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Avatar m tn I have read an article which saying below. Genetic diversity is a hallmark of HIV-1. Untreated individuals are estimated to produce up to 10 billion variants per day.
Avatar n tn many aids dissidents including the perth group in australia says hiv test is very unreliable and the test has flaws, The view of The Perth Group is that the HIV/AIDS experts have not proven: 1. The existence of a unique, exogenously acquired retrovirus, HIV. 2. The "HIV" antibody tests are specific for "HIV" infection. 3.
Avatar m tn Was originally thought that the course of true incubation period of the virus in the HIV genome into the host passively placed. Later it was found that certain cells ( DCs ) in the context of institutions are covered by a virus , and thus can not be seen even at the stage of virus in the blood , high levels in the body . Whether this is the case ?
Avatar m tn But I still very worried about the HIV-O and HIV-N which are from HIV-1. I am so scared that the HIV-1/2 ab screen cannot detect the HIV-N and O??? Since my result is non-reactive, does it means I am not infected with HIV-N and HIV-O? My tests were done at NorthEast medical services. My second question is, since my test are non-reactive , why it says: A non-reactive result diicates HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies have not been found in this patient specimen.
Avatar n tn I am always looking at him seeing if he has any ARS symptoms, and pick out every spot or pimple on him, hoping it has nothing to do with HIV. then I go look up HIV symptoms and it freaks me out. Right now he has poison ivy or something on his leg and I keep thinking it is a rash from HIV, thinking I had it and gave it to him, even though I tested for everything and it was neg. Its the window period that kills me, still after I was tested at 4 months after. I don't's horrible.
Avatar n tn gag, pol and env. They found that among the mutations randomly affecting the genome as a whole, those which influence the genes essential for viral survival and multiplication appear to be systematically selected against (negative selection).
Avatar m tn hcv, unlike hiv, is not a retrovirus: its genome stays in rna. But the hiv-based idea of targeted-drug cockatils may have promise...
Avatar m tn Our objective is to study the detection of the HIV genome in needle-retained blood by the polymerase chain reaction and to compare with the viral load results. METHODS: Needle-retained blood samples from HIV-positive patients were obtained after sample collection to determine the HIV-1 viral load. Needles were collected just after blood drawing, washed with phosphate-buffered saline, and then discarded. Then, the RNA was extracted by the QIAamp viral RNA kit.
Avatar m tn Thing is I understand that it is widely accepted that 3 months after a potential exposure is the length of time required for a reliable result and one which will allow you to rule out the HIV virus.
220090 tn?1379170787 ultranet/BiologyPages/R/Retroviruses.html I believe correct statements are HCV and HIV are RNA viruses (carry their genome as RNA) HVB is a DNA virus (see eg
Avatar m tn I don't know much about HIV, but I don't think the treatment will help HBV. First of all HIV is a RNA virus. On entering a CD4 Helper T cell(its preferred host, as opposed to liver cells for HBV), the virus needs to change is RNA into DNA, this reverse transcription is similar to that for HBV in its replication step, hence some HIV drugs will work for HBV too.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm hiv negative male,Foolishly i had sex with HIV+ women with condom on date of December 29 2018. During the i removed my condom and sex for 15 to 20 seconds i don't come in her virgina. She had HIV1 since 3 years, no idea about her viral load status. After 4 days i consult doctor and he suggest 30 days of course with daily 2 pills. We both don't have any STIs. I'm feeling very bad about my future. Please help me how can I chances to get HIV from her. What is true risk for me.
6456238 tn?1384753680 One of the reasons for this lack of immune response was the difficulty in finding ways to select regions of the HIV-1 genome as a target for the vaccine. The researchers have potentially identified a method to target specific regions based on viruses that share genetic homology or similarity.
Avatar m tn no hbvdna is a goldstandard test, hiv rna detects who knows what, hiv has never been isolated the indications of the producers of hiv tests say "this cant be used to determine an hiv infection" look what nobels and biologists have to say about this not waste your time on hiv, documentary "the house of numbers"
Avatar m tn Rotorgene from corbett research, Australia Subtypes Detected: All HIV- 1 group M subtypes Analytical sensitivity: 53IU/ml Result: NOT DETECTABLE Remarks: 1) A positive HIV RNA result indicates a HIV-1 infection in the individual. 2) A result ' NOT DETECTABLE' is seen in absence of HIV-1 infection or patients with viral copies below 53 IUml. 3) This test cannot be used for diagnosis of HIV-2 infection I know this is weird way of asking.
Avatar m tn HIV has a protein expression stage as well and hence an opportunity for a protease inhibitors to prevent the assembly of new viral particles.There is an additional stage for HIV. The viral genome is RNA and it is copied into DNA by viral enzyme reverse transcriptase. Reverse transcritase inhibitors prevent the process of reverse transcription.
Avatar m tn Treatment with ezetimibe inhibited establishment of intrahepatic cccDNA and expression of viral replication markers when cells were infected with HBV virions, while we observed no effect when the HBV viral genome was transduced via an adenoviral vector. Our data suggest that modulating hepatic cholesterol uptake by ezetimibe inhibits early HBV infection and that ezetimibe sensitive lipid transport pathways represent new targets for antiviral therapy in HBV infection.
Avatar m tn Also even if they attack the cccDNA successfully, there is the integrated HBV-DNA that has been inserted into our own genome in the hepatocytes and has now become part of our DNA. It is really hopeless situation how this hbv virus has taken total control of our system. I don't even think the much dreaded HIV virus manages to integrate itself inside the human dna.
163305 tn?1333672171 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hepatitis C now kills more Americans each year than HIV.
Avatar n tn Does anybody know if NAT test detect HIV from RNA only (converting it to DNA) or is it also able to detect viral DNA when virus genome is integrated into cell's DNA?
Avatar f tn "A typical nanoviricides drug is designed like a chemical "missile." It has a number of recognition "ligands" on its surface, that are specific to a single type of virus, say HIV. They are like the "GPS on a guided missile." The ligands are designed to identify the viral intruder and attach to specific "landing sites" on the surface of the virus particle.
Avatar f tn Hello I think the two HIV tests you have had conclusively rule out the possibility of you having HIV. The symptoms you are describing sound a bit of a mixture and some sound unrelated to each other. Nasal polyps are unrelated to the sexual episode and are just bad luck. You need to see a GP and try perhaps a nasal spray and if that fails then consider a referral to an ENT doctor. As I say, they are irrelevant in terms of your sexual exposure.
Avatar f tn The reason is because hiv is dead in air. Just take a duo at 4 weeks instead for a conclusive result. Likely she is negative, otherwise why would she pay money for condoms? She only cares about herself, so she bought the condom to protect her, not you and if she could get it from cuts she would have examined your body under a microscope first..
Avatar n tn There are two types of HIV: HIV-1 and HIV-2. These cause clinically indistinguishable disease, although the time to disease onset is longer for HIV-2. The worldwide epidemic of HIV and AIDS is caused by HIV-1 while HIV-2 is mostly restricted to west Africa. Lentiviruses integrate into the host cell genome as a provirus in the same manner as other retroviruses.
Avatar n tn There are two types of HIV: HIV-1 and HIV-2. These cause clinically indistinguishable disease, although the time to disease onset is longer for HIV-2. The worldwide epidemic of HIV and AIDS is caused by HIV-1 while HIV-2 is mostly restricted to west Africa. Lentiviruses integrate into the host cell genome as a provirus in the same manner as other retroviruses.
422881 tn?1257607179 Does this help? "Viral Replication and Selection of Resistant Strains The genome of HBV consists of partially double-stranded, 3.2-kb, covalently closed, circular DNA (ccc DNA) comprising 4 overlapping open reading frames.11 The viral genome is transcribed into 4 major subgenomic viral messenger RNAs, under the control of specific enhancers,12 and is the template for the pregenomic RNA.
230890 tn?1197651614 Because HIV integrates its genome into your own chromosomes. And it can remain in that state for years, maybe decades. How would you get rid of it?
Avatar m tn I just found out there is a drug in the works for HIV that uses zinc finger technology, this drug can actually penetrate the genome splice certain receptors so the virus cannot attach. Wow. I just hope we can move away from the Riba (as helpful as it has been) and the interferon. all those who came before us I commend your determination and courage.
Avatar m tn HIV DNA DETECTOR HIV DNA DETECTOR] Clinical Utility HIV DNA PCR is a test, which specifically detects proviral DNA integrated into the host genome. This latent proviral DNA serves as a reservoir for viral replication. The HIV DNA PCR test can detect this latent or inactive HIV virus. Day 106: [Lab 1]: HIV 1 & 2 Ag/Ab test [Ag/Ab Duo test/CMIA/Architect Abbott].. [ 0.19]. Day 106: [Lab 2]: HIV 1 & 2 Antibodies [Rapid Serology/Enhanced Chemiluminescence].
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