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Avatar f tn Hello. I've been digging through the questions about hiv from kissing and I decided to ask my question. I was in a strip club with a girl who propositioned me, so she was obviously a hooker. I turned it down. but I'm worried because I stupidly was open mouth kissing her. and I'm worried because I bit my cheek the day before and it still burns. I have no way of knowing if she has hiv.
Avatar m tn Kissing is never a risk for HIV tranmission. The doctors from the expert forum state that kissing, even with sores, small cuts, or recent dental work, is simply not a risk. Saliva inhibits HIV transmission. NO risk!
Avatar m tn I just told you there isn't a risk. Please move on. "HIV is not spread by masturbation, through oral sex, through kissing or other casual contact." Dr.
Avatar m tn If i engaged in hardcore kissing and bite and tasted blood in my mouth probably from other person. this goes under kissing but theres blood present in mouth i am worried this is an hiv risk ?
Avatar f tn I recently started dating a female. We basically did everything but have intercourse. Before having intercourse we both decided to get full std screening. Hers came back hiv "positive"!!! They performed some testing and her viral load was sky high in the millions the Dr. Said. I now believe I need to test because I may have become infected. We made out heavily and one occasion we did so after getting her tongue pierced. My fear is that I remember tasting blood during the kissing.
Avatar m tn ll be pleased to comment, confirming what has already been said on the HIV Prevention Community site- there is no known risk for acquiring HIV from kissing, including deep kissing, even if your partner has sores or gum disease and even if you have sores or gum disease. There are no cases in which HIV has EVER been proven to occur as exposures of this sort. As a result, there is no reason for concern or for testing.
Avatar m tn I'm not claiming the kissing as the cause. I'm claiming the exchange of blood from the act of kissing to be the cause. If her infected blood went directly into my mouth and into my bloodstream. I could have become infected in this manner.
Avatar n tn Kissing is not a risk of HIV transmission.
Avatar n tn s contracted HIV from kissing. I just have also read that if you kiss and there is blood present, then HIV transmission can happen. Like I said, I would've definitely noticed if I were bleeding severely or if she was and that definitely was not the case. Just wanted to assess my risk if the cuts I noticed this morning were present last night. I'm not by any means an expert in HIV so I wanted to just get some validation from this community.
Avatar f tn Also, I have read that leg pain is a common symptom with acute HIV. I have read everywhere that there is no risk from kissing. However, what if there was blood present. This girl was from San Francisco mission area which has a higher concentration of HIV. I am worried to death I had an exposure. Lastly, I did feel very tired during this period of time and I swore my neck, armpits and groin were hurting or achy. Could all of this be stress and anxiety or should I truly be worried?
Avatar f tn Does Hiv infected blood in mouth or tongue poses any hiv risk?
Avatar m tn 6 days ago, i engaged in deep kissing with a 41 yo lady of unknown hiv status. The kissing continued for 20-25 mins. During the kissing, she bit my lower lip and i know it turned red. Not sure if there was active bleeding but very possible that there was a very little bit. My gums are semi-ok i think and i was not bleeding. I do not remember tasting blood but i am not sure if there was a small amount. I do not remember if she was bleeding, but probably not. My questions are- 1.