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Avatar f tn I think I might hav contracted hiv from my ex nd I'm nursing(breastfeeding)tested neg after two weeks since the encounter should I stop the feeds I'm afraid I could infect my 1year old son.
Avatar f tn Read this.... It helps to be educated about the ways that HIV is transmitted and what you have described is not one of the modes of transmission.
Avatar f tn So my question is, is there any way HIV could be transferred from their hands, to my pen and then to me if I touched the pen right after they touched it and then touched my cut? I have some HIV anxiety/ OCD and I am tired and scared that I could give my baby HIV over this. Is it possible to get HIV this way?
Avatar f tn My husband, my family and his family are all against me breastfeeding. Now this is MY first child, and as a mother I feel I can decide what's best for my child. I'm pissed off that everyone thinks I shouldn't do it bc I won't get any sleep, I won't get blah and I won't get blah, that I will regret it. It's got me hanging up on ppl who I love bc I believe anything I do that's good for my child is worth it. What do other mothers WHO ARE BREASTFEEDING think?
1177879 tn?1266467068 Fortunately, getting HIV can be really hard to contract through oral sex. Have you posted this question on the HIV Prevention Forum or maybe ask your doctor? Odds are stacked TREMENDOUSLY in your favor that you are fine in my opinion and you said that you did not get anything anywhere that could transmit anything anywhere. Keep us posted!
Avatar f tn Just be careful. You don't want to contract HIV (which is a contraindication to BF) or hepatitis (even though hep isn't contraindicated, it can be passed if there is bleeding of the nipples). If you want to know my opinion though... I think that people try to put too many rules on breastfeeding. I don't let breastfeeding rule my life, even though I am very passionate about it. I get my breaks, go out with the girls, and LIVE. The only "rules" are "don't do illegal drugs".
Avatar m tn 1. Any of the liquids if any of them contained traces is blood from someone previous with a similar cut 2.
Avatar f tn I became pregnant from this one time encounter, and was tested for all STD's including HIV, at exactly 9 weeks and two days after the incident. I never really reconsidered HIV,as I was under the care of an OB/GYN for my entire pregnancy who knew I was a single mom to be, etc. A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter for her 12 month bloodwork and they found that she had an elevated lymphocyte count, and attributed it to something viral.
652407 tn?1300740799 21. July 2010 Early HIV treatment can save more children's lives Efforts worldwide on access to treatment for children with HIV have reached a new milestone, with 355 000 children receiving life-saving HIV treatment at the end of 2009, compared to 276 000 at the end of 2008; but many more lives could be saved if more infants started on medication earlier according to new recommendations from WHO.
Avatar f tn sorry for my bad english , i have one question about HIV , i have 3-4 pimples on my back, and one friend popping out all of my pimples until I saw blood and than i saw he has some cuts on his fingers, now im afraid to getting HIV, can be this one way to hiv transmision? should i get tested?
Avatar m tn Receiving oral did not put you at risk for hiv. Your condom protected you for any hiv risk. No need to worry about hiv from this experience.
Avatar m tn - 1) having been born to an HIV positive mother 2) having unprotected penetrative vaginal or anal sex 3) receiving contaminated blood products or transplant organs. Social contact such as kissing, touching hands, sucking nipples, mutual masturbation will not result in HIV infection.
Avatar f tn It is true that babies breastfeeding could be at a risk if the mother was HIV+ after birth but for such a small amount it is not a risk.
Avatar n tn i had an encounter with prostitute, we had protected vaginal intercourse for two times and unprotected oral sex once, i got tested 10 days later and i got neagtive result for hiv and positive for chlamydia (11). i know that test was made earlier than i t should be, but does it hold and indication even if minor, also i took viral meds 7 days after the encounter, now 17 days later i have a mild fever 37.
Avatar m tn The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can be spread by the following: -Contaminated blood transfusions and blood product -Intimate sexual contac -The use of contaminated needles and syringes -The virus may also spread from the mother to her baby, either at birth or through breastfeeding.
Avatar m tn However, there have been some discussions about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for HIV transmission. Inflammation or activation within the infant gut as a result of introduction of foreign antigens, contaminants and pathogens could activate probable mechanisms that facilitate viral transmission[41,42]. Small changes in the rate of suckling or non-exclusive breastfeeding could be associated with milk stasis and breast engorgement.
Avatar m tn Hope all of you are doing well, Please advice Urgently, I had protected sex with postutude for a years, last i had was on 7th May 2011, All procted may be the condom slip half way, i tested yesterday 89days thank God its negative, I am just worried few things it will sound crazy but your reply will be highly appreciated, In mean time i had unprocted pentrate with my wife, Any chance she can turn to be positive? She is breastfeeding my 7months child any chance my child can turn to be positive?
Avatar f tn My concern was breastfeeding, but I was by the physician at PEPline and my pediatrician if patient tested negative for HIV I could resume breastfeeding, but of course I started reading about window periods and that's when I got scared I was hurting her or my husband because the patient could have been recently infected, but I was told that was unlikely and that no one has transmitted HIV to healthcare worker in the window period. I'm just overly stressed about the whole incident.
Avatar m tn i did not cum at all we just stop due to exhaustion then she confess she got a child back home still breastfeeding on her what are my chances of getting HIV. cause on exactly the 9th week of my exposure i got 2 days fever, headache, cold and afterwards a tonsilitis. The room tho was fully airconditioned.
Avatar f tn If oral sex is safe, why do many babies get HIV+ through breastfeeding? Or maybe there's something I don't get....
Avatar m tn No risk, because HIV is inactivated in air and also in saliva so if they had HIV it is effectively dead by the time it gets into you. It doesn't matter if they or you have open wounds either. Only sex risk is unprotected penetrating vaginal or anal.
Avatar f tn I want to do both breastfeeding and bottle feeding, well formula as well. Does anyone have any input on this? Does it confuse the baby?
Avatar f tn now i'm really scared if he infected with hiv,i will get it too n pass it to my 2 years littlegirl via breastfeeding cause i read hsv2 increased hiv risk..and my husband get the massage when his body get tired(unhealthy)..i'm scared this can increase hiv risk husband get hiv tes in 5 weeks n 7 weeks with rapid in our local clinic n hospital n the result is negatif..but what make me really scared,when i get tes too,the clinic tell me that my result must get confirmed with western blot..
1881346 tn?1341928368 If you want to know more about breastfeeding, start w/ the benefits. Breastfeeding used to be easy. We used to grow up seeing it, being curious about it, and were expected to do it. Now in a modern world we have a lot of "hands in the fire" and a lot of medical procedures that could cause additional barriers. Many moms find breastfeeding classes and support groups very helpful in our modern world.
1191262 tn?1366766621 My baby's phosphate and creatinine test results came back normal so it is fine to breasfeed, I guess this means that baby's kidneys functions are not altered by Tenofovir, I was told if the results came back normal after one month of breastfeeding then I can continue otherwise I should mix both Formula and breastfeeding which I was doing anyways since he was born. Thanks god, these are good news!
Avatar f tn I became pregnant and was tested for all STDs, including HIV, 9 weeks and 2 days after the incident occured. I tested negative, and did not think about it again. My OB/GYN did not test me again, to my knowledge, unless I was tested in other blood work that was taken. When I took my 12 month old daughter for her 1 year blood work (standard for my insurance) they said that everything looked fine excepted she had elevated lymphocytes. Since then, I have been obsessing over HIV.
Avatar m tn You have no reason to believe you have a risk of contracting HIV whatsoever from this exposure. HIV is spread only by sharing on IV drugs, mother to child birth or breastfeeding and unprotected vaginal/anal sex. It can not be transmitted outside the human body as it does needless of the ulcer or cut in your mouth. No risk, move on.