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524608 tn?1244418161 As our development programs and commercial efforts advance, we remain focused on the management of our capital structure. We ended the second quarter of 2010 with a cash position of approximately $980 million, positioning us for continued investment in key activities to help support a successful potential launch for telaprevir," concluded Mr. Emmens.
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Avatar m tn yes it is actually a cure for immune dysfunction which is always present when immune system fails the easist way is test nagalase, if nagalase is abnormal imme system is blind and not working properly this researcher/doctor has examined it also on autism and may other disorders http://drbradstreet.
Avatar n tn Then i got scare cause i noticed theres white discharge on me.So on nov. 5 2010 went to get tested with stds and hiv...Then for that waiting period i went to a tremendrous anxiety and stress .Anyways after 2weeks my test came out i was positive chlamydia neg. hiv....So they give me antibiotic to cure my chlamydia and told me to come back after 3 months for retesting.But the first week of jan. 2011 i suffer a dry cough sore throat .Then her goes my anxiety again...
Avatar n tn And again on 2010 i made an HIV blood test and it also results as non reactive.... but still now black spots remains same . is that a symptom of HIV?
Avatar f tn Dear all,, I am still confused about window period because it's there at CDC website that 6 months in very rare case and thy did't minsion those rare!! And there update on pages April 2010 which it's mean new not old.. Is there are any one who contact them for this things and why still they put 6 months out there..!!!
Avatar m tn If there is not HIV when what are all those people are sick with? Test to check for it. I had taken about 30-50tests because of my oxydative stress oral lesions. They don't buy here in the US that HBV causes oxydative stress. That is why I had so many HIV tests. I almost went crazy from taking so many of these... But I have seen people in AIDS centers. The virus is real. It may have been a lab engineered virus of HTLV modification, that I wont argue.
382218 tn?1341181487 Mitoxantrone: Update on Cardiac Risk In a retrospective chart review, posttreatment cardiotoxicity occurred more frequently than was observed in clinical trials. In 2000, mitoxantrone was approved by the FDA for secondary progressive, relapsing-remitting, and progressive-relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). The drug's use has been limited by concerns about potential cardiotoxicity and acute leukemia.
Avatar m tn On June 30 2014 (21days from now) the Egyptian military will present a cure for HIV and Hepatitis C, I saw the machine it looks legit and they claim already 1000 patients have been already cured. This is a no joke, this is real and they are coming out on June 30 to the world. I am not sure if this machine works, but if it does work for HIV the chances it works for HSV is high, I am in Egyptian carrying HSV type 2, hope this machine or this new technology works.
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Avatar m tn DHA and DOHMS websites say on the Medical Fitness -Normal Package page (last update 01 August 2010 when checked 12 August 2010): "This category-screening package includes: - HIV test. - HBV test. - Chest X-ray" for food handlers and food industry workers, for example waiters, waitresses, cooks, housemaids, etc "Only HIV test is required for both New cases and Visa renewal" for dependents on a family residence visa.
Avatar m tn Did they find any cure or vaccine to prevent hiv?
Avatar m tn In January 2010 through March 2010, I had sex many times with a girl who I knew for awhile. We had unprotected sex once for a few seconds. A couple months after we started having sex, I developed breathing problems in the spring that I have never experienced - it started out with a cough and then I had trouble breathing for about 2 months (bad coughs at night, and when that went away, wheezing when I worked out). These symptoms eventually went away after about 2 months.
Avatar n tn I believe your question was answered on a previous post but here it is again.Symptoms won,t tell you anything about hiv infection because symptoms don,t diagnose hiv only a test result does.You need to test 3 months after your last unprotected penerative vaginal exposure.All the best.
Avatar m tn Thanks .. I will do it first thing on Monday ..