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Avatar m tn No it wouldn't,HIV is not transmitted via oral sex no matter what spin you put on it.
Avatar m tn one year ago .protected sex on 24.09.2012. on 10.07.2013 my result was by band : no band, ELFA : 0.03 (0.25), on 20.07.2013 i did W.BLOT and it was negative,no indeterminate result,no gag, no pol no env for hiv 1 &2.On 07.08.2013 Doctor told me to do antibody test such as elisa and if elisa reactive then do western blot. On 22.08.2013 my result was by card :no band, cmia 5.52,elfa 0.05, on 17.09.2013 result was by card: no band, cmia 4.92,elfa 0.02, On 26.10.
Avatar n tn Hi. I have been having horrible gag reflex eveytime i brush my teeth or floss. Has anyone else been suffering from that? Any ideas what i can do to help with it?
Avatar f tn I think I have lost my gag reflex. I am just seeking help with a professional for this. Will my gag reflex ever return?
7827642 tn?1396958758 My gag reflexes have increased but is it uncommon not to get sick when brushing teeth? I've read most women do but I do not, do you?
Avatar n tn thanks hsci my doctor ordered a hiv-1 and hiv-2 with western blot they were all negative at 11 weeks 3 days am i conclusive now?
Avatar m tn The sort of possible exposure that you describe does not put you at risk for HIV. As you know, your partner may or may not have HIV but, statistically it is unlikely, particularly because is said he was not infected and most people do tell the truth. Even in the unlikely circumstance that he was infected however, neither ingestion of his ejaculate if some got into your mouth, or the introduction into your eye as he wiped your eye, represents a meaningful risk for HIV.
Avatar n tn I have took a hiv-1 atg p24 test and is negativ hiv , elisa pozitiv and western blot pozitiv i wach my profille at my western blot test and i dont understand what are all that sign * like + + + , - -- what is mean all this ?for exemple gag 120 160 have + + + another only + or +/- or - most off all allso p24 have + +...
Avatar m tn t catch the signs she was about to cum so her semen went in my mouth and I swallowed a decent bit due to gag reflex. I have an area on my gum near the wisdom teeth that bleeds sometimes and some semen might have gone there but I do not know for sure. I read so many posts on here and also on other sites and I am scared and confused about my risk for HIV, Hepatitis C and other STD's, but especially HIV from me giving her oral and her giving me oral.
Avatar f tn I feel the same way bout gaggin all the time im 8weeks n I cant stand any kind of smell even wen im eatin
Avatar n tn You may have an overactive gag reflex which can cause this to happen. Sometimes just thinking about gagging, the gag reflex will kick in and you will gag. Try not to put food too far back into your mouth and see if that helps and always chew your food really well so that you are not trying to swallow food that is too big.
Avatar f tn m pukey anyways,, but forget about trying to brush my tongue except the tip, and even then i gag.. granted, at this point i gag just looking at food or a toilet! haha... i have to take medicine to not gag all day long, and that helps a tiny bit.. but i think its all normal.. if my stomach is feeling especially strong, i'll use a tongue cleaner and try to get my tongue soon as we get to our 2nd trimester it should get better!
Avatar n tn I have an extremely hyperactive gag reflex to a point where it triggers especially when I am doing something physical such as running or what ever. It gets triggered off by the constant post nasal drip that I have because of allergies. I saw a doctor in philly about this earlier this month and she found I had a lot of adenoid tissue.