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Avatar n tn Okay, before anyone attacks me telling me I need to stop convincing myself I have HIV I would just like to clarify I have never ever had fever in the whole duration of obsessiing with HIV...I am again just asking out of interest... I just read from the Doc in the forum that ARS symptoms are 'ALWAYS' present with fever. So I'm wondering, is it ever present on its on, unaccompanied with say sore throat or diorrhea?
Avatar m tn Today I was ill, fever and lymph node enlargement. After the last test , I have had the experience of oral sex and unprotected.I may be been infected? My scrotum have around eczema some are torn, the prostitutes suck it .I am safe absolutely ? Need to a test?
Avatar f tn i have this habit of checking my temperature very often to see if I have fever as a symptom of HIV. After a bit of cardio, my temperature rose to 37.9 C.I panicked!!! After a couple of minutes it went down to 37 and and up to 37.4. My temperature average is about 37.2. I am so scared!! Am i at risk???
Avatar m tn can ARS or early symptoms of hiv will come with out fever .is fever associated with both .
Avatar m tn Is fever a basic symptom for HIV infection. I have two tender movable lymph nodes on my nick and fixed on my armpits, thats all what I have after an unprotected oral sex (recieved a BJ from a woman). I have pronchitis and painless throat inflamation. I feel deopressed guys. I need 2 weeks untill I ll be able to get tested, due to the fact that in Qatar where I live it is hard to test. i ll travel to Jordan to make the tests.
Avatar n tn Ok this might not be the right fourm but. I know that symptoms are a bad way to diagnose hiv , but im just wondering. Ive had this "Fever" for the past like month, and its been arround 99.3 as high as 100.2 ok so i say "fever" cuz im not sure if thats even considered a that typical of hiv, or is this just a flu bug.
Avatar m tn is a fever with vomiting only 3 or 4 times and fatigue sound like ars or does a fever always associated with a rash or sore throat?
Avatar m tn If you had a sore throat for 2 days, runny nose, get a fever for 2 days and cough, 3 weeks post exposure, could this be ARS related? Will this be a sign of early HIV infection?
Avatar n tn I've getting a fever of 102+ every two weeks for months. It stays for a day or two then goes away.
Avatar m tn i went to put on a hoodie/jumper and then i didnt feel cold did i have a fever as i felt cold or am i worrying too much? also for the primary infection HIV symptoms, do they occur together or like one in week and then another 2 weeks later etc?
Avatar n tn To know if you have a must take your temperature. Also, as it is mentioned here and by Dr. H, symptoms or the lack thereof, are never a reliable indication of HIV transmission. From what I read from your other had had protected sex in Amsterdam...which amounts to a 0 risk of HIV transmission. You are worried about breakage...but when a condom breaks it is not a subtle will notice it as it for sure.
Avatar n tn hey guys, ieven though i had my 12 week test, i still believe that i have hiv, i cantchange my mind, and i will get help, however the other i day i got a fever, and i was snezzing, and i was thinking that you guys know what i have or what it is, cos i am losing it. even though i am ok, and can do anythinig , but when i touch my forehead its hot, and i just dont, is my 12 week conclusive, do i need testing, help?
229411 tn?1189759425 Hello alll, again! I wrote in prevoius posts about a fever. The HIV counselor today told me it might be anxiety driven. However, I jsut looked at my tonsils and one of them has a white bump on it that has never been there before. My throat is not sore but I have a runny/stuffy nose and feel generally unwell. It has been 3 weeks since my last expsosure to possible HIV and worried this is another ARS symptom. My temp is 99.5 right now. I am normally 98.4 Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Of all the symptoms of HIV infection, fever is the symptom that seems to present most often. In one graph that I read, it claimed that fever is present in 96% of the cases of symptomatic ARS.
Avatar n tn hi, i have a probelm, were i had fever for the last couple of days, i was concern of hiv, however i have had 12 week test which came bak negative, and doctor rules that out. but its the fever which concerns me, and i dont knw wat it is. i have sleeping 3-4 days, could that be it?, i have no headache.
Avatar n tn I recently had a fever sickness and dioreha bug and sore head which lasted 224 hours 5 weeks after contact. I've had a runny nose consistently. Couple of boils and chest infection with a mouth ulcer! Are they signs or paranoia ?
Avatar n tn So question i had this temp for about 3 weeks give or take. Is an ARS fever considered to be ~38C or does it have to be higher to be ARS?
Avatar n tn 5 month after exposure but now i would like to know if that is the cause of the fever the HSV 1. i also did by the way an HIV exam and it came back negative. and on top of that i donated blood on august of 2009 so i know that the exams that they use in blood donations are better than the regular ones so everything came back negative when i donated blood at 3 month after i slept with my ex girl friend in june 1st 2009.
Avatar n tn Does anyone no whats the average duration of HIV related fever? Is a 2 day duration (37,5 IC) a little bit short or i think so?
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a prostitute about 8 weeks ago, and got a negative result for hiv test 3 and a half weeks later. And now I got a low grade fever (never go beyond 99.7F) since yesterday and a sore throat for several days. No swollen lymph nodes and diarrhea. Does this sound like an ARS fever?
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Avatar f tn If one contracts hiv and gets symptoms, is it possible for the fever to be cured by paracetamol and last for two days only?
Avatar n tn How can I have an opinion over the internet??? You're sick, you have fever. Flu, mono, whatever. Not an HIV issue. Look, you're really scaredl, take the test to put this out of your mind. Or better yet, take the girl to take the test.
170597 tn?1204056355 Then, my entire family got sick and they got same type of fever that I have. lots of cough and sick. So my question is, can HIV related fever be contagious? Also, I got sick after three months of exposure and I got tested at three months and results were negative.