all I know is that the condom broke as he was trying to insert it I felt a little pressure on my anus while he was trying to enter but Im not sure if it went in me.
Avatar m tn I worry alot like you, but i have been reassured by the National Health Service here. The guidelines for HIV testing for the UK is three months as it is in Europe. So I don't believe the NHS would be telling 80 million people that the Window period is 3 months if it was really 6? Have a look at the 2010/2011 guidelines at if you are unsure or worried. Let me know how you get on mate.
Avatar m tn then after june 2010( 1 year after sexual exposure) i checked my hiv status .. this time i asked which test they will conduct .. they conduct card test 1 and 2 .. they said the status is non-reactive .they said it sounds to be negative .... this time i have some discolour in my tongue and in mornign i can see some white stuff in my mouth and especialy in upper lips ... do i have HIV.... should i coduct test again .... i am freaking out my mind ..even i cant stay long .....