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Avatar m tn No risk, because HIV is inactivated in air and also in saliva so if they had HIV it is effectively dead by the time it gets into you. It doesn't matter if they or you have open wounds either. Only sex risk is unprotected penetrating vaginal or anal.
Avatar f tn I think I might hav contracted hiv from my ex nd I'm nursing(breastfeeding)tested neg after two weeks since the encounter should I stop the feeds I'm afraid I could infect my 1year old son.
Avatar m tn However, there have been some discussions about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for HIV transmission. Inflammation or activation within the infant gut as a result of introduction of foreign antigens, contaminants and pathogens could activate probable mechanisms that facilitate viral transmission[41,42]. Small changes in the rate of suckling or non-exclusive breastfeeding could be associated with milk stasis and breast engorgement.
5692644 tn?1388472314 Well, I do plan on breastfeeding when he gets here and so my question is.. Can I get a tattoo while breastfeeding or should I wait until he is no longer breastfeeding? I don't know if that would get into my milk supply. I know it's not safe to get a tattoo while being pregnant though.
Avatar f tn People tattoo artist do not use the same needle you cannot get HIV from an unshared needle. That's the most ridiculous comment I've read. HIV is serious. No one should say you can get it from a needle unless it is shared and if you are visiting a tattoo artist that doesn't open a clean needle from a sanitary pack that's scary in its self.
Avatar f tn It is true that babies breastfeeding could be at a risk if the mother was HIV+ after birth but for such a small amount it is not a risk.
Avatar f tn This has been a rough time. I was starting an IV and the needle didn't retract and pricked my finger through my glove. It wasn't a deep stick. The patient was HIV negative but positive for hepatitis c. I wasn't offered PEP. I called the PEPline and spoke to a doctor and was told the source patient is considered uninfected if they test negative for HIV and that's why I wasn't offered PEP. My concern is that I am breastfeeding.
Avatar f tn Many thanks for your reply. Will try to relax.
Avatar f tn The fact is that breast milk has never once been implicated as the source of sexually acquired HIV, or of a new HIV infection in any human being except nursing babies.
Avatar f tn allowed her baby to nurse from someone with an unknown HIV status? And she is afraid that SHE might contract HIV from her own baby? Sounds like some seriously misplaced priorities....if the story is true. But, to answer this silly question, the answer is no. Not a risk.
Avatar n tn i'm freaking about having hiv all sex has been protected i had/ still have a lymph node thats by my armpit and breast it was bigger in june but it went down i was breastfeeding and i stopped idk if its there because of my breast where engorged .
Avatar f tn sorry for my bad english , i have one question about HIV , i have 3-4 pimples on my back, and one friend popping out all of my pimples until I saw blood and than i saw he has some cuts on his fingers, now im afraid to getting HIV, can be this one way to hiv transmision? should i get tested?
Avatar f tn A protected oral sex cant never give you hiv infection at all.
Avatar f tn Okay, so I know that MedHelp's stance on oral sex of all forms and most circumstances is of a negligible risk for HIV, as in, you probably won't get it unless you have meth mouth, but if that's the case, why do so many experts warn against HIV+ mothers breastfeeding their children? Can someone explain that?
Avatar f tn Thanks a lot for your response. Really appreciate you answering my query. Had read somewhere that breastfeeding can lead to HIV in babies. So doesn't that apply to adults as well. In the sense she could be lactating and I have sucked on that, pretty much like in the case of breastfeeding. So why would that be no risk? Don't mean to challenge your response, I'm just asking to clear my doubt. Thank you.
Avatar f tn t have hiv since his girlfriend has a baby which I assume is breastfeeding. Can I get hiv from that incident? Please let me know.
Avatar f tnHIV is not transmitted through inanimate objects or environmental surfaces”. That response can't be any clearer.
1420692 tn?1282398271 1)Unprotected penetrative sex with someone who is infected.(unprotected vaginal / anal intercourse ) 2)From a mother who is infected to her baby; this can occur during pregnancy, at birth and through breastfeeding. 3)Sharing needles with HIV infected person during IV drug intake.
Avatar f tn (which applies to everyone) but as for what you eat, drink, or do on the weekends, there are safe ways to make breastfeeding work, no matter what lifestyle you live. (avoid HIV as this is a contraindication) We used to set all of these rules for moms that breastfeed, which we have recently changed to increase duration and weigh out pros and cons... The fact is that moms are tired of hearing "don't do this, don't drink that, and don't eat this" during their pregnancy...