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2115734 tn?1334550447 // You can be certain that at the July AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, the pushers and promoters of infant circumcision will be very vocal spreading their lie and will be getting lots of attention from the US and world media.] Here are the details for you and for friends: Sunday 22 July 2012 – Friday 27 July 2012 Demonstration for Genital Integrity at AIDS 2012 conference Walter E. Washington Convention Center 801 Mount Vernon Place NW, Washington, DC 20001 http://www.
Avatar f tn ******************************************************************************************************************************** It's taken 31 yrs to get to this point. I just hope it doesn't take that long for HCV testing!
766573 tn?1365170066 “Our goal is to make HIV testing as routine as a blood pressure check,” said Jonathan Mermin, MD, director of CDC’s division of HIV/AIDS prevention, in a statement. “This initiative is one example of how we can make testing routine and help identify the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are unaware that they are infected.” The HIV test used in the project employs a mouth swab and takes about 20 minutes to yield an initial result.
Avatar m tn Alabama 800-228-0469 Alaska 800-478-AIDSNationwide: 907-276-4880 Arizona 602-420-9396 Arkansas instate 800-364-2437; elsewhere 501-661-2408 California Northern California: 800-367-2437 -- Nationwide: 415-863-2437 -- TTY/TDD: 415-864-6606 Southern California: 800-922-2437 -- Southern California TTY/TDD: 800-553-2437 -- In Los Angeles: 213-876-2437 California Department of Health Office of AIDS (800) 367-AIDS (within Northern California) (800) 922-AIDS (within Southern California) P.O.
Avatar m tn HIV is an infection. ARC and AIDS are the symptomatic breakdown of the immune system as a result of HIV (the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and the AIDS Related Complex.) Cytomegalovirus (HHV) and some of the other things that go along with AIDS can mimic MS when present in the brain. I guess I can say this as a 49 year old gay man, but "Why are you worried since we all know to play safe?" I am of that generation that watched huge portions of the gay population "die off.
Avatar m tn A bar pick-up in Cheyenne probably is quite a bit less likely to have HIV than one in New York, Washington DC, or Miami, for example. Thanks for the thanks about the forum.
Avatar n tn I should say that I had a PCR test done, at the 28 day mark, at the behest of an infectious disease specialist in Washington, DC. He specialized in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, and I had the blood drawn right in his office. When the results came back negative, he told me to put the whole thing to bed. I asked him about the use of this test, as I had done a bit of reading on the subject, and he said that while the test is not FDA approved for diagnostic testing, he used it for that purpose.
936016 tn?1332769204 “These results suggest that Quad could be an important new option for people with HIV,” said lead author Dr Richard Elion from the Whitman Walker Clinic in Washington, DC. “The challenge is to make treatment simple and compress the number of pills that need to be taken.
936016 tn?1332769204 But there is a catch and that is that in different population pockets around the world, such as Washington DC in the USA, HIV infection rates in some sub-groups exceeds that of the South African HIV rate. Consequently, interventions to reduce the spread of HIV need to be universally applied and the notion that the highest rates are in the poorest countries is part of the picture.
Avatar f tn 3 per cent of people living with HIV in Washington, DC is the capital of the United States. Of African descent, this ratio to 4.6 percent rise. AIDS, especially after the emergence of the United States 30 years ago, began to spread rapidly. Awareness-raising activities throughout the country, in spite of the state-sponsored Unable to inhibit the spread of the disease.
936016 tn?1332769204 The UN AIDS programme estimates that in excess of 5.7 million people are living with HIV in South Africa with around 3.2 million being women and 280,000 children up to the age of 14 years. The prevalence of HIV in the general population in South Africa is over 18% compared with less than 0.2% in the UK.
Avatar m tn According to advertisement and commercials 1 in every 20 adults are infected with aids or hiv in washington DC. About 3 weeks ago i had picked up a African American Transexual worker from the street, i forgot to ask for his hiv status. We kissed with slight tongue not much at all, and i do sometimes get bumps in my mouth and my gums do bleed when i brush them. we also engaged in mutual masturbation. I did touch the Tranny penis and there was some pre*** that did get on my hand.
Avatar n tn (For example, the HIV epidemic in African Americans in some US cities, such as Washington DC and parts of New York, is more like that in Africa than in most of North America.) All in all, heterosexual exposure accounts for a small minority of infection in most populations in the US, Canada, western Europe, and so on. And as I said, even those rates probably are not as high as they seem. Finally, a comment about recent research.
Avatar f tn release_id=258701 WASHINGTON, DC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 30, 2007 -- The Hepatitis C Epidemic Control and Prevention Act [SB-1445, HR-2552] has been reintroduced into both Houses of the 110th Congress by Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Representative Edolphus Towns (D-NY). The Hepatitis C Epidemic Control and Prevention Act mandates a comprehensive federal hepatitis C program to include counseling and testing, early detection, surveillance, education, training, and research.
Avatar f tn In fact, there are 16 diseases that are killing millions more people in this country than AIDS annually. The fact that AIDS is receiving such a ridiculously high percentage of research dollars from the NIH in comparison to these other diseases is the reason I am bringing this to your attention today. I am a proud member of The FAIR Foundation ? which stands for "Fair Allocations in Research.
Avatar f tn Viral hepatitis (VH) is grossly underfunded by the CDC yet, like HIV, it is largely preventable. CDC funding for HIV/AIDS Domestic and Research in 2008 was $691 million vs. $17.5 million for VH despite similar mortality levels.
Avatar f tn Thank you for the math breakdown of my chances with meeting someone with HIV. Unfortunately, in the city I live is much more common. I live is Washington, DC where we are supposed to have the highest HIV rate is the United States even though most people I have been friends with get tested way more often than I do and have all tested negative. So either, someone is fabricating the HIV rate hear in DC or everyone that test negative really isn't negative.
1301089 tn?1290670171 The survey, developed by Metro TeenAIDS, a group dedicated to helping young people fight against HIV/AIDS, was intended to raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and teach the children how to avoid them, reported. But some parents at Hardy Middle School complained that the questions crossed the line, sparking the principal to put the survey on hold, the Georgetown Dish reported. The students were asked their genders -- whether male, female or transgender.
Avatar n tn spearheading the same kind of advocacy around HCV that has successfully garnered more attention and funding for HIV/AIDS. It is currently estimated that 4 million people in the U.S. are infected with HCV and about 15,000 die from complications related to the disease each year.
87972 tn?1322664839 On October 11, 1988 ACT UP closed down the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) outside Washington, DC, to protest the slow process of drug approval. They argued that because there were few treatments for AIDS, new drugs should be reviewed as quickly as possible. The FDA streamlined the review process for key AIDS medications including AZT, and within a few years introduced rules to fast-track approval for drugs that could save lives. " http://apps.nlm.nih.
Avatar f tn I would think that since 50% of the HIV/AIDS deaths are co-infected with HCV (which makes me wonder what the real cause of death is for those folks) and is less curable in those of African descent might make this a cause which many of the afore organizations might readily embrace because of their current campaigns and involvement with HIV/AIDS awareness and/or treatment, particularily in the African nations which seem to have been hit the hardest by HIV/AIDS.
Avatar m tn And then, 2 or 3 days later, the worry starts to creep back in, the sickening anxiety that keeps you up until 3 or 4 AM every night - then the endless surfing for information about ARS, HIV, HIV Testing, AIDS, the testing window, the average time to onset of full blown AIDS. Arg! I hate this cycle! Why am I like this? As I said, I think it's OCD. I envy those who get an HIV test at 6 weeks and forget all about it.
Avatar f tn 202-223-8224 fax: 202-833-3472 e-mail: This is where thanbey was listed as a doctor. I called them today (all by my little self) and had it changed to reflect her "real" title: MSW = Master Sophist & With-money-hungry-eyes.
475555 tn?1469307939 com/metro/content/metro/stories/2006/09/09/0910MESHcdcmorale.html when Congress decided to fund HIV/AIDS, an industry emerged. Like other industries, the HIV/AIDS industry is attempting to grow. Its growth strategy is to control the HCV epidemic. Notable, "generalizing" deadly bloodborne pathogen diseases, like HCV, enforces HIV non-profit's purpose for its mission above public health needs.
Avatar f tn just got done writing to them. when you get to the sight and the very bottom of the page is a contact link. click on it and do a request. if you have any problem just pm me and i will guide you through it. hope this works. if anyone hears that they are going to do a story let me know when.
Avatar f tn A Promising New Dietary Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes In an editorial accompanying the study, Drs Umberto Campia and Julio A Panza (Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC) note that interest in the cardiovascular benefits of cocoa started with observations of the Kuna Indians [2].
Avatar n tn National Hepatitis Awareness Month 2006 Dear Mr. President, We write to you today requesting a Presidential Proclamation demonstrating your administration’s support of May 2006 as National Hepatitis Awareness Month. Our country is in the throes of a largely unrecognized epidemic with the hepatitis C virus (HCV). At least 5 million Americans have already been infected, with 75% to 85% becoming chronically infected.
Avatar n tn Now this infectious specialist(his speciality is fungal infections) suspects chronic EBV syndrome. So I went to other doctor in washington, DC. and this doctor says infectious specialist is wrong and prescribed me Minocyclene for two months along with zithromax for possible mycoplasma infection. But these doctors are not conclusive about mycoplasma infections. where as infectious specialist dismisess candida problem and mycoplasma problems.
Avatar m tn My own doc got cross ways with a medical board some years before I was treated by him, resulting in allegations that he had cooked the data on some research (not Lyme related, I don't think) some years before, and that was used as a pretext by docs who now don't like the stand my doc has taken on Lyme. And we thought politics were practiced only in Washington DC. Uh, no.