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Avatar m tn What did they say? I am UK based and can't afford an international telephone just for curiosity. I guess they said: "3 months post exposure is the window period for a definitive negative HIV test" Fact.
Avatar n tn Dear doctor, after ready views and concern about people i decided to take hiv/aids elissa test today morning which came negative,should i consider this test to be 100 percent accurate, the nurse said something about window period antigens are ok and they didn't find any hiv, so if a person has slept with somebody who has aids can the test still detect the aids virus after 2 or 3 years even when a person is close enough to die with aids do they still produce antibodies?
Avatar f tn All Tests If you get a negative HIV test result during the window period of the test, you should get retested after the window period for the test you're taking to be sure. If your health care provider uses an antigen/antibody test performed by a laboratory with blood from a vein you should get tested again 45 days after your most recent exposure. For other tests, you should test again at least 90 days after your possible exposure to HIV.
Avatar n tn Let's say that after the window period of ARS, would someone with HIV more easily catch colds and other diseases right away after a month, and gradually get weaker and get more colds and infections over time? Or does it take longer than that?
Avatar m tn AIDS is a progression of HIV. You don't test for AIDS, you test for HIV. Only people who are HIV + can get a diagnosis of AIDS, which is diagnosed with very specific criteria. 3 months is conclusive, so you tested WAY beyond the window period. You don't have HIV.
Avatar m tn Given our sex life has been pretty consistent for the past two years, what is the likelihood, perhaps the odds, of having gotten HIV during this window period. I am aware of the three month period for conclusive results but I am going crazy with a vivid imagination and scenarios. Thank you Doctor for your time.
Avatar m tn You would have to ask them as to why they can't. I can speculate but that is all it would be. My speculation is that people fear for the worst and expect the worst and then hear or read something about testing positive after 3 months so they convince themselves that they are going to test positive like someone did in 1990 or whenever. It's all about anxiety and what the mind wants to believe and does believe. This is not just for HIV but for many things in life.
Avatar f tn 3 months is conclusive and has been since 2004.
Avatar n tn The window period lasts 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure. Persons at high risk who initially test negative should be retested 3 months after exposure to confirm results.
Avatar m tn // my question is does anyone know if current antibody test will also catch a new strain like this?
Avatar m tn There is no such thing as a incubation period in either adults or children with HIV. There is a window period were test may not pick up the virus, this is up to 13 weeks. In terms of HIV leading to Aids, this is on average without treatment is 7 to 10 years.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know, with a fairly high degree of certainty, the window period for HIV 2?
Avatar n tn Oxford Handobook Gentitourinary medicine, HIV and AIDS, first edition.
Avatar m tn My WB test was INDETERMINATE NEGATIVE and ELISA test result is also NEGATIVE (test was taken after 3 months of exposure). According to some internet sites, related to HIV/AIDS, I read that test result could be NEGATIVE during 'window period', even some one is infected (false result). I also read that WB TEST result could be INDETERMINATE if infected person is in 3rd stage (AIDS). My query is if I am in 3rd stage (AIDS); could my result come NEGATIVE in ELISA TEST too ? Please help.
Avatar m tn m questioning had AIDS would I have contracted AIDS and not HIV and do I need to test for AIDS? Please help me out! Thank you!
Avatar f tn You do NOT have HIV. There is a reason that the test instructions state a window period when you are supposed to check the test result. If you check the test after a few hours - which is outside of the window period - the result is not accurate. I don't know why you checked it outside of the time period in the instructions, but you can disregard whatever you saw at that point. The result you saw after 20 minutes is the accurate result. You do not need to test again.
Avatar m tn ve seen the one who 6 weeks negative HIV test, no high-risk behavior during the window period, but not low immunity, and after three months the HIV test is positive. I remember Dr. David Ho's assistant, Caoyun Zhen (Chinese people) said that she became a doctor for so long, have not seen the normal window period of more than six weeks. I want experts to answer the next forum. Sincerely look forward to your reply. PS:My english is poor.
Avatar m tn The official HIV window period is 3 months post--exposure,however the CDC states that the RNA by PCR has a window period of 9 to 11 days.The DUO test is also extremely reliable at just 4 weeks--99%.
Avatar m tn I think there is a lot of doubt over the 3 window period because some reputable Aids organisation are not sure as well. Every organisation is not saying 3 months definite. The problem here is that you could still be infected and pass this virus onto your partner and all that would be said is that probably he/she tested within the window period and did not say the truth about last exposure.
Avatar f tn The 6 month window period doesn't exist. The official HIV window period is 3 months.
Avatar m tn Hello, can you tell me about AIDS window period rash style and quantity, and how long will it last? I am an unprotected intercourse on the back skin rash, in the arm, leg, back, buttocks, has lasted for a month, but no other symptoms.
Avatar m tn since then i am feeling a little scared because i have heard that people living with hiv aids witness no symptoms at all,, so even after testing within 6 months (december to july 2013) can i conclude that i am HIV negative,, why is this concern worrying that i may be HIV POSITIVE, Please do reply ,, waiting in anticipation for a favorable reply Kind Regards From Nepal