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Avatar n tn Please tell me if this article is a truth, if it s a truth than y that woman didnt went for the cure .... i have readed on this medhelp forum that if some 1 is injected by hiv blood through syringe than there is a cure for it ...just till 48 hrs ... than after that no cure... is that a truth ????? if that woman knw that she is injected with hiv blood..
Avatar n tn What if they is another time period where you can test false negative. That time period is after 10 years. The time period that hiv usually takes to progress to aids. What if you wait past the ten year mark and then you go and get tested for hiv. What if you test negative and you still have the disease? Thats not good at all because it makes you feel like your healthy when your really not. And for those of you that say that that isnt possible look up a former boxer named tommy morrison.
Avatar m tn A poor family of 6 have been kicked out of their home in malaysia because 4 of them are HIV+ and the wife is pregnant and was attacked by neighbours and ended up in hospital.They have been living on the streets for last 20 days--whats happening to the world?
Avatar m tn Only one person is believed to have ever been cured of HIV in the world. In 2009, German doctors reportedly said they had tangentially cured an American after he underwent a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. But The Globe writes Timothy Ray Brown, known as the “Berlin patient,” received the bone marrow transplant from a donor possessing a rare gene mutation, CCR5-delta32, thought to offer HIV resistance.
Avatar m tn Jerusalem, Sep 5 – In a major breakthrough, Israeli scientists have developed a method that can wipe out HIV infected cells without affecting the healthy ones but it will be a while before it is available to the public, a medical journal says. Although the researchers have registered an Israeli patent, the treatment must still go through trials on animals and humans, the latest edition of the British journal AIDS Research and Therapy says.
Avatar m tn Prevention is the only cure for hiv and that,s it.What you saw on the news was more garbage and lies.
Avatar m tn Hiv--Aids communities have lost one of their favourite sons and the emotion is overwhelming and the sadness is felt all around sanfransisco and beyond.He was dedicated and always willing to assist people with their questions with a funny,but serious twist to his answers.Who will ever forget his WHOOOOHOOOO comment.He dedicated his life to hiv--Aids and helping people infected with the virus.
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148987 tn?1287805926 I read this too, and it is more good news as the treatments for HIV and HCV overlap somewhat. A cure is coming.
Avatar f tn The cure which will be able clean HIV from human's body
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Avatar f tn Can HIV be cured ♋?
Avatar m tn // Is sex with a condom not safe anymore?
Avatar f tn I have an autoimmun hepatit and hiv but so far for hiv I don't need any medical cure, for the hepatit I took corisone for 3 years but in july 2009 my doctor let me quit. What I would like to know is if the lapacho tea would rise the immunity system or if it would be ok for me to use it? Looking forward for your answer, thank you so much!
Avatar m tn There is no cure for HIV till date. If their had been then it would have been the biggest achievement in medical science and probably the biggest news all over the world. So, stop posting misleading posts. Till this date prevention is the only thing that can be done to be safe from HIV.
167426 tn?1254086235 Greider and Jack W. Szostak won the 2009 Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday for discovering a key mechanism in the genetic operations of cells, an insight that has inspired new lines of research into cancer. The trio solved the mystery of how chromosomes, the rod-like structures that carry DNA, protect themselves from degrading when cells divide.
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Avatar n tn Just wanted to follow up to my earlier post - Oral Scenario Highest Risk post a few days ago. I received my tests a few minutes ago and I'm negative for HIV and the assortment of STDs tested for at the same time. While this forum and all of you who contribute do a great service, this experience has impressed me to be smart, careful, and avoid the absolute anquish of living with risk - especially when others you love can be so profoundly affected.
Avatar m tn any news on a cure of Herpes? I know people would rather get a cure of HIV but herpes can be just as bad and I am sure it has lead to some peoples suicide. anyone know of the latest news?
822194 tn?1263689103 Actually this story is all over the place (if your looking for news on OVCA) but I avoided reading it since the headline was about how it was for the 20 year anniversary of his wife's diagnosis. Well, with my fear on overdrive, and being newly diagnosed I just figured that this was in memory of his wife....not so....This is in celebration of 20 years since diagnosis but she's still kickin'....So I thought I'd post the link.... http://www.willcoxrangenews.