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Avatar m tn The CRISPR constructs also targeted tat and rev expression in latently infected CD4+ T cells, “proving that lentiviral delivery of the CRISPR/Cas9 system successfully reached and cleaved the dormant HIV-1 proviral genome,” they state. The constructs also markedly suppressed cytokine-dependent HIV-1 reactivation in latently infected cells and inhibited viral replication in persistently infected cells.
Avatar m tn no hbvdna is a goldstandard test, hiv rna detects who knows what, hiv has never been isolated the indications of the producers of hiv tests say "this cant be used to determine an hiv infection" look what nobels and biologists have to say about this not waste your time on hiv, documentary "the house of numbers"
17551709 tn?1457744886 Do you guys think we could figure out what's going in our bodies through genome testing? I was doing some research and came across a test that checks for many diseases including TMAU, which some of the PATMers have. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar f tn The idea is to use the 4 chemical constituents of DNA — named A, T, C and G — to put together a synthetic genome. Then they would put that synthetic genome into a cell, and have it direct the cell as it grew and multiplied. Now they've succeeded. Venter says there were two enormous hurdles to accomplishing his goals. First, he needed to figure out how to make a very big piece of DNA. Most chemical synthesis techniques stop working when you get to a few thousand of DNA letters.
Avatar m tn The micro-organism that this enzyme was extracted for was evolutionary designed to take out the virus from his genome cell... So it sounds like nature answer to retroviruses... Thoughts?
163305 tn?1333668571 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hepatitis C now kills more Americans each year than HIV.
Avatar m tn maybe only hbvdna und has a little less around but this is not really important we are between 90-99% bacteria and viral in our genome, very little left to human genome in the whole body
Avatar m tn a cancer patient (not ovarian) who died, researchers were allowed to explore her genome (the first time for a cancer) and explore how it worked against health tissue. They were surprised and admitted this proves how little we all know about cancer. Here is the link: The one piece I took from the article is that with faster DNA sequencing, this can proablly be done on other cancers like ovarian...
Avatar m tn Also even if they attack the cccDNA successfully, there is the integrated HBV-DNA that has been inserted into our own genome in the hepatocytes and has now become part of our DNA. It is really hopeless situation how this hbv virus has taken total control of our system. I don't even think the much dreaded HIV virus manages to integrate itself inside the human dna.
Avatar f tn I am considering having my genome fully sequenced. Does anyone know how much this would cost? Thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn The HbsAg in the inactive case is made by integrated HBV DNA inside the hepatocyte genome as opposed to the cccdna (viral genome). It's scary to know how our own liver cell DNA can be modified to produce proteins for a virus. This integration is what is thought to drive cancer in those that don't have cirrhosis cuz it induces genetic instability.
Avatar n tn Does anybody know if NAT test detect HIV from RNA only (converting it to DNA) or is it also able to detect viral DNA when virus genome is integrated into cell's DNA?
694630 tn?1227710675 HUMAN GENOME SCIENCES ANNOUNCES ALBUFERON® MEETS PRIMARY ENDPOINT IN PHASE 3 TRIAL IN CHRONIC HEPATITIS C Human Genome Sciences, Inc. today announced that Albuferon(R) (albinterferon alfa-2b) met its primary endpoint of non-inferiority to peginterferon alfa-2a (Pegasys) in ACHIEVE 2/3, a Phase 3 clinical trial of Albuferon in combination with ribavirin in treatment-naive patients with genotypes 2 and 3 chronic hepatitis C (p=0.0086).
Avatar m tn Our objective is to study the detection of the HIV genome in needle-retained blood by the polymerase chain reaction and to compare with the viral load results. METHODS: Needle-retained blood samples from HIV-positive patients were obtained after sample collection to determine the HIV-1 viral load. Needles were collected just after blood drawing, washed with phosphate-buffered saline, and then discarded. Then, the RNA was extracted by the QIAamp viral RNA kit.
422881 tn?1257603579 Viral Replication and Selection of Resistant Strains The genome of HBV consists of partially double-stranded, 3.2-kb, covalently closed, circular DNA (ccc DNA) comprising 4 overlapping open reading frames.11 The viral genome is transcribed into 4 major subgenomic viral messenger RNAs, under the control of specific enhancers,12 and is the template for the pregenomic RNA. The virus is encapsidated after binding of the polymerase and core to the pregenomic RNA in the cytoplasm.
Avatar m tn full hbv genome sequence available at policlinico tor vergata "rome", this is the full hbv genome, not just hbsag or known mutations.this s not done by commercial kits, i will be making the test on 18 nov i also have hbsag quant at this hospital because they get results by about 2 days, results are delivered online
Avatar f tn "A typical nanoviricides drug is designed like a chemical "missile." It has a number of recognition "ligands" on its surface, that are specific to a single type of virus, say HIV. They are like the "GPS on a guided missile." The ligands are designed to identify the viral intruder and attach to specific "landing sites" on the surface of the virus particle.
Avatar m tn If a child has the HLA-B27 marker and one parent has been shown not to have it then yes, the other parent must be positive for it. It should be noted however that most people that are HLA-B27 positive never develop any diseases associated with the gene, so it is possible to have it and never know about it. What is meant by a gene skipping a generation is that it is actually there in the genome of the "skipped" individual but silent, that is, it´s effect cannot be seen.
Avatar m tn It is known that the hbv dna gets integrated into the human genome in hepatocytes becoming part of the human dna. This is so frightening, considering the result of altered human dna; are there any serious consequences of this type of integration reported yet? Is HCC the result of such integration, for eg.?
Avatar n tn Hi I'm looking for recommendations in the UK for getting my whole genome sequence privately please?
Avatar m tn There are basically four mRNAs read from the hbv genome, they are however translated into all 6 proteins and all have the same 3prime end point. The 520 iRNA are located close to the short x Gene and cut all messenger RNAs close to their 3 prime end, eliminating their translatability. When the genome is integrated into chromosomal dna, a portion closer to the end of the 2.
Avatar f tn Shares of Human Genome Sciences soared Monday on news that the firm's experimental lupus drug showed promise in its latest round of testing. link to the article:
Avatar m tn You can get a DNA PCR test on or after the 28th day of plausible exposure, that detects proviral DNA integrated into the host genome. The latent proviral DNA serves as a reservoir for viral replication. The HIV DNA PCR test can detect this latent or inactive HIV virus. Good luck ...
Avatar n tn i dont know much about this test except that it only tells you that you might have it. refer to your doc. i think it will will take a viral load test to see for sure.