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Avatar m tn Today I was ill, fever and lymph node enlargement. After the last test , I have had the experience of oral sex and unprotected.I may be been infected? My scrotum have around eczema some are torn, the prostitutes suck it .I am safe absolutely ? Need to a test?
Avatar f tn i have this habit of checking my temperature very often to see if I have fever as a symptom of HIV. After a bit of cardio, my temperature rose to 37.9 C.I panicked!!! After a couple of minutes it went down to 37 and and up to 37.4. My temperature average is about 37.2. I am so scared!! Am i at risk???
Avatar m tn can ARS or early symptoms of hiv will come with out fever .is fever associated with both .
Avatar n tn Ok this might not be the right fourm but. I know that symptoms are a bad way to diagnose hiv , but im just wondering. Ive had this "Fever" for the past like month, and its been arround 99.3 as high as 100.2 ok so i say "fever" cuz im not sure if thats even considered a that typical of hiv, or is this just a flu bug.
Avatar m tn If you had a sore throat for 2 days, runny nose, get a fever for 2 days and cough, 3 weeks post exposure, could this be ARS related? Will this be a sign of early HIV infection?
Avatar n tn I've getting a fever of 102+ every two weeks for months. It stays for a day or two then goes away.
Avatar n tn The odds are overwhelming that your fever 10 days later are due to something other than HIV. Among other things, fever due to a new HIV infection lasts at least 1-2 weeks, and acetaminophen (Panadol and other brands) wouldn't have any effect on it. It is not possible for fever due to a new HIV infection to last only a day. And lymph node inflammation due to HIV doesn't cause armpit pain. So no worries about HIV. Of course, if you remain concerned, you are free to be tested.
Avatar n tn I recently had a fever sickness and dioreha bug and sore head which lasted 224 hours 5 weeks after contact. I've had a runny nose consistently. Couple of boils and chest infection with a mouth ulcer! Are they signs or paranoia ?
Avatar f tn If one contracts hiv and gets symptoms, is it possible for the fever to be cured by paracetamol and last for two days only?
Avatar m tn Two days ago (27/05) I had a sudden fever (39 C) which lasted only for a day and a rather mild sore throat (which i can barely feel today). These days nightswets are also present. Could this be Ars? Is it common for Ars to start four weeks after a possible exposure?
Avatar m tn Hello guys, i've already asked once before but i have a different question now.... what is the difference between headache and fever as in ARS??? i'm asking this as i was having slight headache for one week during the night time and i can feel my body warm during this cold weather. by the way, i had use a condom for the sex with a csw but i'm not sure if it broke or not. can i have some opinions regarding this....
Avatar m tn What background do you have in HIV scaredazn? You have absolutely NONE. You actually don't know anything about HIV at all now do you scaredazn.
Avatar m tn Hello Doc, I'm a gay guy committed to safe sex. I'm writing you because of the timing in which I came down with a fever yesterday (peaked at 101), which was 20 days after protected sex with a guy I see every now and then. I follow the policy of what you call "Do Ask, Do Tell", backed up with the protection of properly used latex condoms for anal intercourse. My partner is also adamant about safe sex and often talks about "preserving his negative status".
Avatar m tn I was curious what my chances are that I contracted HIV? Does it only have to be blood to blood contact? Can HIV attach itself to the chlamydia virus for non blood to blood transport? It has been two and a half weeks now and have had no illness besides the intial fever 3 days afterward and a sore from the herpes 2 weeks after. Could the fever and night chills have been caused by step group g, chlamydia or herpes?
Avatar n tn DUO HIV test negative 95%. but still i go the fever.
Avatar m tn You cannot rely on symptoms alone. ARS/HIV symptoms are very non-specific and could be cause of a totally different illness other than HIV. Your PROTECTED intercourse poses NO RISK for contracting HIV. Oral sex poses NO RISK for contracting HIV. Put your mind at ease, you were not exposed to the virus nor at ANY risk what-so-ever.
Avatar f tn No, antibiotics cannot treat ARS fever. If you had ARS, you would not *just* have a fever - you would have many other symptoms. Please be more specific about your risk.
Avatar n tn I am having symptoms of Hay Fever, never had allergies prior, I figure would HIV alter the immune system and then I would have allergic reaction ? My Recent CBC was okay: WBC: 6.1 ( low ) Lymph: 37% ( Low ) Monocyte: 11 ( high ) MPV: 7.5 ( L ) I know HIV causes Lympocytes to go down. Having so many symptoms..Hate the allergies type of feeling...
Avatar m tn Why is fever so important when it comes to new hiv infection,i have looked at post about people having all these symptoms,handsfield always says if fever is not persent then it is likely you don't have it,why is fever so important?