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Avatar f tn I have a friend who was dignosed with hiv in nov 09 later was told jan 2010 she had aids. doctors told her she goten it from her husband. cause she has had it for 3 years. she asked her husband which of corce he said no he was negative. but problem is he never show her any test results. i want to know what you guys think. he moved to georgia and she has been trying to get ppl to help her find him to get him tested. i personally think she has the right to know if he is the one who infected her.
Avatar f tn ll add that experts no longer really disinguish AIDS from non-AIDS HIV infections. The effectiveness of treatment has made the distinction pretty much irrelevant. It's all just HIV/AIDS.
Avatar m tn I recently read an article that people who have HIV/AIDS will often have molluscum contagiosum as well. I was tested in March of 2010 for HIV and tested negative, but I will still once in a while see the little bumps around my thighs and pubic area that are characteristic of m. contagiosum. A week ago (June 4, 2010) I was tested again for HIV, but will not find out my results for another week. Is it possible that the test in March was a false negative?
Avatar m tn HIV can be transmitted due to sharing needles, this is because the blood interact. Unfortunately, there is no cure for HIV (note that HIV isn't the same as AIDS) but treatment for this virus is really advanced. There are medications that permit people live a completely normal life with HIV without developing AIDS. I hope everything is ok, post your results. Personally, I think you didn't involve in high risk. This virus is very fragile and die easily at normal temperature.
Avatar n tn wat r the chance of me getting hiv? should i go get tested. . i been looking at the other questions or forums and none really answer my question. i know hiv doesnt live long outside long enough.
Avatar m tn the doctor said is doing that to help me find out if im hiv positve, we already done two types of hiv testswhich is negatives so we have to see whether the TB test will indicate that. my exposure was 17 months ago with a broken skin from nails scratchs and it sound very funny with non risk exposure but can bilieve if all these come from the nails issue.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctors, I'm writing to you because I'm extremely worried. I have read this forum for two weeks, but I really want an answer from you. Here's my story: On March 13th 2010, I had unprotected oral sex with a sex worker in Geneva, in Switzerland. She was a young 19 years old French girl. She looked beautiful and healthy and she told me that she started to work as a sex worker the same day and I believed her...
Avatar f tn I've been conscious about hiv. Been tested several times since 2010. The results are negative. Hepa B, VDRL are negative as well. The last hiv test was may 2013 and negative as well. Been practicing casual sex, however, i do make sure for safe sex and no anal sex. I preferred to be be top. I seldom give oral Sex I don't like the feeling. I am the receiver of oral sex. Last Dec 17, I met someone. Not so thin. Average built. He sucked mine For 4-5 mins and it happened twice.
Avatar m tn In 1992, Lei served as the Founding Board Co-chair of the Asian and Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS, the first AIDS organization to serve the API community in New York City. While working for the AIDS Treatment Data Network from 2001 to 2005, Lei collaborated with the Kaiser Family Foundation and the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors on the National AIDS Drug Assistance Program Monitoring Project.
Avatar n tn I have since gotten rid of it but have not gotten tested. Is there a possibility that I could have teh aids or HIV? It is now July of 2010 and I feel fatigue every now and then.
Avatar m tn How long does it take for hiv to turn into aids? does an hiv infected person always feel sick?
Avatar m tn So based on the info you read in her obit, that she requested donations to be made to a hospice and AIDS project, you have concluded that she was indeed HIV+ and died of AIDS? Wow, thats sum conclusion. More likely however, is that in the intervening years she either became involved, as a volunteer or knew someone who had passed away to an AIDS related illness and decided that instead of flowers she would want people to make a donation to said hospice\AIDS project.
Avatar m tn I had a risk exposure 2 years ago (aug/2008), suddenly in may-2010 I start feeling tired with a little of dizziness and arhytmia, after the exposure I never had any other symptom, but my fatigue is still there since 4 months ago. Can this symptoms be releated with AIDS development? in an HIV person fatigue comes with other symptoms?
Avatar m tn HIV and AIDS Forum - Test after 6 month is Nagative . Should I Test again?
Avatar n tn HIV is not that uncommon and most retina surgeons will have some experience with it. Otherwise the suggestion to go to the AIDS forum is a good one.