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Avatar f tn you already had your hiv and oral sex risk question answered on the hiv forum. you've had no symptoms. you had no reason for any testing either to be honest. time to put this incident to rest and move past it.
Avatar n tn It in fact worked very well and the rashes were gone in a week after i started taking the medicines. I read that shingles is mostly common in those who are above 50 years old, with HIV, or it may also cause because of stress. It freaked me out cause I am just 28 years old, so i went for HIV testing and it was negative. I am now curious to know if it is common to have shingles at this age, what could have possibly caused shingles on me? Do I have weak immune system?
Avatar f tn If hiv is spread like that, everyone in the world would be infected. You don't need to worry, you can't get hiv from shoulder press machine.
Avatar m tn I got splinter(wood; due to wooden chair) in the clinic of a genitourinary, do i have a risk of having HIV? since there's a possibility of other patient with hiv may contaminate the chair due to cut or other lesion? or am i just thinking too much?
Avatar f tn As Healthadvisory said: its not symptoms of hiv, but could be some other STD symptoms, you need to be worried about the fluids and skin contact. Make an appointment with your doctor. If you're too embarrassed to go to your regular doctor check and try to contact a counselor. You can Google and find laboratory in your area and is confidential. You need to take care with this unprotected relations, this is serious, don't be moron....
Avatar n tn Thanks. 1 ) Even If I have some old cold sores on my lips also there won't be any risk ? 2) She kept her finger once in her vagina and then in her mouth once. Later I had a lip kiss for couple of seconds ... not an open mouth kiss(french KISS). Will there be any risk ? Because I am bit getting tensed. Thanks for your help and educating me.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the HIV Prevention Forum. STDs, including HIV are not spread by masturbation or by transfer on a person's hands from one persons genitals to another person. Thus the activities you describe did not put you at risk and do not require testing.
Avatar n tn I just returned from a strip club in Australia after I visited with some work colleagues. I was given a dance by a Chinese stripper. At one stage, she bit my neck. It actually hurt a lot and I was extremely annoyed with her. I warned her not to do that again and she seemed perplexed that I would ask her to refrain from such acts. She must have been drunk at the time cause she smelt of alcohol. She was totally nude and she was dry humping me a lot.
Avatar m tn Each time, they have not gone away on their own. According to the CDC, the bumps can be caused be weakened immune system via HIV or Cancer treatment, Atopic Dermatitis and/or living in a warm humid climate. None of the CDC's causes correlate to my circumstance and I do not have any STD's/STI's. Is it possible that I have a different immune deficiency? How can I test?
Avatar m tn do u know which causes the early hiv symptoms?
Avatar f tn Would early HIV infection (within the first 3 months), cause elevated levels of blood sugar? I heard that HIV causes metabolic abnormalities, or is the the DRUGS USED TO TREAT HIV that causes the high blood sugar? Thank you very much!
Avatar m tn it is most often seen in people with HIV or in HIV negative but immunosuppressed or those with low T helper cells. Also, those with leukemia and lymphoma. HIV negative normal individuals in Japan can also get this. Have you been tested for HIV? If HIV negative have you had a complete blood count? If so you would see very high red blood cells too. The diagnosis can be supported by the finding of eosinophilia but a skin biopsy is necessary to establish it.
Avatar m tn Testicular cancer is a disease that strikes men of a wide age range. It can affect young men as young as age 15. There are quite a few risk factors of testicular cancer. A risk factor is anything that increases your chances of developing a disease. However, if you have a risk factor, it does not mean you will absolutely develop it. Keep in mind, also, that testicular cancer can develop without having a risk factor for the disease.
675718 tn?1530033033 does anyone know what causes schizophrenia and is it caused by a chemical imbalance?