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Avatar n tn If I understand you correctly, you are looking for free medicine to help fight hepatitis C. There are groups in this country that do this sort of time, i.e. ship medicines out of the country for those in need. I believe the way it works, is that individuals and hospitals in this country donate unused medications to the organization then ship them overseas. You might want to do a search under "donate medicine" and see what you come up with.
Avatar n tn The WHO ESTIMATES there are ~30000 HIV cases in Every year 1.2million people are tested for HIV in Iran out of ~68million population. Gee, maybe they have something figured out here. Can you do the math? Let me help you..that's .04% of the population. Africa, well, thats a different world but it looks good on paper when it is included in the propaganda and quest for ever more funding.
Avatar n tn We've all come here to gain MORE knowledge and understanding of what treatment is about and therefore - are fully armed as we strive to kill this disease with the ONLY proven cure that there is. For most of us, knowing that it is a cure is enough and we have good doctors to advise on the side effects. I'd prefer to treat and live a long healthy full life.
Avatar n tn Entry inhibitors like REP9 AC and Myrcludex-B are promising as they are the only drugs that offer a complete CURE for Hepatitis B compared to immune modulators like Pegasys and Anti-virals like Entecavir... I think more research and concentration should be diverted to release inhibitor drugs as they seem to be promising and appropriate....
Avatar f tn Last year, I tested seven or eight weeks after I got raped for both HIV and Hep-C. At the time, fortunately, I thought hepc was transmitted sexually much more effectively than it is. I had already tested neg previously many times - three or four just that year, and coincidentally, my last negative test was nine days before I was assaulted. The police also were able to get the guys last prison records pulled and at some point after I was treating and they told me that he was positive for hep c.
220090 tn?1379170787 In a country known for more corruption and control than freedom I'm just not sure it would be possible to rule out skewed numbers. I'd feel the same if Cuba or Afganistan or Iran or Turkey said they had proof.....after only 300 people. Medicine is like wall street, is like Vegas...someone has to watch even the watchers if there's to be no cheating.
Avatar n tn unfortunately it only takes a virion to transfer, not even a drop...which is what makes all the tatooing going on these days so senseless. In some countries such as Egypt and Pakistan, school children were all vaccinated with one needle, and the rate in Pakistan is about 75% positive now, not sure what Egypts rate is, but definitely that is one method of contact. also, those vaccinated against Hepatitis with gamma gobulin were actually infected that way.
254544 tn?1310779332 • Fear of Transmission – Because Hepatitis C is an infectious disease without a definitive cure, people are afraid of getting it. Although not easily transmitted, people are nevertheless fearful and may shun those who have the disease. Fear and ignorance have cost those with Hepatitis C their jobs, friendships and marriages. • Fear of Illness – Some people do not like to be around people who are sick.
163305 tn?1333672171 They just didn't want to and/or were not terribly interested nor aware of their own bodies and the care of it. Simple as that. Socialized healthcare is no cure for bad health habits and it wont make irresponsible people engage in good health habits nor will it force them to go to the doctor at reasonable intervals. Sorry, but there you have it.
Avatar f tn I'm also wondering if there's some website that might tell me where the various candidates stand in their past support of HIV, since I figure that if they have a good history with supporting HIV/AIDS research that they might care about HCV. Anyway, any info would be appreciated. I hope that this will not end up being a debate because that's not what I'm looking for. Happy Holidays everyone.