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Avatar f tn Lyme compared to HIV/AIDS By a well known Lyme specialist---- Dr. J. in Washington D.C.---- in his remarks read to the North Carolina Medical Board during his final appearance before them on July 20, 2006. "Most of my HIV patients used to die ... now most don't ... Some still do, of course. My Lyme patients, the sickest ones, want to die but they can't. That's right, they want to die but they can't. The most common cause of death in Lyme disease is suicide.
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279164 tn?1192530134 More basic research needed Speaking at a public lecture on the possibility of finding an HIV vaccine, she said there was a need for more basic research on the HIV virus itself. Morris said the STEP trial, which was halted first in USA, then in South Africa, was a "well-run trial that gave us answers". "At the very least we'll find out why it didn't work." Morris reminded her audience that it took almost 47 years to develop a polio vaccine.
997730 tn?1254278376 Melinda Gates Foundation just donated $10 BILLION for research on a vaccine for HIV and some other diseases?
Avatar n tn As of right now it is very good news but make no mistake about it, even with this vaccine it will not stop HIV and people still have to use condoms. It is a long process to get anything approved for use and this is just step 1 really.
Avatar m tn This subject has a great deal of controversy surrounding it, but I have included a link to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundations which works with HIV/AIDS research around the world. I hope you find your answers or at least some hope............ http://www.hivplusmag.
Avatar f tn Dear Vance,teak,howardh,nursegirl and all the experts of the forum few days ago i was having a normal discussion over the HIV topic with few of the medical representatives and they were saying that now a days medical science is so advance that a cure for hiv and AIDS is there but medicine giants are not issuing it out just because a huge amount of money they have invested in treatment of HIV and AIDS so they are restricted to reveal it for the public interest whereas few were saying that cure o
796867 tn?1255206807 Went to Paris for the AIDS Vaccine conference Oct18 - Oct23rd.
1530342 tn?1405016490 A vaccine is FAR more likely than a cure. For MOST viral infections, there is no cure, and with HIV, a retrovrius, it is unlikely. We still don't have a cure for the common cold, and influenza. A cure would be wonderful, but just think of all the other diseases out there with no cure, only treatments. The thing to be thankful for is how far we've come in the treatment for HIV/AIDS. MANY people are living completely normal life spans...
Avatar n tn You wonder if you should get the hepatitis A vaccine because you work with patients who have AIDS or who are infected with the HIV vaccine. Hepatitis A is different from hepatitis B and C because it is spread by the feco-oral route. You essentially have to ingest material contaminated with feces from someone who has hepatitis A. As a result, hepatitis A is often obtained from ingesting food handled by someone with hepatitis A.
Avatar n tn Vaccine Campaigns May Be The Cause of New AIDS-Like Disease in Asia and Drug Resistant HIV Affecting Africa Researchers have identified mysterious new symptoms that have left scores of people in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa with an AIDS-like disease and drug-resistant HIV respectively. Coincidentally, vaccine trials took place in several regions in both continents. The patients' immune systems become damaged, leaving them unable to fend off germs as healthy people do.
Avatar m tn Hi, Anti HAV antibody is a test for Hepatitis A antibody not HIV. If you dad had a vaccine or past infections for Hepatitis A it would be positive for IgG antibody and negative for IgM. So, if he had the vaccine he is immune to Hepatitis A. If he didn't have the vaccine he was exposed to in sometime in his life (in the past) and is immune to the virus and is not sick now and won't transmit it to his family or friends. No this is not in any way a test for AIDS.
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163305 tn?1333668571 Because hepatitis C is more virulent than HIV, no one was confident a vaccine against all the various strains around the world could be developed. But Michael Houghton, the University of Alberta researcher who announced his work today at the Canada Excellence Research Chairs Summit in Vancouver, says his vaccine works against every known strain of the virus.
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277836 tn?1359666174 Among other topics, the issue will include the long term care of AIDS orphans, influencing the social status of women, reducing mother-to-child transmission, the opportunities and pitfalls of an HIV vaccine, and prospects for an effective response by the global health community.
1297646 tn?1275462152 A new way to combat HIV/AIDS 11-30-2010 For almost three decades, science and medical researchers have struggled to find a vaccine or cure for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. However, a researcher in Beijing hopes to use an unconventional approach which may snuff out the infection before it breaks through the body's defenses. Shen Le has that story. Professor Xu Yuanyong is one of the few pioneers in complementology.
Avatar m tn so far theirs no cure for hiv/aids there trying it on monkeys atlease thats what ive heard
6456238 tn?1384750080 Since the onset of the AIDS pandemic more than three decades ago, researchers from the lab and physicians in the clinic have been working toward one shared goal: an AIDS-free world. This week, a conference hosted by the journals Cell and The Lancet brought leading researchers and clinicians together to discuss recent findings that could bring hope to the estimated 35 million people world-wide who live with HIV.